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Amazing theme! Loving the mouse direction hover effect on homepage! Congratulations and good luck with sales! :)

Thank you!! :)


Great! Thank you!!

Thank you very much :)

Next level! awesome theme :D

Thank you my friend!

Like this theme a lot. It’s feature rich. Presale question: how do one deal with many items in home portfollio? does it have lazyload or load more button to reduce making home too heavy?

Also notice Galleria isn’t working right. Menu is not working there too. But am sure you will get that fix,

Nice theme and bookmarked.

You can have 40 item aprox with any problem, but a lazyload will be a good feature for the next update.

And thanks for notice the Galleria page, is fixed now.

am glad to hear that you will be adding lazyload. While at it can you give option to click on thumb and go to another url? This way one will have the option to use another gallery style as portfolio.

I will add that option to the To-do list. Thank you for your feedback!

doesn’t work properly on 1366×768 resolution. Cant see whole menu. Categories are on footer

I will take a look, thanks!

Very cool work of graphic design :)
Congrats :)

Thank you Bedros!

wow this is fantastic! can i ask a question before purchase? Do you think it would be possible to make the menu bar retract/reveal like in http://wpthemes.rubenbristian.com/wowway/

loving the theme!

With some modifications, I think you could.

This theme looks and and feels amazing. I have a few pre-purchase questions: I want to use the theme for my photographs and although I plan on allowing visitors to download most of my work for free, I will also sell a few of my hi-res, artistic photographs. So I’d like to know if it will easy to integrate a shopping cart? and if you have any recommendations.

How would I prevent visitors from right-clicking > saving photos? I’d prefer it if visitors added the photos to cart before downloading them for free or they used their emails to download photos.

Lastly, I wasn’t sure if the theme had the pinterest effect, where photos automatically loaded on screen as the user scrolls down. Because you didn’t have enough images I couldn’t test this feature. Let me know whether that feature is included or the theme uses pagination.

Sorry if the questions seem a bit too much but I’ve recently switched to PHP and WP, so I’m relatively new to it.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Olivah,

You can integrate a ecommerce Plugin, many buyers have integrated this kind of plugins in my themes. And I can help you if you need assistance.

You can use Javascript to disable “right-clicking” on images.

That feature is not in the Theme right now, but it will be in the next update for sure. Now, you can use pagination.

Thank you.

demo looks really nice!

Thanks Drawby

Love this wordpress, it’s great to see a fantastic design once in a while. Been empty lately.

I have a question regarding the music, can this be embedded in the home portfolio or just the slider?

For now just the slider, but in the next update I’ll definitely include audio in the portfolio it is easy.

Thank you

just purchased to upload to wordpress. When trying to upload zip file it is telling me Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Please help.

You don’t have to upload the ZIP file downloaded from Theme Forest. With in this file there are other folders and the Theme.

Inside you will find the Documentation on how to install the Theme. You can also cech this info: http://support.eneaa.com/basicdocs/#stylesheet_missing

Thank you for your quick support! I am still very much in a learning phase and theme is working perfectly now.

Hi, this looks absolutely hot to trot so possible pre-purchase question as I’m pushing my friend to go for this – how does image uploading work? It might go without saying but is it possible to bulk upload for a new gallery etc? Thanks

Yes, the upload system is the WordPress default system, so you can upload multiples images at once and also drag & drop.

Hi, looks really great but how does it differ from:


:) good luck with sales!

I don’t see Fullscreen Slider and Video or Fullscreen Blog on that item.

Hi, i just purchased this nice theme. But i can’t get working the Portfolios. Images are not shown. Is therer any CHMOD thing you didn#T mention.


can resize the squares of the main screen?

The squares are scaled according to the screen size, you can’t have a fixed size.

What? What madness! I bought the theme and was wanting to take a doubt!!

Nice theme, for the “Home Page Slider” layout can I disable/hide all the audio buttons?

YEs, if you don’t use audio those button will not appear.

Looks great! Question: How will vertical images look in both portfolio and blog? Limited on height?

The images will be cropped to fit the size.

I just bought the theme and I set up pages and menus but the theme is displaying the mobile layout. Can you tell me how I can change it to show the browser version? I have never run into this before. I couldn’t find anything in the documentation. Thanks!