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Would you please check out this supportthread: http://support.eneaa.com/forums/topic/custom-portfolio-page-and-image-rows-resizing/

Thank you in advance.

Hi eneaa, very nice theme! After Installation I tried to create the slideshow and the portfolio items, but somehow vitrux doesnt seem to find the images. My WP is a multisite installation. Might this be the problem? best regards Joe

... finally I figured out, that the timthumb.php is not multisite capable. Some timthumb fixes I found on the web, doesn’t seem to work. Do You have a working timthumb for Your Theme + WP multisite? Thanks a lot J.

Hello! I have a question: I’m using your theme with wpml plugin and i have a problem because in the configuration of sliders and portfolio page i can’t select the version of projects in the language of directory that i’m showing. ej. /en/ or /es/ The template shows all of projects in the default lenguage of wordpress.

Do you have a solution please?


You have to try asking to the author of the plugin to know what is the problem. Because I don’t know how the plugin works. So then maybe we can fix it.

Hi there, another great theme, after the black label i need another one layout fullscreen for portfolio’s client but we don’t like responsive layout is it possible turn off the responsive layout ? let me know asap i’m ready to buy thanks r.

oh gosh, black label is not responsive and i love it, has always the same look and feel,(desktop or mobile devices) , i don’t like the downscale version of vitrux … (vertical view in ipad and both in iphone) i would like have the same look of desktop versione… any ideas ? thank you very much for your reply. best regards r.

Unfortunately the way Vitrux is designed, it can’t be non-resposnive. For example Elitist is responsive but you can disable that, but not in Vitrux sorry.

thank u very much for your reply…i’ll study other your template

Hi, Finally bought this yesterday. It looks great but there are a couple of things I can’t figure out and not sure if they’re supported: 1) Can I put a custom link on a portfolio page e.g. have one of the tiles act as just a link to the clients Facebook page 2) How can I create a gallery as a portfolio item i.e. have one of the tiles link through to a gallery page? Thanks

1) Yes, you can use a Portfolio Item to link to any page: http://cl.ly/McRt

2) Yes, you can create a gallery and the add the link into the field above.

Hi there.

The theme crashed. http://alphalongboards.com/a/

Please help :(

Look like it was installed incorrectly. Have you tried to install it again?

It was fine till today. I guess i have to do it again :(

Good afternoon. I wonder where I can put the video to embed portfolio with? All I could do for the link. But I want to customize the video play bar, and would have to use the embed. Thank outset.

Are you using Vimeo? That’s the only video system that you can customize. How is the embed code?

Yes I’m using Vimeo. the embed a Code is that it provides with the the custom toolbar. I could only put the video with the video link. I wonder what other way to put, so I can customize.

Show me your embed code and I will adapt it to the Theme, then I send you a file to replace.

Hello! I have 2 questions:

- I have created a second Portfolio, but the video I have put in each of the portfolio items won’t play … I just see the portfolio image

- You can put a vimeo video as embebed in the portfolio? With the custom player?


Can you show me an URL to those portfolios? Or you just want to remove the footer from ALL portfolios?

Yes. I want to remove this footer http://isadorahertz.com/footer.png from all portfolios.


Ok, go to your Admin Panel>>Vitrux>>Style Options, and add this CSS code:
.portfolio #footer{display:none;}

Love this theme: working great for me! Just wanted to let you know after all the little tweaks, it’s working nearly perfectly for me: Pabst Photo

Thank you, the site is looking great!

Where the site which the local portfolio should I put the custom code from Vimeo?

The actual embed code is in “vitrux/framework/fullscreen/vimeo.php”

Questions with HTML5:

I put a video, the more it becomes black before starting. Have you tried putting a frame, but it did not work. Its leaves any image with the video player. For the screen does not go black?

Can you show me the URL? so I can get a better idea on what’s happening

I can’t see the problem. What is happening exactly?

Just bought the theme tonight. Downloaded the XML here: http://cl.ly/JMJm Went to Tools > Import > Wordpress > selected file… import never completes and I get a “webpage not available” error. Please advise. I need to see the sample site in its entirety as a roadmap for how I will create my own site. Thanks. The rest of the install went fine. Site is http://www.stonegatehomes.us

That’s strange. Try with this XML file: http://cl.ly/Mluy

Sorry, same thing. Hosing by Godaddy. Confirmed PHP 5. Followed your instructions here to a tee: file://localhost/Users/asperry/Desktop/themeforest-2992618-vitrux-responsive-fullscreen-portfolio-wp-theme/Documentation/index.html

Forget it… figured it out.

Hey Eneaa, I have a quick question I have my website home page set up as my most recent blog posts and there are little icons that go along with it. The icons are pencils, and up and down arrows. They are blocking some of my text. How can I disable those icons?

go to your Admin Panel>>Vitrux>>Style Options, and add this CSS code:
.blog .controls{display:none;}

Hey Eneaa,

I just purchased this template and am trying to install the theme. However, when I preview the theme in my control panel, the preview shows up blank. Any ideas what might be going on? And how I might be able to fix it?


Blank as with no content or completely blank? Please crete a Support Topic in http://support.eneaa.com with your URL, I will take a look.

Hello Ennea This a great theme i really enjoy it. I would like to know if it is possible to change the order of way that portfolio items are displayed. I would like to have the main photo in the middle and the description of the post on the right instead of the bottom. here is a jpeg of what i trying to explain :-)http://tinyurl.com/csx7ybw Thank you in advance

Unfortunately you can’t do that in an easy way, sorry.

Can you explain me a little bit the hard way to do that ? thanks in advance..:-)

Dear Ennea i configured how to do it if you want i can post the way to do it..but i guess you knoz how :-) thanks again

How do i prevent from images displaying zoomed in? See http://alphalongboards.com/a/portfolio/alpha-catalogue-range/

The thing is that the image are cropped to fit in the screen. But if you want to show your image at full size, replace this file:
For this one: http://cl.ly/MtQP/single-portfolio.php

Good afternoon. Would you take a doubt. I’m putting pictures on the website, and they are showing up in the gallery with low quality. Tried and even larger sizes so they are getting bad. Can you help me?

Please crete a Support Topic in http://support.eneaa.com with your URL, I will take a look.

Hello, congratulations for your great theme! Just a question: how to disable resizing images? Because when you remove the frame hatched, the images are very pixelated : http://kubenboa-wp.kubenboa.com/

Do you mean for example inside a Single Portfolio Page? http://kubenboa-wp.kubenboa.com/actus/maison-wenge-2/ You can do this, go to your Admin Panel>>Vitrux>>Style Options, and add this CSS code:
.single-actus article{max-width:900px;}

Thank you very much for your answer, but this is not what I want to do. I think timthumb.php reduces the image size before stretching. I want to disable the Resize caused by timthumb :

You can remove TimThumb completelly by replacing “vitrux/single-portfolio.php” for this one: http://cl.ly/N1pc/single-portfolio.php

Hi, just finishing a project using your theme.

The client wants to rename the subtitles on the right hand side to other names e.g

Client: to Project: URL: to Services:

Now I have changed these in single-portfolio.php My question is which files controls the titles in the backend?

I know it is possible as i have seen the code on my browser developer i just cant locate the the file that needs changing.

Image link show screenshot: http://cameron.yournarrative.co.uk/?attachment_id=218

Please can you help?


The file is “vitrux/framework/meta_boxes/meta-box-usage.php”: http://cl.ly/NG1s