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Hi, We just purchased this and we love the website. The only thing is we are unable to load the Events page on the site (as on the Preview Demo). HELP! thanks jebbar


you have to install plugin. You can also find other compatible and recommended plugins in documentation.

Best regards, Cohhe

Great looking theme! Before purchasing, I’m curious if it comes pre-loaded with sample content? Thank you


yes, you will also get demo content file which will have to import after you install your theme.

Best regards, Cohhe

Can we change the main color scheme? Background is grey, can we make it darker? Are there any samples or actual sites with dark background? If yes can you please send some links to us in a private message?


here are some color schemes that are available

and you can change background image in theme customizations menu or you can even use solid color.

Unfortunately I don’t have other examples. Let me know if you need more information.

Best regards, Cohhe


Does this theme have child theme support or a custom css area?

Can I change the background pattern?

Many thanks


Hi Kat,

it support child theme and it also have custom CSS area on Theme Options page.

You can also change background pattern on customizations page and use one of our predefined color schemes as shown here

Best regards, Cohhe

Hi, Cohhe how add testimonials widget in footer?

Best regards, Paul

Hi Paul,

you have to install IvyCat plugin before you can use testimonials.

Best regards, Cohhe


Does this theme comes with Premium Version of Easy Reservation or Free Version?


Also is it RTL supported?


this theme doesn’t come with EasyReservations plugin. You can download your copy from

Unfortunately RTL isn’t supported.

Best regards, Cohhe

@Cohhe i asked before about the way you used the feature icons in the accomondation feature.

you gave me a link to a screenshot. screenshots cant be coppy-pasted, and i really dont wish to type it all from 0. i tried thought your method, didnt worked. everything i am puting in the accomondation features in the preview is a big mess!

also the documentation was very very poor explaining how to add rooms, how to setup the frontpage etc etc.

and the widget of reservation has font color the same as the background and i cant find a way to change that.

i am a bit disappointed by this theme.

here are some of my problem out of the box:


Use this code as a starting point for your accommodations features:

Please check this thread and you will get an answer to your questions about reservation form style

Let me know if you need more help, I will be happy to help.

Best regards, Cohhe

do i have to register a new accoutn again to follow that ticket? because the only thing i see is that “is solved” but not how :)


If you are already registered at our support forum then you don’t have to register a new account.

Best, Cohhe

The plugins are included for free or I have to buy them separately? Is Easy Reservations included?

Thank you


some plugins are included like “Slider Revolution”, but easyReservation plugin is not included, you have to download it from

Best regards, Cohhe

Hi, we are planing to buy the theme, just wanted to ask a question about the translation. Where does the language switch flag/list appear? And … I couldn’t find any information or screenshot explaining the functionality or the set up of the booking module. Additional info on this matter will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advnace!


this is how it will look in header but you can also add it in sidebars or footer.

For booking functionality we are using easyReservation plugin which you can download from

Best regards, Cohhe

I have been working on a new website with your theme. The slideshow that come with the theme is different from the one on the live preview. How can I get the same slideshow as the one in the preview?

Thanks, Sebastien

Hi Sebastien,

if you are talking about “Slider Revolution” then you can find it in “Revolution Slider” folder, you need to install it before you can use it and you will also find a documentation folder inside it which explains how to install and use it.

Let me know if you need more help.

Best regards, Cohhe

I’ve installed the “Slider Revolution” and read the documentation. I’ve got everything figured out except how to import it to replace SlitSlider. Where do I insert this code:

Alternative Ways to add the Slider to your Theme:

  • From the theme html use: <?php putRevSlider( “alias” ) ?> example: <?php putRevSlider(“homeslider”) ?>

I am now using the SlipSlider template on my pages. Thanks, Sebastien

You have to use “Default” template on the page you would like to add “Slider Revolution”, that will remove Slit slider from it and then on Appearance -> Widgets page add “Revolution Slider” widget in “Slider Position” container and configure it.

Let me know if you need more help.

P.S. You don’t need to add code you provided anywhere.

Best regards, Cohhe

Hello, please help. I couldn’t import the demo content with all the efforts from my hosting provider. I am well over the limits with memory, script timing, etc. No go. Point is I’ve been trying all this time to set up the theme myself as in your demo and I’m stuck. I’ve been reading over and over the theme’s documentation but no way I can setup the accommodation section and create the light form you have there. I’m reaching out to you for a solution, what can I do to get over it? Looking forward for your answer. Thanks.


when you try to import demo content do you get any errors?

You can try to import demo content without demo images, that requires significantly less memory and execution time for script. After that you can add your own images manually. But before you try to import demo content again, please delete any data that has been imported with first try or otherwise you will get errors about duplicated content.

Let me know if you need more help.

Best regards, Cohhe

Hey, thanks. Got it imported. Now… on the accommodation 2 columns, you have a styled light reservation form. How do I get that too?

If I understand you correctly you are trying to insert it on page? You can do that by using this button

Best, Cohhe

Hi, how do I create bullet navigation similar to the one you have shown on your demo website also I added reservation widget and it doesn’t look like the one on the homepage of demo site. Below is my code for reservation widget. <label>Res:</label> [resources]
<label>Name:</label> [thename]
<label>Email:</label> [email]
<label>Country:</label> [country]

/>date-to [date-to-min]


please check this thread it should help you with reservation form.

Let me know if you need more help.

Best regards, Cohhe


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Hi, loving this theme as a possibility for my project! Just one question before I buy:

In the theme demo, when going through the reservation process, it told me to pay through PayPal or Credit Card, however, there was no where to input paypal or credit card details (I need to be able to use I’ve been looking for a reservation theme that lets you pay instantly after reserving. Is this possible? I wasn’t sure if it was just a demo thing, or if we wouldn’t be possible to take them straight to checkout and payment after selecting the reservation.


Ok cool, I got the theme. Great so far; however, when scrolling down on a page, the menu follows and the logo stays the same dimension. I would like to shrink the logo proportions to fit properly with this. Could you let me know where to find the code to change it?

Also, see here: ...The column shortcode is not working, and the book now section looks way different than the demo with the background and button styles. ( )


Just posted this question ^ in the support forum as well!


I replied to your question on support forum, please check it there.

Best, Cohhe

Hi Our site is up on our server. However, we are unable to get or see the CAPTCHA on the Contacts and Reserve Now (or Reservation Form) ie.See: and Godaddy says all the libraries are enabled and we have removed not used plug ins. Can’t find out what is the problem. HELP! Thanks j


error that you see on your website says that this function is missing from your server and it is pure server configuration issue. Please contact Godaddy support and ask them to enable that function. It seems that GD Library is not installed on your server, but it is required for image manipulation.

Best, Cohhe

Hi, I’ve got a couple of questions before buying:

1) Is it possible to change the colors? I know there are some preset colors available, but my client wants a specific kind of blue (sky blue), which is also the color of the company’s visual identiy. Is it hard/possible to change it somewhere in the css?

2) I know the template is using the EasyReservations plugin, now, on the front page in your demo you can see the plugin/widget where you see the dates which arent available to book a room (little red lines or green lines which says its available). My client has a couple of vacational rental homes. My question is, is it possible to see the availability on the little widget, on the home page, per house? So for example: You select a house, and you see the green lines and red lines on the little widget, then you select a different house and the green and red lines changes. Is that possible?

3) Last question, you’re able to change the standard header into a fixed header. Is that permanent for the entire website that is? So also for the homepage, etc. Since I prefer the fixed header.

Thanks for your time and answers!


Re 1: Viva theme comes with pre-defined color schemes and each of those color schemes consist of a separate CSS file where you will find only relevant CSS code, so it’s fairly simple to change some of already present color schemes if you have some CSS knowledge.

Re 2: You can create separate widgets for each rental home, but it’s not possible to change calendar content by some drop-down dynamically on front end.

Re 3: You can use either fixed header or standard header for entire website. You can’t use fixed header on one page and standard header on another.

Best regards, Cohhe

Hi! I am very excited to purchase this theme! Just one question, for the reservations, is it possible to have the customer pay before the reservation confirmation is sent/shown? Also, in the admin panel, can the admin manage and edit bookings that do not come from the website?

Thank you for your help!

Thank you! The premium version will work with your theme and look like the demo then? Thanks greatly for your help. This is exactly what I was looking for. :)

one other question…. Is it possible to have the ‘Make a reservation’ show first in mobile/tablet responsive mode, instead of home page content, etc?

Premium version should be working.

About mobile version, it depends on which side you put sidebar. If you will add it on left side then it will be first one in mobile mode as you can see on this page

Best, Cohhe


I have purchased the theme

I want to work off the template you have in the live preview and just tweak it.

I cant work from scratch and add all the features.

Please tell me how to get the exact same as you have in the live preview.

This file is not in the documentation file

documentation folder*

Please check this

Best, Cohhe

Hi, Help me out please. 01. how do I set up the ‘offers’ section in the homepage? Got it inserted with a shortcode but I don’t know where to setup the content. 02. what’s your style for the weather widget to remove the frame and background? THanks


each offer is a standard page, so you have to create child pages for one parent page and then by using offer shortcode specify from which parent page you would like to select child pages.

Best regards, Cohhe

Any way to use it for posts? I also need a page where I list all offers and I can’t figure it out how to make it with standard pages. Any idea?

If I understand you question correctly then no, you can only use standard pages as offers. Posts can’t be used as offers

Best, Cohhe


Could you give me the complete list of icon-name for accommodation.. Like example: acc-icon-save, acc-icon-restaurant, etc..

Thanks, Ronny


these are all the available icons:

acc-icon-access, acc-icon-barber_scissors, acc-icon-beacb, acc-icon-car, acc-icon-cat, acc-icon-cook, acc-icon-doctor, acc-icon-dog, acc-icon-giftshop, acc-icon-gym, acc-icon-hair_dryer, acc-icon-hdtv, acc-icon-hot_tube, acc-icon-jacuzzi, acc-icon-pacifier, acc-icon-parking, acc-icon-phone, acc-icon-restaurant, .acc-icon-safe, acc-icon-swimming, acc-icon-table, acc-icon-tv, acc-icon-wardrobe, acc-icon-washing_machine, acc-icon-wifi

Best regards, Cohhe

Thanks Cohhe :)