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love it, nice work!

Thank you :)

Hi !
Just bought it, how can I change the color scheme ??

Simply open file styles.less and change the color code on variable @yellow-color to your desired code. And then recompile the file so styles.css is made of it eith changed colors. If you don’t know how to recompile the file, just send me email with your desired color and I will compile file for you and will sent it to you :)

Also, how can I translate the “Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds” on the countdown… I opened the countdown JS file but don’t know what to translate exactly…

I will get back with you on this one in a few hours since I am out of pc (using smartphone to respond asap). It is not difficult though. Do not worry :)

I sent you detailed email with all the explanations and updated files. If you need some more help, please do write me :) I am happy to help.

Thank you very much :)

Hello, I recently purchased your theme and I keep getting the error message saying the theme is missing the style.css ... Even when I used FTP client. Need help.

when uploading zip file to Wordpress I get this message: “Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

style. css

My template is not for Wordpress. This is standard HTML template, so you will not be able to install it to Wordpress. I am sorry to tell you that, but you probably didn’t check sections you viewed correctly.

2 things: the google map location, where can I change that to show my location?

the logo-holder text, it overlaps on iPhone (smaller screens), can the margin padding be dynamic? How can I avoid having the logo-holder text from overlapping?

other than that, loving this design so far

Hello titantechgroup,

also thanks for purchasing. I am happy you like the design.

But to your questions: I guess you changed logo in main navigation. Navigation element has fixed height of 80px. If your logo is larger than that, it will overlap. You can change the height of navigation in file styles.less. If this is your case, this would be solution. If you have problems with recompiling styles.less file, let me know. You can even send me your logo and I can recompile and send file to you.

Google map location is set in file script.js. It is right on the top of file. Simply change latitude (attribute lat) and longitude (attribute lng) coordinates in this code and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to change it on both sections: map = new GMaps and also map.addMarker. First one sets the general position of map and second sets the red marker with exact position.

You can get coordinates of some address for example on this page:

If you need some more assistance or recompiling of styles file, let me know through email. Have a nice day :)

worked great, thanks a lot!

another thing, how do I get the email subscription to work?

You’re welcome :)

Subscription functionality works like this as it is, no need for modification. It works like this: You go into folder where, you have placed index.html. In here, after first person subscribes through form in Visual template, subscription.txt file is created with email address used for subscription. If another (second, third, and so on) person uses form afterwards, it just adds specified email address into this same file at the end. So each line in subscription.txt is one subscription email address. You just open this file by any text editor on your computer and you are set.

If something from this process doesn’t work for you, let me know.


I’m loving the template, but I’m having a problem when displaying the template on iPhone or iPad. The featured image is not showing as in your template screenshot. It seems it’s been scaled out or something. I’ve taken a screenshot of the original downloaded template from an iPhone:

Is there any fix to display the complete picture scaled down?

Thanks a lot!

I am happy to hear that…you know…not literally :)

Hi! Very sorry to disturb you again ;)

The hack worked great for the featured image, but separator images have the same problem, any hint on how to use the slideshow script for the separators too?

Thanks thanks thanks!

Hi, drop me a line or two into my contact email here in ThemeForest. I will provide you with “hack” code that will allow you to use slideshow plugin also on separators.

It is too long to add here in comments and I don’t want people to use hacks like this unless completely necessary. So I will provide you with code and I will try to make correct update as soon as possible on general level for all users. If that’s okey with you :)

Hey man i purchased the template but i don’t know how to customise the countdown!Can you please help me?

Hello, of course. Just drop me a line through contact form here on themeforest and I will help you :)

I really love the the coming soon page; however, after styling it and uploading it to my site, it seems the contact form is not working. I updated the email addresses in send.php, but it’s not sending any emails when I test the contact form. What do I need to do to fix this?

Hry there comander, Happy to hear that you like my item. To Your problem: 1.option is that Your hosting has different settings regarding php. 2. You made some error in js files executing the contact form (or in html part of those files).

I suggest you to send me link on Your page and/or send me whole modified template of yours. I will then upload it on my hosting and look for potential errors. How that sound to you?

P.S.: my email for support is

Looking forward to hearing from you soon ;-)

after I purchased this I previewed it in my browser and the count down shows up like this below….

0-38 : 8: 30: 40: days hours minutes seconds

Any idea on hour to change the days to just day the days left (not 0-38)?

Hi Limarys!

Go into file script.js and find this line of code:

// default look and behaviour of cdCountDown – animated images circles look $(’#countdown’).cdSimpleCountDown({ ‘targetDate’ : ‘30 October 2013 23:59:59’ });

Simply change the date to your desired date. For example: 31 December 2013 14:51:00.

That’s it. :)

Hello! this is a great design. I would like to know before buying it if i can use it without the countdown. And can i add a facebook comment plugin? Thanks

Hi and thank you,

it possible to use template without countdown. You simply delete that part of template and remove reference to countdown plugin (optional).

Facebook comment plugin can be certainly be added to template if you have your favourite and know how to include it. This is standard web page, just with dummy content and some options to customize. So you can add any plugin that can be added to standard web page. However, you would have to add such plugin on your own, since that is additional service.

Hopefully I helped you and answered your questions. Have a nice day :)

hello again! I purchased the template, installed it, but now i don’t know where to put my adress mail, or how do i retrieve the emails. how does it work please? can i use it with my aweber account?

Hello, I am sending you answer to all your questions as a response to the mail, you sent me to my support email contact. It should get you on right way :)

Hi I’ve just bought this theme but couldn’t install it as the zip file is missing the style sheet, can you help?

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

Hello WhaamBanhMi! Because you used phrase “INSTALL” I believe you tried to install this template to Wordpress. Am I right? Unfortunately, this is no Wordpress theme. It is HTML template. You cannot it install to Wordpress. However you can “install” it by simply uploading to your web hosting server and possibly by modifying content of index.html file to your needs.

Sincerely ceosDesigns

amazing my friend;

Thank you very much :)

nice template overall. having formatting/layout issues on mobile phones, both iphone 4/5 and android (htc m8). The content displays at 50%-70% of the page after scrolling down. Scrolling up/down a couple times will show this issue. Also, the section background images are not resized very well … on all phones and ipad the images appear very zoomed in (i.e. too big for the small screen). Suggestions??

Hello acturbo,

first of all – thank you for your compliment. Regarding layout issues – I checked on iPhone 4, iPad Retina and Dell tablet – but so far nothing is broken in formatting/layout part of template. Issues related to scrolling are issues of mobile Safari itself. Nothing I can do about that unfortunately.

You are right about images – this issue can be resolved – please try this:

I’ve found a simpler fix, I’ve added this into the media queries for >320 and >480 :

.separator1{ background:url(”../images/separator1.jpg”) no-repeat transparent; }

It helped another user, who suggested and tested this solution. Hopefully it helps you too. If you need more help, just send me an email through content form in here. Will be happy to help :)