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I’ve requested a full refund for my purchase of Visionaire as I have been trying to contact you for 5 days and had no response at all.



Hello Experts, I have bought Visionair and i faced the following problem:

When i try to open my website using chrome or internet explorer everything is OK but when i try to open with firefox, the page appears corrupt data. Neither slideshow nor css works right.

My website is and the verion of firefox is 41.0.2.

Can you please help me?

Best Regards

I like this Theme BUT i test some small responsive configs and its bugged. It cut on the right Side the text and the Startside Pictures are not responsiv. Fix the Responsiv and i will buy it.

( And, on the End of Site is a white Line after the Footer? This looking not nice with a Dark Scheme. )

On my Smartphone its not responsiv

And Google say: This Theme is not responsiv. Check Googe PageSpeed insights..


Are you planning to launch a new update soon?

Last Update (02/19/2014)

Still supported?

Bump! Need answers please…