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good job…goodluck emirates7

Thank you :)

Congrats , good luck with sales.

Kind Regards,

Thank you :)

Very cool! Good Luck with Sale! ;)

Thank you :)

Nice work! Good luck with sales ;)

Nice work! Good luck with sales ;)

Thank you :)

Italian language ???

You don’t suggest that the flags are in the banner. I put the flags because I wanted to point that the template is multilanguage.

Hi, i have problems with dutch language it don`t work. It`s the same with English i can`t switch the button to on after save they go back to off(theme options)


I send you pm with login for website and FTP i hope you fix it thanks Marco

Thanks fot your quick support now i can still going on with this nice template Thanks after i finish everything i will rate it with 5 stars

Hi, I’m interested to get this theme. I need the users divided into 3 groups as below: 1)internal admin user 2)external admin user 3)external registered user

Is that possible? Please advice. Thanks.


Please you read the following article: This what you want to do seems to me impossible, but I’m not sure.


Hi, after installing sample data this is what my page looks like:

It looks nothing like the sports theme…

Hi, the errors are fixed thanks.

1) What core should I edit so Greek fonts can display correctly? 2) How do I set the featured products to display as in the sport theme you have (with the add to cart button displaying always) 3) How do I set the product filter button like in the sport theme?


Never mind number 1 I fixed it by adding greek to the google code on line 40 of header.tpl

Never mind I figured them out on my own after many hours, you should make a better explanation in your documentation for your skins.

Hi, is there still a problem with the Dutch language? I’m interested in purchasing this template but I saw that a dutch user had problems?


Dutch user had problems with chmods. I set chmod 777 for folder: catalog/view/theme/vitalia/skins. Template work properly. Today I’ll a update, so you can no worries purchase this template.


Update 15.11.2013 – Vitalia v1.1

  • better documentation
  • fixed problems with chmod (with saving module Vitalia Theme Options)
  • fixed problems with the white background in the content
  • fixed problems with megamenu

Hi , I send you a pm for a small fix after the update and a question .


I could send a print screen of the initial issue of a product that has 2 lines product name? he misaligns grid product or is everything aligned? if you can send me a print with example thanks


Looking to purchase for a client. Noticed on the demo version under the page where users can log in that there is a “Recurring Payments” option. Can you expound on this or provide a demo login? My client is looking for this particular feature and this is the first tmpl I’ve found!

Thanks in advance.


The demo version is built on OpenCart 1.5.6. In this version of OpenCart added to the “Recurring Payments” option.


Hy Emirates7,
This teme keep working with vqmod ?
May I have an admin account somewhere ? please
I wish can test revolution slider and other functionality.
Thank you

Hy Emirates7
Thank you for answer
What do you mean with “This theme doesn’t need to work with vqmod” ?
If implement new and complex module we will do that by hand, all files by hand ? and how about all our customization on every update ? again by hand, one by one ?


Template is compatible with vqmod but doesn’t require vqmod installation.


aaa… thank you so much
I ask that because just buy a theme -pav decor and that is not compatible with vqmode.
Thank you, I will buy now

could i have access to the admin so that i can have full control of the colours to see if i can configure them to my liking, if i can, i will purchase your template


Unfortunately I can’t share admin account.


please me too as I cant seem to login to admin and want to buy theme once I know admin settings are good for this theme

Hi, Please fix errors

Don’t change Skin, always is “Default”. I make changes and finally don’t save

I use version OC

Can you send me e-mail with login details to the PA your website?

Hi there. I have a client who already has an older Open cart theme and is looking to update it so something “fresher.”

I’m looking to use your theme. I’m a little new to the game so i am wondering if you update the website from an old theme to a new one, does all the product info, etc, carry over? Or does one need to start over?