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I don’t like to say this but… GLWS! :P great work g.

Thanks J :D

i noticed that the navi works on desktop but doesn’t work on mobile. It’s not useful on mobile. is there a reason why when I click on any item on the navi on a mobile device it doesn’t jump or take me to the appropriate section? other than that i really like the template.


No not currently, because this is a vcard as opposed to a full blown template, I wanted to keep it simple. I might add this option in the future but I can’t guarantee it.

Thanks, Greg

Hi Greg, I am not able to get my Tweets set up? I followed your instructions, created a twitter app, added the necessary config token info in the index.php and add my “user name” to the vitae.js.

Hi Greg, Nevermind, I was able to just embed a twitter widget directly into the homepage without needing to use the .JS and .PHP files. thanks!

That’s great template. I just have problems with Twitter feed. Doesn’t work.


Did you follow the extra instructions as explained in the help file, there’s a link to a web page with instructions, otherwise send me an email via my profile page and I’ll have a look.

Thanks, Greg

Hi Greg,

just purchased the template and I have a couple questions.

1: where can I edit the color of the left/right slider when you click on a portfolio image tile? The color is currently white and I need to make it a soft grey or something that will be visible on all of my folio images. Some of my folio images are light BG’s siilar to the Apple interface.

2: Currently in the template there are 12 folio images. Is there a way to add one last row to the folio for a total of 16 images? I noticed when i tried to add image #13 and when i click on it it will not open the large img view.

please advise,



Worked like a charm! Thanks Greg!

hi Greg, I noticed that when viewing the portfolio Flex Slider on the iPad, the details (Lorem Ipsum) + other tiles/content below oddly blinks and flickers?? is there a fix for this?


I’m working away from home at the moment but I will have a look when I’m back.

In the mean time, try and google for it, there seems to be at least a couple of solutions, one is adding position: relative; to flexslider li in screen.css (search for flex), the other one is to use the parameter useCSS : false when initiating the flexslider in the vitae.js.

Thanks, Greg


I’m trying to change the tooltip’s hover background color (elements inside socialIcons and stuff I like to do) and I can’t find where the background is set. Each element goes from transparent to white, I looked for it inside of js’s and css’s but… So, please, could you give me some information? Thanks.


All the colors are set at the bottom of the screen.css, look for socialIcons and faIcons.

If you still have problems send me an email via my profile page with a link to your site.

Thanks, Greg

There’s a bug if the progresscircles are visible at page load (large displays). They are hidden until the first pixel scrolls. Fix: //if(!isIE8){ if($('.progresscircles').is(':visible')) { animateSkills = true; initSkills(); } else { $('.progresscircles').bind('inview', function (event, visible) { if (visible == true) { animateSkills = true; initSkills(); $('.progresscircles').unbind('inview'); } }); } //}


This is not an error though, this is part of my framework and is just not used in this particular template (using default disc class instead). If you wish to use these classes you can easy create these png files.

Visual Studio marks this as error/warning (based on error level settings) Maybe u remove unused css classes automatically in future ;-)

I’m not going to make my life more difficult based on visual studios, I’m not going to delete things that will be useful in the future. Images set in css are only loaded if the actual class in encountered in the html, so it doesn’t cause any errors and my template validates according to W3C. As I said if you wish to use some of the framework not intended for this template I’m sure you are smart enough to know what to do ;-)

The circles / their animation does not work on mobile phones. Tested on iPhone 5 iOS7, iPhone 5 iOS 6 and Samsung Galaxy S4.


They work fine here in iphone 4 and galaxy s4, do they not work for you in the preview as well or just in your template?

Thanks, Greg

Hi! Twitter feed doesn’t work and the extra instructions link on readme.html goes to google fonts :S Please could you give us a solution. Thanks in advance.


Make sure PHP5 is enabled on your server.

Thanks, Greg

And… contact form doesn’t work either :S:S


If both the twitter feed and contact form don’t work, it means you have an issue with PHP on your server, so contact your hosting provider and ask them to enable PHP on you server and make sure it is PHP version 5.

Thanks, Greg

Hi, how it works?

Where do I have to install it? Is it a Wordpress theme?



No It is not a WP theme, it is a html template so you just need to upload the files on your server.

Thanks, Greg

Hi, Love the template but the black background is too dark for me. Is it possible to replace it with a wood pattern image? Thanks!


Yes of course, you can add any background image you want, it is explained i the help file how to change it.

Thanks, Greg

Hi, good job. I have one question, how i can change interests icons? I have found this place http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/ But i don’t know how to change it inside your code. Thanks!


There are a few icons set in my screen.css from line 232, they are set like ”.faIcon.profile”, so in the html you could for example change
<span class="faIcon small heart" />
<span class="faIcon small profile" />

You can also create more in the css as described in the help file.

Thanks, Greg

Hello LGLab, amazing template, i just need to know one little thing, it is possible to add “categories” in the portfolio? I’m planning on adding different types of works, and will be great if i can sort it by categories to make it easy to identified what people wants to see.

Thanks, Alonso

Hi Alonso,

I might add it in the future but I’m too busy at the moment. If you are familiar with html you could try and add this plugin yourself, I used it in the past and it’s very easy to setup: https://mixitup.kunkalabs.com/

Thanks, Greg

Oh, wow great plugin, thanks a lot. I’ll play a little with it and i will try to make it work.

Once again thanks big time ^^

Hello, Great work, I need to put that row has 5 items and not 4 like this now.

thank you

Replace ‘onefourth’ with ‘onefifth’ for each portfolio figure item.

Thanks, Greg

I did and actually get 5 items per row, but the rows are disordered when an item opens.

Thank you for your valuable help

I see, open vitae.js in js folder, go to line 960 and replace the number 4 with 5, like this:

var last = (row+1)*5-1;

Hi there! With Google changing its indexing to give priority to sites that are mobile-friendly, do you think you will be refining your template so that it is, in fact, mobile-friendly? It would be a HUGE help to all of us. I’ve already ran mine through https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/ and unfortunately, the template is not. I’m sure you’re busy, but this would help a lot of us. Otherwise, we will all have to find something else to use since the majority of web searches are now done on mobile devices. Thank you!

Thank you. It is weird that my site, using the template, is not mobile-friendly. Clearly, I have done something on my side to jack it up. Your template is solid, and it was also great of you to reply quickly to my question. Excellent support.

Hello, not sure if you received my email. The form and Twitter do not work for me. I have php5 installed. I followed another person’s recommendation and used embedded tweets. I really would like the contact form to work however.

Please advise