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Looks fantastic, looking for an excuse to buy this :)

cheers – go for it, it’s pretty flexible for any projects :-)

When run in IE has JS error and somethings appear not to work just as the date picker. And what is the spinning circle by the browse button under forms for?

Hiya. The spinning circles are intended as an example of a loading images. Lots of applications use AJAX to load information and this is just an example image – you can find more over at

As for the js problems, I’ve amended the live preview files which previously had some encryption which I think caused the problems. I can’t do anything about the datepicker however, this is likely down to jQuery UI’s compatability but I’d assume it to work fine outside of the tabs.

Awesome theme. This will be awesome for my own little projects most definitely. This and the Adminus admin theme are the best on the site in my opinion.

Good job.

Thanks, thats a huge compliment.

Fantastic Jeff, you were right when you said I’d love it =D

Knew it:-)

I haven’t had a chance to actually integrate the theme with my site but I have to say that this template had the best documentation of all the themes I have downloaded. Keep up the good work.

Thanks, glad you liked it!

I bought it, because it is awesome. And I don’t even have a use for it yet, but I am sure something will show up. :)

Thanks, that means alot – hope you rated :-)

Great theme but I’ve got to say it’s very misleading to suggest that there are .psd files included. Usually, in my experience of Themeforest theme packs, saying that .psd files are included means that there is at least one master design layout included. Our main reason for using Themeforest is for fast turnaround of projects with either small budgets or where we just want to test/prototype something very quickly. To now have to reverse engineer a Fireworks file [or a .psd in themeforest speak] to allow us to even get started is very frustrating and, unless I’ve overlooked the information somewhere, feels very misleading. I still like the look of the theme and the quality of the documentation and code, but this should be described more clearly somewhere – hence the low rating.


Thanks for your purchase.

I totally agree that it could be more clearer however not to mislead any other buyers this file does come with all the psd files you’d need to change the elements that I’ve used images for – header highlighters, buttons etc. The rest is done by pure css/html.

It is something us authors would like a little more control over, however you have to appreciate that not all authors use the one page master psd file you describe, especially for a theme like this where the idea is that most can be done without the need for Photoshop/Fireworks.

Thanks again, and I think I’ll add in a line or two for other buyers.

Thanks for updating the details and for your clear and honest feedback. I’d just like to confirm to other readers that my comments don’t reflect on the quality of this theme but about the “packaging/description” of it, which I now appreciate is to some extent out of the control of the author. Whilst we’ve now had to do a bit more work than we’d have liked to get the theme into a design friendly layout for quick concepts/layouts and communication between designer/developer, I can confirm that the quality of the theme and code, and the resulting clean style achievable when applied, is still excellent and that this is a great theme with many potential uses.

Hi. Great work with this skin! But what about form validation errors and table pagination? I can’t se them on the preview..

Thanks! There’s currrently no form validation but you could use the notification boxes for this. As for pagination, that’s a good idea I might stick that in the next update :P


I added pagination into this theme (which I purchased) and it was a breeze. Check this link out for awesome looking pagination which is easy to implement:

Very nice, well done.

Just bought this stuff, editing it for my needs. All at start is perfect but one thing… how to make inputs in login form don’t show login:admin and pass 12345. Can’t find where it’s stored((

Hiya, thanks for your purchase!

I think this is likely your browser/cookies rather than the theme. Try blanking out the username/password and it’ll still go through e.g. theres no username/password attached to these elements.

Hope that helps.


This is most likey a silly question…..

Is this design/theme for wordpress?

Im considering buying if it is ;)


Unfortunately it’s not, although 1 or 2 people have asked this so I may be tempted to turn this into a Wordpress theme in the future.

You could always get this coverted to Wordpress, feel free to ask around on the forums for a Wordpress guru :P


I think you should convert it to a wordpress theme ;)

For the time being tho how hard is it to use and install. Im only skilled in wordpress really..

How hard is this to set up and get going?

I do like the template, i just have to see if i can use it :)

Thank you!

I really don’t know much about HTML to Wordpress but I do know there is a cracking video series here on the blogs or you can ask around on the forums.

If enough people ask for it, I might consider doing this though thanks :)

I would also buy it if it were wordpress ready. I am an internet marketing consultant so my skills are limited when it comes to coding and the likes. Like Jamie_humbug99 I’m really only knowledgable in WordPress. The design is very close to the design of my website and so it would work perfectly as a client log-in section for managing projects.

If you do decide to do a wordpress theme, please let me know by emailing me at:

Thanks :)

As a follow up to my last post, I did a quick search for project management tools for wordpress and there seems to be very little to no options…but lots of demand. Check out these links and all the comments:

Is this enough to convince you? Once it’s done, you can post on these blogs and more and I’m sure you’ll get some good sales results.

Pleeeeaaaase :)

Id love a wordpress version of my theme, unfortunately i dont have wordpress experience to turn it into one. It might be worth purchasing and then asking around on the forums.

Id love a wordpress version of my theme, unfortunately i dont have wordpress experience to turn it into one. It might be worth purchasing and then asking around on the forums.

I can see someone’s tackled pagination themselves but I think there are only two things missing from this before I buy it.

A pagination example and an image gallery example under one of the tabs.

Then I’d buy right now!

Cheers for the comments, im planning an update in the next month that should add a bit more value.

Hi Jeff:

I’m using your theme in my last app. Everything works fine except when I add a grid (jqgrid – jquery plug-in – to my app.

The problem is at this moment the menu stops to work.

Any idea ?

Thanks a lot in advance !!


I did take a quite look at jGrid but to be honest I can’t really say what the problem could be – I’d imagine it’s a conflict between the Superfish menu script and jGrid – perhaps using the same class names?

other than that I can’t really help you and can’t support 3rd party plugins.

Just to let you all know that there is an update in the queue which includes pagination and an image gallery. I think the live preview is probably working already. Enjoy :-)

Great work! Good luck with sales! :)

Hi, I purchased visual admin and have put it into use on my site, but the code is throwing an error. I’m currently getting the following error:

Error: Object Expected Code: 0

on this line of code:

<script type="text/javascript"> jQuery(function(){ jQuery('ul.sf-menu').superfish(); }); </script>

Can you please help?


This is the javascript thats calling the Superfish menu, specifically it’s tagetting a unordered list with an id of “ul.sf-menu”.

You might want to check you have this on the page, or if you don’t need the menu you can simply remove this line of JavaScript.

Feel free to pop me a link with a live preview so I can see what you mean, I’d be happy to help.

Thank you Jeff. That’s what I needed. I didnt have any sub menus yet so it was bombing. I added a submenu and it is no longer throwing the error message. I also tried removing the code and removing the submenu and that worked as well.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m really liking it so far.

No problem. Best of luck with your project.

Hey Jeff,

Great theme, I bought this a while ago and am just now starting to configure it for use as a statistics tracking system for a bunch of my other sites.

I was wondering if you had designed the user management elements around another ThemeForest or CodeCanyon system at all – you know one that would be easy to wire up to the elements available in the theme.

I just need really basic functionality: username, password, cookie etc.

Let me know also if you know of any of your purchasers have found one system easier than another.

Thanks michaelmesh

Hi Michael

Thanks for purchasing!

I’d recommend the PHP plugin which has good basic functionality, it’s sold a tonne so it must be popular and easy to use.

As for plugin, I recommend (you can google these they are all free)

Data Tables – really handy for basic table sorting Paginator – jQuery pagination

Those are just off the top of my head. My new template – Reallity Admin, tends to follow a similar style but I’ve added a flot graph, some stylish tabs and an icon dock to make it a little prettier.

Good Luck!