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nice template., Great work mate..

Nice one. Good luck with sales :)

Very minimal design! WOW! :)

Appreciate it! Thanks for checking it out.

very nice template and great support! Had a problem installing the template (caused not by the template but my server settings) and got help right away. Thanks a lot and good luck with sales!

Vitality, Why you no responsive?

haha, love the design. would have bought today for a client site if it was responsive!!

Will check back!

Nice template! 1. Do you have a responsive version? 2. Does the template use Gantry Framework?

Thanks in advance for your response.

Thank you. This one is old school – not responsive. Our future themes that aren’t already in production will be responsive and/or built on Gantry. Depending on sales and theme interest, we may do these things for upcoming Joomla 3.5. Thanks for checking it out.

I am really interested to purchase this VITALITY Joomla Template. If you provide this template in latest Gantry Framework & Responsive, I will purchase it immediately. Let me know, when do you plan to release this template based on Gantry Framework and Responsive?

Can the main menu be changed to be below the logo instead of above it?


Yes. We will need to move some code in the index.php and template.css file, but easily done. The menu div is currently at a fixed position on the top and we would need to edit that. We can provide instructions after purchase. Thanks for your interest.

How difficult would it be to move the main menu to below the logo instead of above it?

We will need to move some code in the index.php and template.css file, but easily done. The menu div is currently at a fixed position on the top and we would need to edit that. We can provide instructions after purchase.

I installed the template as per the instructions. Also made sure I did install the sample data. Error: The template for this display is not available. Please contact a Site administrator

Please Help. There is also 3 different sample data to choose from. I selected and installed the British English one as per the instructions.

Also when in admin and clicking on any template there’s a 500 error for all of them…

500 error means that the files didn’t transfer over well. Easy solution is to install a standalone theme that is included. We’re working on this issue. It doesn’t happen on every server. You should be fine If you used the quickstart files and English GB sample data option.

Well done, I’m more than happy with this theme. It provides everything we need out of the box. Got also very quick support with a problem. 5 stars :-)

I too have the same problem with demo quick start what to do?

dont function demo quickstart helpppp

I have same problem of ur4mehk…....

If you have a problem, the quickest way to contact is through the private message system on our profile. We aren’t notified when you post to this wall. Please send us details of your problem through the ticket system. http://themeforest.net/user/webunderdog

Perfect! Got it working as per your email instructions. Excellent template with excellent support. Will definitely recommend your templates! Thanks.

PS. Toki666. Go to extension manager in admin and install a color theme there and then make it the default in the template manager. This will solve your problem.

hello, nice template you made. i have a problem with the quickstart method, i install the unzipped quickstartfolder via ftp no problem after that the joomla installation was succesfull, i see in the ftp template files the differnet template styles, but in the backend i can´t see thevitality template and so i can´t activate, i unzip the template stand allone and upload it to the joomla extension manager now i can activate the template but it´s empty i think the quickinstall is so that the template look like the demo or not, how will i get it run now, when i take a look in the template manager ther is nothing available ( no styles etc.) is that correct thanks for help kind regards tim

o.k i don#t have installes the sample data, o.k is right to delete my hole ftp installation and repeat it with the quickstart and the sample data? after this can i see the template in the back end or must i install the stand alone template style again?

also i have seen that no modules or components are available via the quickstart installation, but in my ftp files i can see them ?

Then you have not correctly installed the quickstart package. You must install the sample data. Delete the configuration.php file from your server and re upload the ‘installation’ folder from the quickstart folder to your server. This will restart your installation process.

Hi, installation succesfull i see the templates in the template manager and all moduls are available now, but when i click on the template in the template manager i got an error : 500 – An error has occurred.

Error loading form file what can i do?

o.k i have installed the stand alone template now it works well thanks tim

one more question where can i find the file to change the logo hight from 85px to 120 px? i don´t find it in the template.css kid regards tim