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I would also like to hide the date, category, author, and comments data that appears on the blog roll for the blog home page. Is there a setting that I am not finding for that or can you send me custom CSS to hide that?


Yes use this CSS, go to your Admin Panel>>Vitrux>>Style Options, and add this CSS code:
.metadata {display:none;}

Good afternoon. I would like to change the icons, arrows swap photos in portfolio, where I find them?

And I removed the baseboard with a custom css you sent me and was a black belt, as it takes?

link to view: http://www.isadorahertz.com/site/?post_type=portfolio&p=725

Thank you.

Do you want to change this two arrows? http://cl.ly/NNtP You have to change them in “vitrux/js/jquery.flexslider.custom.js” on line 28 and 29: http://cl.ly/NOFF Change that text for any of this icons: http://fortawesome.github.com/Font-Awesome/#icons-new

I changed the background color to black on this theme but the page title div box still has a background color of white, when you go from the home(portfolio page) to the about page for example…

how do i change the backgrounf color of the title div box!??

Also where do i find the social media icons in the images??!? they do not appear on my site. but they are clickable. i’m assuming the pictures themselves are black and so are not showing up. I would like to change their colors but cannot find the image files.

Thank you

The image for those social icon is white. You can find the image in:

If you tell me your URL I will take a look at your icons.


Looks like the image is missing. MAybe was a incorrect installation. Try uploading the image to “vitrux/images/”. Here is the image: http://cl.ly/NV1T

Hi Eneaa.

My slider items aren’t working. Can you take a look at my site and see what’s wrong?

It should play after the video stops playing on the Reel Page, which automatically loads.

http://brobo.tv/ Here are some the slides I have, but don’t show up. http://brobo.tv/slides/merc_vra/ http://brobo.tv/slides/slide-4-3/

Can you send me a WordPress user? I will take a look. support@quemalabs.com

Can you please give me some direction on how to 1. Remove the horizontal gray lines at the top of a full page post and also the title? 2. Fix the gray footer bar to the bottom of the page and also change it’s color to white? Thanks!

1) Do you mean all this?: http://cl.ly/NeFl go to your Admin Panel>>Vitrux>>Style Options, and add this CSS code:
.page-template-page-fullwidth-php .page_title {display:none;}
This will remove that from all Fullwidth pages templates. 2) You can change the color with this CSS code:
.footer_wrap  {background-color: #fff;}
But if you want the footer fixed at the bottom I’m not sure how it will look. You can try, use this:
.footer_wrap  {position: fixed;}

Everything worked just fine however there’s still a black bar on the bottom of the footer, is there css code for a color change?

Can you show me the URL?

I am just testing the theme on various areas, one issue i have seen is that when the browser scales down the portfolio section or the side bar doesn’t scroll with the page which renders the filter useless?

Is there some thing i can do? Maybe a line of code some where that i can tweak / change from fixed to scroll?

Please help DAz

Also another cheeky question, I am using the homepage slider for the homepage, I have managed to edit the caption but, i want remove the sub text underneath as it seems it is causing an irregular height in the div height.


Where might i locate the code for this, the file extension would be enough

Try this, go to your Admin Panel>>Vitrux>>Style Options, and add this CSS code:
#header {overflow: auto;}
About the Caption box, it’s made by Javascript and you can styled with CSS like this:
.slide_caption{ }

The header worked, once more the scroll only happens when on the portfolio page! Brilliant :) FYI – > The header overflow only works if you add it to the top of the existing #header tag in Style.css file

Hey Guys,

have a little Issu with the categories. They do not show up. Have only an icon and “ALL” but nothing else.

Could you give me some advice to fix this?

Looking for your Feedback.

greetings from Berlin, yougeen

The only way to have a background image is using the Fullscreen Gallery, but yes it will be no text.

Hey Eneaa, have a strange issue…

on thursday last week the site works fine. but now i have the footer displayed on the home page slider. i do nothing changed since thursday – now i have the footer overlayed and the titels are gone too.

Please help me – i get insane allready :)

I answered your email.

Hi Eneaa,

Is there a way to change the portfolio item layout template. I would love to be able to have the portfolio item take on the look of a full screen slider. Please let me know if there is a way to change the style of the portfolio items. Would appreciate any help you could provide.

Also, would love to know if there is any way to customize the navigation side bar so that I can take out the rule below the logo as well as the lines between the page buttons.


You can link the portfolio items to a Fullscreen Gallery. You have to create the Fullscreen Gallery separately and then use this option in the portfolio item: http://cl.ly/O1jf

Hey Eneaa, have a strange issue… on thursday last week the site works fine. but now i have the footer displayed on the home page slider. i do nothing changed since thursday – now i have the footer overlayed and the titels are gone too. Please help me – i get insane allready

I sent you an email.

Hi Eneaa,

Thank you so much for your help with the advice to link to a gallery page from the portfolio page. I have 2 additional questions.

1. Once I have uploaded to a gallery page, is there a way to reorder the order of the images I have uploaded? Also, I don’t seem to be able to import from the media library to the gallery page, I must always upload from my computer. Am I doing something wrong or is that how the template works?

2. Is there a way to eliminate the rules between buttons and the bright white rule below the logo on the side menu?

Thanks! Austin

Thanks for getting back to me. I tried adding the CSS code to the Styling Options Custom CSS field, but it didn’t seem to have any effect. Is there a certain way in particular I should be placing in the code?

Thanks so much for your help! Austin

No, it should work right away. What’s your URL?

Try with this code also:
.logo_container, #header .jqueryslidemenu > ul > li > a, #header .jqueryslidemenu > ul > li {border-bottom:none!important;}

I tried putting both lines of code in, and still haven’t seen any changes. The URL is www.austinwei.net If you don’t mind taking a look and letting me know if you see anything I might be doing wrong.

I would really appreciate it. Thanks! Austin

I could be missing something, but is it possible to have a sidebar on the blog / individual blog posts? I’ve assigned a sidebar to the Blog page, and to individual posts, but nothing is showing up.

Hey Eneaa, i have the same strange issue as i write to you a week before.…

1. I changed the permalink to postname . 2. The site with the home-page-slider templ. swich to standart-templ. (automaticly) 3. i put it back to home-page-slider = ERROR -> now i have the footer displayed on the home page slider. i do nothing changed.

i had the same issue and solve it with instaling the theme once again.

The thing is that my client needs to work on the theme by himself. Put content in there & so on… So i have to know where´s the error in this page and how to fix it very fast or how to get completly without the bug.

When the page goes live the errors should not be left like now.

Please help me – i get insane allready :)

Make sure that you don’t have duplicated files in the Theme’s folder. Maybe you duplicated a page template and then rename it.

I like this theme and I will probably buy it for a client. I have one question:

The reason for buying this theme is the portfolio lay-out. Is it possible to link some items to a domain outside?

Let’s say I’d like to use the first twelve squares for the clients portfolio and four more to link to websites about projects my client is involved in.

Is that possible?

Yes, you can link any portfolio item to any URL.

Hey Guys,

I have written to you a week ago – still no answer.. can you please figure me out with these Problem – see above.


I was on vacation, if you still have the problem, please crete a new Support Topic in http://support.eneaa.com with your URL, I will take a look.

Hi eneaa

I’m having the same problem as someone below commented.

I have categories created, but they don’t show up on the main page. Only a eye icon with the word all shows up.

what am I doing wrong/

HI Can I ask before I purchase, does this theme support fullscreen Vimeo in the portfolio section? Also can a portfolio have both video and images in it? Thanks.

Here is how it looks the portfolio with Vimeo: http://themes.quemalabs.com/vitrux/portfolio/video/

But a portfolio item can only have video or images not both. Except if you place the images in the content.

Hey Eneaa,

i transfered my Site now to my real Domain. Now the little icons are gone. I miss the • icon-user • icon-envelope • icon-flag and the navigation icons on my Hope-page-slider like: • icon-volume-off • icon-pause • an the others

Where did you get them and how can i put them back to their place. send you my url via profile.

Best regards eugene

I answered your email. Also I saw that you assets are being loaded from your old domain: ”’http://www.testwp.seelodge.de"

This is great! I have some questions. Is it possible to remove the footer? Can I change ‘navigation’ in another name? How can i change this pink color? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egDNoHinE48. Thanks!

What would you like to say there? insted of “Navigation”


Replace this file:
For this one: http://cl.ly/P8bC/tinynav.min.js

Hello, Is there a way to display the portfolio categories as a submenu of the item “Portfolio” in the navbar?


Not by default. You will have to do that as a customization.

Hi, I bought the template, everything is fine, but we had a comment from the users on the portfolio. We have many different images and its quite long to load. Problem is that the responsive part of the images and the apparition of the categories menu only happen when all images are loaded. So in the meantime (while its loading), it looks like a bug : images are not responsive, and categories menu not displayed as you can see here : http://www.foreveryoungcreative.com/?page_id=11 is there any way to fix this ? (make the categories menu appears at the start of the page and the responsive part as well)


It’s looking fine for me. Is it for you now? The categories needs all the portfolio items to appear.