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Notice: Undefined variable: analytics in /home/u397385964/public_html/catalog/view/theme/vitalia/template/common/header.tpl on line 251Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/u397385964/public_html/catalog/view/theme/vitalia/template/common/header.tpl on line 251 i have this kind of problem what happen actually?

If i upgrade it to latest version may it will affected the entire website?

You don’t need to upgrade OpenCart. Just install correct version of theme from package:

solve thanks bro (Y) I have few question more

How to remove/hide: Price Label Add To Cart Add To Cart Panel

only view product and product description only. Do you have any tutorial regarding this?

Good Day! MegaFilter Pro and News / Blog already in box? Or do I need to buy the modules separately? Thank you!

Blog is included but MegaFilter you need to buy separately

My Website is not loading properly since i upgraded to version 2.x. Please see

Answered via e-mail

Hi, the social share buttons are not appearing for me either – I am using OC…

Do you have enabled this option in Vitalia theme options: If yes check whether you have disabled adblock plugin in your browser

I have the option enabled in the theme. I do not see the adblock plugin in my browser’s settings. Are these not just snippets of javascript? Not sure how the adblock would come into play…

Could you send me link your website? I will look into it


MayaS Purchased

Hello, where we can find theme’s changelog? Thanks.

Unfortunately there is no changelog but you can use program which show you changes. I recommend DiffMerge (I use it too)

Hi, error in Module – Filter Product only when add Chose product or Chose Category

Notice: Undefined property: Template\Basic::$registry in /xxxxxxxxxxxxx/admin/view/template/module/filter_product.tpl on line 119

OC 2.2 Thank you

Any of the script nomination for work Multi Vendor

Sorry but I cannot recommend any script. There are different and it is hard to choose best

can you help me and tell me watch script friendly with your script . i have Version

I am afraid that none of that modules could compatible. In the feature list there is only mega filter.

hi author team can you help me to show the product additional pictures same as before (vers 1.5x), without carousel ? thank you

In current version there is only carousel type of display. But it let you to move additional pictures on the left side and display them verticaly

I seen that but I must display bottom without carrousel. I use a lot of options and bad design if empty on the left side. I will try myself Thanks for answer

If you have problem, let me know, I will try to help


MayaS Purchased

When a product link is shared in Facebook, for some reason the Mega Menu text appears instead of the product information. Can you fix this?

Answered and solved via e-mail :)

Hi This is a picture of the current site and view products as image No. 1 How do I make the presentation of products as image No. 2, which corrected by Photoshop

I want the product name in three lines only I also want to be next to him after the product and review the number of reviews And then the old price and the new price To be all in the same line, even if it decreased them information

What is the possibility of a detailed the number of product specific character in home page

Thank You

Hmm, could you give me access to your FTP (via e-mail). I will try to look into it

send me your email

Hi, I wanted to buy the theme, but I see a problem in demo. 1) All settings are displayed incorrectly 2) ON / OFF switches do not work 3) If you switch to subsections error appears: “Invalid token session. Please login again.”

I watched from different devices and browsers. The problem with the theme or with me? Thank you.

Few days ago one of plugin used in vitalia theme options disaaperad from CDN and it caused that problem. Updated was released and now everething works.

How to update the theme? Will all the current information effect when I update the theme?

If you didnt modify any file you can move and overwrite all files via FTP

can you tell us what files change ? I have some modifications

Small change in vitalia theme options Added: admin/view/javascript/jquery/jquery.cookie.js Modified: admin/view/template/module/vitalia.tpl

Thank you

I purchased your theme called “Beam Store” but now I can’t download it anymore. How do get the theme files?

Please contact me by e-mail. I will send you template.

Hello the On / Off button to turn parts on or off parts of the design simply is not working. Is locked can not change the option that is enabled.

Please download the latest version of vitalia and overwrite folder admin on your server.


szassz Purchased

Hello! Can you please check why the theme settings under the general tabs kicks me off when using chrome? working well under edge.

Please download the latest version of vitalia and overwrite folder admin on your ftp server.

hyep, i bought this and why when click the deisgn color then it is logout and show invalid token session?

Please download the latest version of vitalia and overwrite folder admin on your FTP Server.

hyep, i wanna ask you I change some item on the megamenu but after save the content it not saving the changes i made. Can u tell me what happen actually with my megamenu?

I have now upgraded to and the vitaila theme does not show in the settings to select, it only shows the default theme, is the theme compatible with the latest version? I see the store theme selector in the new version has moved from Store to General Tab Any help would be appreciated

Did you try to select theme in Extensions->Extensions->Theme->Edit your store?

Yes, I tried Extensions->Modules->Vitalia Theme Options ->Edit> Default > Active Store > Save But it still shows the Opencart default I also tried another 3rd party theme and that one worked. Any Ideas would be appreciated

But for 2.3 version you should first active vitalia theme in Extensions->Extensions->Theme->Edition of your store. If you still will have problem give me access to your admin panel via e-mail

hyep, I just have a problem with the blog plugin can you give me how to solve because the category and all the thing cant be added and keep showing an php error msg for the blog extension. Can you tell me the way to solve it?

can u give me email.. i will give u access to my ftp…

my email is i will use this email to mail u.. give me ur support email…

hudecki09, I sent you mail, check it out