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I really like this theme, but there’s something that I think should be fixed. When you add more that 1 image, the icon on top of that image is not the “Camera” one, is the “Video” one.

It’s not a major thing, I know, but it’d be nice to have the “Camera” button or an icon with two or three cameras in a row.


Thank you for purchasing my theme. :)

I’ll take a look at the theme and see if I can create a custom icon for those types of posts.

Thanks :D

Hi winfis,

Just a little update… I’ve now designed a shiny new icon for the photosets and I’m looking into adding some jQuery awesomeness to the photosets so they fade through each image.

Hope to have this updated this week! :)

This is awesome!

Thank you so, so much! Looking forward to it. :)

P.S.: And I see the theme has had some new purchases. Hope it gets popular. It’s a great the theme!

Hey winfis,

The Perception tumblr theme has now had an update. Check out the changelog for a full list of updates.

It looks awesome! Thanks! I’ll let you know if I find another bug, but it looks great so far!


Glad you like the new icon! :P

I’m sorry I write so many posts, but I don’t see the “Reply” option.

I think I’ve found a bug, hope you can take a look at it and see if you can fix it: When you create a list in the description of an item (i’ve tried it with a multiple photos post) the list mark doesn’t show. Plus, the listed text goes out of the frame. Is that only happening to me?

Here’s an example of what I mean:


I don’t mind buyers posting lots of questions, it all helps in the long run with bug squishing and future updates. I’ll take a look at this issue tonight and get an update uploaded this week. Do you think the theme would benefit from more social media widgets, buttons, etc?

Thanks :D Christine

Thanks for such a quick response!

I’ve seen some themes that support Flickr Widgets and stuff like that. I don’t use it, but I guess someone does. But for me, right now, I think it’s great.

There are a couple things that I’d add, though: - Bottom section to display some information (like in your webpage: - Add a top section above the posts and below the Scroller, where you could add some info (like here:

Thanks for you time, Christine!

Regards, Jesus Badia

Oups! I should have checked that before posting! Sorry about that.

I’ll be looking forward to the update. Thanks.

Regards, Jesus

Me again (I guess you are starting to hate me ;) )

I wanted to ask you if it’d be possible to add a overlay link to the posts. By that, I mean some kind of text (i.e. the “tags”) that would display when you put the cursor over the post (something like this: )

Thanks for your time (and patience).

Jesus Badia

Hi winfis,

I’m not too sure if that would work as many people use more than one tag on their posts. I’ll have to have a think about that one and see if there is a way to implement this for all types of customers.

Thanks, Christine

Hi! Thanks for this wonderful theme! I’ll have a look, install it and start customizing it! I’ll let you know if I have a question.

Thanks for purchasing my theme. :)

Just give me a shout if you have any questions.

Thanks, Christine

Nice theme… i was wondering if there is anyway to switch how the posts look. Sort of like your Shift theme (which i own)

Hi MisterLee,

It would be possible but it would require a lot of customisation. Contact me through my profile page if you are interested in some additional work.

Thanks! Christine

Dear WildeMedia, I downloaded this theme and followed all the instructions but it has some glitches with the photo rollover image on my site. It only shows seven posts that work correctly with the rollover and then there are two empty spaces. After that the posts don’t really work if they are photos which most of mine are so it’s kinda like blehhh. I’ve tried to figure the problem out but I am not really good at html and css. I love the theme I just want it to work lolz.

Thank you so much, Incendius Phasma

Hi Incendius,

Thank you for purchasing my theme. Sorry your having a problem with it. Could you send me a message through my profile with a link to your Tumblr so I can take a look at the problem for you.

Thanks, Christine

Hi Christine,

Would it be possible to add a custom layout for mobile devices? The default that Tumblr has is too simple, so it’d be great if you could do it.


Hi Winfis, I have been thinking about adding a mobile version to some of my themes. It is definitely on my to do list. :)

Congrats on that Glide Theme, Christine! :) It looks great!

I hope we get the “responsiveness” in Perception, too! :P

Hey Winfis,

Thank you! It’s on my to do list! :D

I have to take a moment to rave about this theme and its creator. We looked at several themes for a national campaign here in New Zealand, and decided on Perception. It’s been perfect and a great way for people of all internet abilities to engage with our message and page, not to mention the attractive presentation for all our media, news, and updates. The theme is very easy to use and Christine helped us customize it to fit our exact needs for the campaign. Thank you, Christine, for creating such an amazing theme!


Wow! Thank you for such a lovely comment and kind words. :bashfulcute:

I’m very happy that your enjoying the theme. I’m always here to help! :D

Hi Christine, One of the best themes I’ve come across! Just wanted to make an inquiry if that’s ok? With the 5 images on the carousel can these be linked to 5 separate urls? Also can a tag cloud be included in the footer? I’m fairly new to this and any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hey ninjarepunlic,

Awesome name by the way! ;) Yes you can add a different link to each slide in the customise panel. You don’t even need to look at any code to do it!

I can help you add in a tag cloud after purchase if you need me to. :D


I just want to ask a question.. I am thinking to buy Perception Theme but I have no idea about that is PrettyPhoto Image Preview working with Vimeo embedded video posts?

Sorry that didn’t make sense, I’ll take a screenshot of what I mean and email it to you. Hopefully that’ll help more. :)

hi christine. i sent you a few mail about the theme? how is going the working on the theme?

i am looking to hear you..

I’ve got it! :D

Just tidying up the code then I’ll be emailing you over the customised code.


The background colors will not change for me. Also, when I update the URL to replace the ‘wood image’, it will not change. What can be causing such simple issues?

Thank you!

Hi boihawk,

Firstly thank you for purchasing the theme. Much appreciated. :)

When you first install a new theme you will need to refresh the browser. This is so it clears out the old theme options and loads in the new.

If that doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll take a closer look for you.


Hi Christine,

It’s a great looking theme! Currently I’m thinking of making a purchase towards your theme, but I have a few questions before making the purchase: 1. Do you have a link for a mobile version that I can preview? (I tried to access the live preview on my mobile device and it seems not working correctly). And most of my visitors are using Blackberry smart phones.

2. Shall I make the purchase, would it be possible for you to make customization to to make the image scrolling disappear when my visitors click on the “Next page” link at the bottom?

Thank you for your time Christine.

Hi Dre1010,

There is no mobile version at the moment as it is not responsive. This is something I’m going to look into for a future update.

In regards to the image slider you can turn this on or off from the theme options panel. I’d have to see if there is a solution for removing the slider on any pages apart from the home page.

I can always help you customise the theme if you need any help.


Awesome theme, and great service from the developer

I’m new to the whole premium theme side of tumblr themes and Christine was patient with my questions and helped me with a few tweeks to get it perfect. I recommend any of the Themes from these developers and many thanks again,


Hi Chris,

Thank you for the kind words I appreciate it a lot and it keeps me doing what I love.

Hope you enjoy using the theme. :)

Thanks again,

Hi Christine -

I’m thinking of purchasing your theme, but I have a question on potential future customization. I have a fashion/wedding blog, and I’ve been thinking of going to Wordpress due to the options available. I can understand code and play with it, but I’m not a developer by nature. I’m trying to find a way to embed code that would allow you to hover over images and “Pin” the image to Pinterest directly from the image like in this example: I can’t find anything precoded for tumblr, and I’ve failed miserably at trying myself! I’m just curious if it could even be done because I’d love to have your theme with the content slider and this Pinterest feature.

Appreciate your time! Thank you! Jenn

Hey Jenn,

Thank you for your comment.

The code to add posts to Pinterest can definitely be added to anywhere you like. For example my Optic Tumblr theme has a Pinterest button at the bottom of the posts so that it can be posted on Pinterest.


I plan to use this theme for my online store, and need to know how well paypal buttons work when added to a post; also, whether or not a static, View Cart button can be posted to the description.

Thanks in advance

Hey Joyisa,

Thank you for getting in touch about the Vision Tumblr theme. I think it is easy to use the HTML editor within the post editor to add extra buttons, etc. So it should be an easy thing to accomplish.

As for the View Cart button this might have to be hard coded into the HTML of the theme. I can help with both of these if needed.



I have an older version of this theme,, and I was wondering, is it at all possible to have the description of the tumblr post to be displayed in the lightbox?

Thanks so much


Hey Izzy,

Thank you for purchasing the Vision theme. :bashfulcute:

Would you be able to email me your issue to and I’ll be able to help you there.


Hi Christine, the theme looks really great and clean. I’m interested in buying it but I wondered if it is possible to turn off the little flags that appear on the top left of each picture post? I’d rather have just a clean pictures only feel.



Thank you for getting in contact about the Vision Tumblr theme. Yes the flags can be turned off with a simple line of code that I can help you add.

Hope that helps!