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another question, is there any chance that the template descargarme which appears on ThemeForest and I just change images and text?

sorry mate I am not able to understand this since we have no template descargarme

another question, is there any chance that the template descargarme which appears on ThemeForest and I just change images and text?


>>After installing woocommerce plugin the widgets in footer is missing. Also if I create any new page the footer is not proper.

>>Menu is also not showing drop down on shop pages only.

But when I disable woocommerce plugin footer and Menu works fine.


Please resolve this problem.


One more error,- Top cart drop down is not working and also not going to checkout page.

fixed it check, a testimonial image was missing that created the problem.. it is now fine.


very important issue! The Switcher to the Page Builder doesnt work anymore, and the complete Page /Post Edit Page dont work realy…

I made a Website for my client with your theme on my dev Server. Everything worked fine. But after i transfered it to the clients server, the Switcher doesn t work anymore… I already spent a lot of time on trying to find out a mistake, but it seems that i made everything right. I mean its not first time i am working with WP, it kind of my 110th website… So i think it is your themes bug.

Please be so nice und let me know how to fix this bug.

hey there, we have loaded an update regarding this issue.. it is a php 5.3 function and it was breaking in servers with older php. It will be out today and it will resolve it :)

the update ist still not out?

its already loaded will be out very soon.. can through profile I will send it to you now if you are interested.


i can’t install your theme in one click. Nothing happens… What’s wrong ? my web site is on >> http://ha-and-co.fr

Waiting for your answer. Best regards,

sorry for the delay , here it was festival time so support for off. Dont worry contact through profile with wp admin details we will check the issue and make sure everything is working.

Hello, how can give you wp-admin details ?

please contact through our profile page from the bottom right contact form with your wp admin details and site link, we will look into it :)

Hi! I have purchased this theme but have not been able to fully install. I can not install the contact form 7 plug in. Whenever I click on install it sends me to my hosting companies 403 Forbidden error page. Why and how can I fix this? Thank you!

hey can you please contact through profile with wp admin details, we will sort it out quickly :) ..


My WordPress version is updated to 4.1, now I am not able to edit only Homepage. I get white blank screen when I try to edit.

Please solve my problem.


please contact through profile with wp admin details and site link we will look into it :)


At the top of my theme I have a white .png logo. I want it to be on a solid blue background. When I change the background to solid blue, it spills over in to the navigation/link area. Please let me know how I can remedy this.

Thanks in advance for your help,


can you please show me the link , I need to the site to give to exact code or changes.


is it possible to build a home page with two page links on both sides of a image? i dont want to use a top menu.

hey mate only single head sidebar design is allowed .. though you can use double sidebar like this http://demo1.artillegence.com/thecanvas/pages/layout-types/double-sidebar/

Hi, we are inserting an image via the page builder media widget. When we specify the Link in the Image Settings like http://screencast.com/t/4sAZC2dVm when the page renders it makes the image link to the page that it’s on.

How else do I place an image that links to another page on the site on the page using the page builder?

Hi, contact through profile .. I will send you a fixed code ;)

The theme most miserable I have ever used

Hi, sorry you are facing issues but as I told you the text revisions of wordpress were corrupted and its not related to the theme, if the issue was with theme this problem would have shown in all pages. We are willing to help you out as always :)

Hi, thanks a lot for the support, trust and using our services. To keep on building trust and new way’s to improve our customer relations we’ve shifted to our brand New support forums. Please register yourself by using one of your purchase ID’s and we will see each other on the other side ;).


Please check these pages http://www.livingfromtheheart.co.uk/couples-therapy http://www.livingfromtheheart.co.uk/couples-intensives

Something happened to thumbnail images, not able to remove those thumbnails.

Kindly help me with this error.


hey I have got the mail, I will look into it very soon.


Please check http://www.livingfromtheheart.co.uk/couples-intensives

The problem still exists in this page.Kindly fix it soon.


hey I had sent you a fix did you got that mail ?

hi there from Barcelona! i got problem. I can’t organize the portfolio items by dates. i have installed a plugin (post-type order) but it doesnt work on the portfolio and testimonial. how can I organize the portforlio items? Thank you people!

hey mate can you please head on to our forums http://artillegence.com/forums and post the question there. Our staff will look into it.

hi there, on the header image there’s a small dash under the title and I’m not sure how to remove this. Do I need custom CSS to do so?

hey custom css is required for that, add this in custom css in theme admin
 .title_divider  { display:none; } 

Thanks for the quick response! I copied this exactly into custom CSS and the divider is still appearing for some reason. Is this the only code that is needed? thanks again :)

can you please show me the site link , that will help me to check why it is not working.