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How do I stretch the “category” here?

I am having the same problem: When I click on vitalia theme options module and try selecting a tab such as footer it logs me out of admin and says ”invalid token session”.

What is the solution to this problem as I am no longer able to do anything with this theme. Thank you

How can i get the new version? When I download it from ThemeForest is still the old one.

The new version will be in package download when will released OpenCart 2.0.

I’m trying to build out a megamenu based on categories – the docs lack clear info on this. Please explain how to do this – also how to I create a new menu item and nest it under another, drag drop doesn’t work and there is no drop down for parent.

Ok, figured it – to make a parent > child menu based on categories you have to first create a parent as HTML type, then create a child as “categories” – you can’t just create a parent as a “category” type. Also, drag drop to assign a child page you need to really drag beyond 70% right of the parent category (in Safari anyway) for it to drag drop and release in place.

Note to author, you should be able to create a category based menu without the need to create a second level menu item – it just creates more steps as it currently is.

Hi there, thanks for the amazing theme, I love it. Almost done configuring it for my needs and I might have a few questions in the next days.

First, I chose “revolution slider” but I can’t find the options (or the .css) I need to be able to change the bullets, bullets placement, arrows and other settings, can you help me out?

And another quick question, I activated “social share” on products pages in the theme options, but it don’t seem to work, nothing shows up in products pages.


There seems to be a small bug on checkout page; payment method names and order totals are not displayed on tablet (samsung galaxy note 10.1). These are displayed correctly on desktop. Can you please help with these issue. Thanks.

Google Rich Snippets – your description shows this, how do I enable this feature?

I also sent a message regarding another problem, via email, I hope you can get a chance to reply.

Hello Emirates,

We have contacted you already regarding some of the features not working in our website. Please get back to us asap.

Website: Mega menu, carousel, etc. doesn’t seem to work.

Its extremely urgent.

Hello Emirates, I installed the Template and it’s realy great! I’m using the Sport template.

Your documentation is very clear but I have 2 questions: 1. How do I disable the Modules in position: - Slideshow, - Preface left, - Preface right, - Preface fullwidth,

2. Is there a way to disable the ‘Compare function’.


Hi, I want to buy this theme but your search engine is fucked up – even when I checked in your demo ‘in description’ option in advanced search it works only with product names. Default theme works perfectly with this option, what’s wrong with your’s?


We have moved our site from to please update our license information accordingly.

I posted a question 13 days ago but still no reply?...

1. You must delete modules with position slideshow etc. in modules with bold names.

2. In the module Vitalia Theme Options via tab Layout -> Product you can disable the ‘Compare function’ in product grid. Then you must manually delete a few line code in files: catalog/view/theme/vitalia/template/product/product.tpl catalog/view/theme/vitalia/template/product/category.tpl catalog/view/theme/vitalia/template/product/search.tpl catalog/view/theme/vitalia/template/product/special.tpl catalog/view/theme/vitalia/template/product/manufacturer_info.tpl
<li>+ <a onclick="addToCompare('<?php echo $product['product_id']; ?>');"><?php if($this->theme_options->get( 'add_to_compare_text', $this->config->get( 'config_language_id' ) ) != '') { echo $this->theme_options->get( 'add_to_compare_text', $this->config->get( 'config_language_id' ) ); } else { echo 'Add to compare'; } ?>

hello Emirates7 hope your well, can you tell me how to add a text box at the bottom of the footer, so i can add a paragraph containing text.

i have solved this, thanks

Using revolution slider, we are unable to save the details in the Module Placement section. The script provides a success message but does not show the saved module placement. The slider still works on the front end of the website.

Any updates on this one?

Google rich snippets does not seem to be working corectly, it is not showing reviews?


I sent you a support request 3 weeks ago and a follow-up mail last week, but still haven’t heard back from you. As mentioned in my initial email, I am unable to get the “theme options” working.. we’re running OC

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Thank You!

Hello is there an update theme not working on oc thanks

18 days and still no reply, POOR SUPPORT NOW, you use to answer questions or concerns within 24 hour, not any more!!!

Hello, Depth of category in our site is 3depth(test1>test2>test3). But I can’t see ‘accordion-toggle(+,-)’ for 3rd depth in 2nd depth category Can I make and activate ’+ and -’ in 2nd category in the left side of the site, category arrangement?? Thank you for supporting.

HI, I’m trying to change the link for the ‘newsletter’ embedded into the footer. I can’t find this on the admin panel, and I want to change it to go to an external page rather than account login – can anyone advise?

catalog/view/theme/vitalia/template/common/footer.tpl, 245 line of code:
<li><a href="<?php echo $newsletter; ?>"><?php echo $text_newsletter; ?></a></li>

You can change attribute href and text.