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Still using this theme and still loving it :) I’ve recently wanted to update my website by adding a ‘splash’ page as my homepage (instead of my portfolio).

I setup a new page as a ‘static front page’ easily enough, I used the ‘Full Width’ template and it works great. Now, I want to remove the title section with the dashed rules (I don’t need a title for the front page). I duplicated ‘template-full-width.php’ and renamed it to ‘template-splash.php’. I renamed the template inside that php file and deleted the code that displays the title.

I chose that template for the splash page, and it works, but, the responsiveness of the images inside the page don’t seem to work properly. When I use the default full width template the image spans accross the body yet when I use the splash template the image is much smaller and aligned to the left.

Would you know the best way to go about this?

Thank You :) Shaun.

Hi Shaun, can you contact me via email info@themerain.com and provide site url? Thank you.

Hi. I am building the site for a client but he want to have fixed number of portfolio icons in home (9) and the other in another pages, so I can navigate the portfolio with next and back arrows. Is it possible create pages in the portfolio so the iicons do not apperas all together in an unfiinited long scrolling page? thanks.

Hei… did you received my emails? I am still waiting for an answer.

Hello, please check your email. Thank You.

Thank you for your help. Everything is working fine now :-)

Hi there, same as barbarzonzin…i would like to have a paginated page instead of an infinite scrolling down page…my email olemexico@gmail.com


Hi, me again. I’m trying to link some video from Vimeo in the portfolio, following the rules in the manual, but intead of appearing the video I see the string of video in (letters). The same for blog post. Do you have any ideas/suggestions?

No asnwer yet… I still have the problem. Can you help me please??

Hello, I’ve send you a question in support forum (Ticket #181425) three days ago – still waiting for your response. Please check.


I’m considering buying your theme but I would like to know if your product included video embedding (from Youtube and Vimeo) on a single project page. Also the featured image on the portfolio page can only be black and white?

Thank you.


I’m looking into this theme for a client. I notice that when viewing on mobile screen that the portfolio items align to the left. Is there a setting to align them to the center while on mobile? Is it possible, also from the portfolio page, to align the portfolio item title and categories to the center of the item?