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I am a big fan of Joomla, your template has the presence of all components to a well structured site. Your template is perfect, Congratulations and good sales!

Thank you friend.

Nice work, good luck with sales. :)

Thank you

Love this Template, Nice work! Good luck with sales :)

Thank you Sir.

This template is beautiful, and I absolutely love it… Few things I noticed though… The images are kind of all over the place (like template images in the root images folder). So is the CSS . I am finding multiple CSS files with the same name in different directories. It is a bit confusing- but not unworkable, and it appears like some of the files are an afterthought, like one of the CSS files with one line of code.

One thing I thought was quite strange with the quickstart install is that the WYSIWYG editor for articles and custom HTML modules is missing. Obviously this is fine for me, but my client might take issue with this upon delivery.

Overall I love the look and feel of this template although the files are a little unorganized. I do need to get the WYSIWYG editor in the back-end of joomla working correctly. Any thoughts on this?


1 ) How to get back WYSIWYG editor: Actually when developing I just disabled it for some reason. To get back that editor, In the Joomla admin panel Go to site > Global Configuration There you will notice “Default Editor” drop down selection. Just from that selection option select “Editor TinyMCE” click save. That’s all.

2) And for the images. In Joomla! all the images that are for contents are basically stored in the ’’images’’ folder. and the images which are template related those are stored in the templates folder. That’s why the images which are for design are stored in templates > vision_saju> images folder.

3) There is no confusion in naming because I haven’t made any duplicate names. If you want to make any changes using CSS then just go to templates > vision_saju> css folder. These are the CSS files you may override. But I have also put an option if you don’t want to change the core CSS files of “Vision Saju” in that case you can put all your custom CSS rules in custom.css file. This file is already build there to put your CSS rules. Just put your code there. This file has the maximum priority so any CSS rule you write there will override mine. The advantage is that without changing any core CSS rules you can have your own effect. But if you also want to change the core CSS files then you are free to do that. Last of all please next question post in our forum : “forum.dmsumon.com” Knock me if you need any more help. Thank you.

Hi There,

Thanks so much for such an awesome template!! I have it running but it is offline at the moment, i have changed the offline message and inserted a custom image to be displayed but the offline page keeps displaying the big “Offline” image.

How can i change this as my client is desperate to change this!

But great work once again!



South Africa!

AdrianB86 @ First of all thank you for purchasing my template. It is very easy to replace the “offline” image with your own. In your Joomla! admin control panel Just go to Site > Global Configuration there you will see a offline image setting form, click on select and browse your own “offline image” and click on “insert” button and then finally click on the “Save” button. That’s all. Thank you :)

Thanks, I had done that initially and still does not work. Any other solutions?


Will you please give me your admin name and password. So that I will be able to look what happened with your installation. If you agree then PM me user name and password.

Awesome, Thanks, PM Sent

Did you get my PM?

Hi, I bought the theme and I love it. I am new at this, how do I get into the admin once I install the template. I installed successfully but can not get in. Thank you for any answers.

Thank you purchasing my template “Vision Saju” Go to http://www.(yoursitedomain).com/administrator/ then type the User Name and Password you provided during the installation, you will be logged in without any delay. Need any more help? Please let me know. Thank you

I am not seeing a Module Positions template/cheat sheet. Is there one?

After buying the template you will get a documentation file. There you will find all the details about all module positions in “CORPORA” and if you still need any help then ask for help using the PM in my profile. Our support team will help you on any issues you face. And by the way you haven’t bought it yet so please buy the template then ask for help but yap if you have any question before you buy then feel free to ask me. BTW I also want to request you please don’t flood my comment section with the same question. Because I see you have posted the same question twice. Thank you :)

will there be a Joomla 3 version of this template?

Hi this looks like a great template – does it support vimeo / youtube videos in the main slider and in blog posts?

yes it supports