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Hello is the theme available only in full width version or is it possible to have it in boxed version too?


yes, Viva Hotel theme is only available in full width version.

Best regards, Cohhe

Hi, i want to bay this theme,, and i have many question, how to add more then one hotels,, how to integrate payment system such as paypal , hava version to hotel author control own hotel?

I’m not sure about which form you are asking. But if you see it on demo website then you will be able to use it also in your theme. If I didn’t make any light then please can you provide a screenshot so I can better understand? Thank you!

Best, Cohhe

this search form isn’t available in our theme.

Best, Cohhe


it comes from plugin. Please check “How to add Reservations widget to a sidebar” section in documentation, it’s a step by step guide and will walk you trough steps needed in order to add reservation form.

Best regards, Cohhe

Hi, i love the look of this theme and am close to buying it. Just one question: How integrated is the easyreservations plugin with this theme? I’d like to use the theme with another reservation plugin that my client is already familiar with….

Hi, I’m glad you are interested in Viva theme :)

it’s integrated in a way that all the reservation forms that you see on Viva theme comes from that plugin, but you still can use hotel rooms and other stuff without using plugin.

Let me know if you need more information.

Best regards, Cohhe

Hi Cohhe,

Can you tell me where to change the map from map view to satelite and change the zoom factor? The Lodge is in the middle of nowhere… so it woudl be better.




which one do you mean? The one on contacts page?

Best regards, Cohhe

yes…. thats the one: just would like to show the satelite image… the map like this looks not really good

Regards Tobias

ok then please replace line 116 on template-contacts.php with this line:

mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.SATELLITE,

zoom can be changed on the same file at line 113.

Best, Cohhe

Hi I purchased the theme but i cannot access the support forum. I gave my pruchase code but did not get any email with password and now i am stuck.

I just need to add more features images to an accomodation. I am limited to 5 featured images but i need to add more.

What do i need to change ?

Ok please check you email, just replied.

Best, Cohhe

OK Great, “Problem” solved THIS IS WHAT I CALL SUPPORT ! So quick. It’s a pleasure working when we get support like this ! You rock Thanks !

Thank you! :)

Dear Cohhe, few days ago I bought your beautiful theme but unfortunately is not working with me.

I tested it on local with wordpress 3.8.1

I followed all the instructions, I installed the reccomended plugins, I tried to import the xml file but unfortunately I’m not able to import images.

The result is a theme totally different to the demo, there is a ploblem with the css because the menu is not working and all pages are a mess, etc etc.

To be honest I found the documentation bit poor.

Hope there is a way to have a website same to the demo otherwise I feel I bought something that I can’t use for my project.

After hours and hours working on the theme, I’m here asking your support, hope you can help me.


please check that you don’t have added any widgets on Appearance -> Widgets page under Slider Position widgets container. That widget container is only supposed to be used for Revolution Slider widget.

Also please check that you have assigned menu on Appearance -> Menus page.

Let me know if that doesn’t help.

Best regards, Cohhe

Hi Cohhe, I worked a lot today to install this theme, my god is a nightmare!

I did some more steps but it seems very hard! I’m not a newbie, I work with wordpress from year, I developed many many themes but with this I’m gettin crazy!

Here one short list with some problems (not all):

Website is quite slow, do I have to set something? I have a Virtual Server where all sites are quick!

How can I have a same homepage as in the demo? (4 boxes of special offers + 1 more box at the bottom)

My slideshow in homepage shows three pics, where and how I can change the pics/order/effects to have a slideshow same to the homepage in the demo with same effect also on texts?

When I click in HOME instead of see my homepage I see the Special Offer (NEWS)? When I click on EVENTS instead of load a page of my site I see is it normal?

In my booking form in homepage there are not check-in / out text (close to the dates) and texts like Res: Name: Email: etc are black instead of white

In Offers, all boxes have something like 15px of white border on the top.

Weather Plug in is not working (I have also downloaded last version – nothing)

How can I have same box in the footer (Company info and Call US)?

If you want take a look to my site I’ll send you in private the address.

PS: Is there a way to get back the money for this theme

Let me know something asap

Thanks Regards


Website slowness is not related to Viva Hotel theme. That is more WordPress issue than themes fault.

Did you used demo import file to import demo content? If you did then those boxes should be there, but you can use this code which is the same you get from demo content. You can get a list with all the available attributes for those shortcodes at the bottom of this page and this one

When you click on event link you are sent to website because you have that link in your menu at Appearance -> Menus page. Please check it there it’s created as a custom menu item and that is why it leads to

Regarding reservation widget please check “How to add Reservations widget to a sidebar” section in documentation, it explains step by step how to set up reservation widget exactly like on demo website.

Regarding white border. Please add image to your offer and this border will disappear.

Weather plugin is customized and should be installed differently. Please check notice under “Compatible plugins” section in documentation.

Company details in footer is just a text widget added to footer column 1. Please use text widget to reproduce this column.

Let me know if you need more help, I will be happy to assist you.

Best regards, Cohhe

Hi I’m trying to register in your support page but I can´t do it. the purchase code is ok. but the problem is my Marketplace Username. thanks!


can you please send me your purchase code using contact form on my profile page? I will register you manually. Thank you!

Best regards, Cohhe

Hi, seems I got a ccs Problem: What can I do?


please remove any widgets from Appearance -> Widget page which might be added under “Slider Position” widgets container. That container is only supposed to be used for Revolution Slider widget.

Also please assign menu on Appearance -> Menus page.

Let me know if you need more help.

Best regards, Cohhe

Hello, Cohhe.

I have purchased your theme. After that I registered to your support forum, but no confirmation was sent to my e-mail, so I cannot enter your forum with login and password. I tried to retrieve my password, entered the email again, and result. There is no confirmation again. No letter in spam folder. New registration is failed since the purchase code was entered already. My username is dmitrybarsov.


I just changed your password and set it to the email you used to register at support forum.

Best regards, Cohhe


Thanks for the great theme! But one thing isn’t working on my site:

The css of the reservation form doesn’t come out clean on the screen like you can see. I tried: <br />, <div class="clearfix" />, <h2 style="clear: left;" /> But none of these tricks are working! Do you have a solution for this?

Thank in advance.


please check support forum, I answered your question there.

Best regards, Cohhe

Hi there,

I have already set up the blog by using the shortcode. But the content, I mean, posts are displaying duplicate. Could you help on that? Thanks Kind regards


can you please send me WordPress credentials so I can take a closer look? You can contact me using contact form on my profile page.

Best, Cohhe

I have already solved the issue. Basically, Solution to duplicate posts due to WPML, change in the “page.php”: if ( have_posts() ) : while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?> to if ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); And that´s all. source:

And about the flickering when scrolling down, just deactivate the fixed header. There is no other solution as far as I know.


Thank you for those tips. I will release a bug fix in next theme version.

Best, Cohhe

I translate my website in the Greek language, but when I publish this menu is not working properly. See what I mean below.

Can you help me;

Thanks !


how to translate theme? I cant find any .mo and .po files in theme directory.


please use plugin for translations and use “string translation” option.

Best regards, Cohhe

Hi there, I’m really liking the theme but just have a small issue with the reservations calendar… I’ve tried looking for help on the plug-ins site without success, could you help please?

The available dates show green and the booked dates show red – perfect. But I can’t get the “pending” dates to show yellow, which is what I was expecting to see… what am I doing wrong? The page is Many thanks in advance!


it should work like you explained. Green for free and Red for reserved. Yellow is not supposed to be for pending status.

Best regards, Cohhe

Hi Cohhe, your theme is very good. I’ve a request about the home page. I would like to set my homepage like your demo but I don’t find this options. It’s possible? Thanks

sorry Cohe but I’ve not understand where i must put this code. The page “News” is a standard page with “Default Template” in the page attribute, and is the page selected for “Post page” in Page setting. The effects that shows the featured image as full image on top of each post is not good, in this moment, for us. We want remove this like in the single post. can you help me?

You have set posts page on Settings -> Reading page, but you shouldn’t do that. Instead leave that option empty and create a page under All Pages -> Add New and then add this shortcode on that page:

[blog show_image="false"]

Best, Cohhe

thank you Cohhe! I’ve applied your setting and the page now works very well. wonderful!

hello, this looks like a great theme but I have a presales question. I have 7 different small hotels in the same area.

Can I have a field in Reservation form ex “Select Hotel:” and depending on this choice to change the “Select a room type:” options.

ex. Hotel 1 has Single Rooms and Double Rooms Hotel 2 has Single Rooms and Suits Hotel 3 has Apartments with 2 and 3 rooms etc


you will be able to add resource dropdown on which user will be able to select particular hotel apartment (room). Reservation feature is added by plugin, you can install it on your WordPress and check it’s capabilities.

Best regards, Cohhe

Hello, Do we have to buy the plugin WPML? Thanks


if you want to translate it in different languages then you will have to buy WPML plugin.

Best regards, Cohhe

Hi! I’m considering only this theme and another for a tourism site that I am building, and while I think this theme could possibly work, I was wondering what your thoughts were regarding how the theme and reservation system would translate over when used for a tour site?

I will also need to be able to change button texts like “book room” to “tour deposit”, among other things to make everything makes sense. Thanks!

Oooh. Did not know that the plugin you were referencing was to edit code. Thanks!

Does this theme include the basic or premium version of ?

If you want to use premium version then you will have to buy it separately.

Best, Cohhe