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Presale question: Client wants to be able to stack images on the home page like this site: – can we utilize images as the background of sections on the Flawless theme?

Thanks…but before I walk away from the theme – let me go a step further…would it be possible to make more than one slider and stack them to provide the effect?

It’s possible, but in order to add the stack effect you would still need to use a plugin.


rtd2 Purchased

Hi Dan,

Assuming you will, when do you plan to update Vivacity for BuddyPress 2.2 and WooCommerce 2.3? On my site, the cart shows an error with WooCommerce 2.3.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks, rt.

Hi there,

If you haven’t done so already please submit a support ticket at with the error you receive.

There will be a new Vivacity update next week. :)


rtd2 Purchased

Thanks for the update. It didn’t solve my issue, so I have submitted a ticket.


This is a presale question. I have had a nice experience with the Buddy theme from Ghostpool, and I’m considering buying this next. Just wanted to confirm: do I need to buy the Visual Composer plugin before really taking advantage of the features of this theme? Also, are there any other purchases I might have to make, and what are they?


Hi there,

The theme comes with the Visual Composer plugin for free.

Everything you see in the demo is part of the theme or uses a plugin that is free i.e. BuddyPress, Contact Form 7.

Pre-Sales question, do you also have social front end login option like in Gauge for this theme? Thank you

Hi there,

Vivacity doesn’t offer front-end login features unfortunately.

Pre-sale question: This looks great. But, I must have front-end login, registration, and posting options. Wanting simple posting of content from mobile sources and sign-in with Facebook and Twitter. If this theme does not include this, what plugin(s) would you recommend? or does Ghostpool have another theme that does offer this?


Hi there,

I have two themes called Gauge and The Review that come with front-end login and registration and supports signing in via Facebook. Vivacity doesn’t have these features, I’m not sure what plugins you could use. I suggest looking through the plugin directory and trying some out:

After seeing your newest Gauge and Review themes, It would be nice if Vivacity also have another navigation menu option on top of page. it would be handy for Contact, Registration, notification and Sitemap pages etc….and social icons.

Hi there,

It already has this options. :) Take a look at the different headers here:

Oh great… thank you for your quick answer ! I should have checked the demo more carefully.

I have bought the theme and want to do customization.

I want to know how to remove at the bottom “Copyright © 2015 All rights reserved.” and replace with own text.

Hi there,

If you haven’t done so already please submit your support questions at where I will answer them shortly. :)

Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

Thanks, I found it.

Further I would like to add that Vivacity is a really wonderful theme. The way the authors have designed and written the documentation to make it easy is commendable. Not to forget the demo content and the images which are really good. Also the support from the Authors/Support team is excellent.

Thanks colyog1, appreciate the comments. :)

Please review ticket number: f0a8e4a0-8c08-4578-af54-718f5674d6bd this is urgent. Help!

Hi there,

I have now answered your ticket. Please allow up to 24 hours for a reply Monday to Friday. :)


love the theme, i need to setup font family Open Sans but with subset=latin-ext so that chars ??š?ž would be properly displayed, there is no option for adding it in theme options… is there a way that i could do it?


Hi there,

If you haven’t done so already please submit your support questions at where I will answer them shortly. :)

Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.


eedabba Purchased

Hi where is the link to the changelog / what is the most recent version number #.##?

Hi there,

The changelog is included in the full theme download inside the Help/ folder. You can also view it online at

does this theme support php7?

Hi there,

As far as I know the theme should work with PHP 7, but you also have to take into account plugins you are using.


JenM120 Purchased

I have a customer that is wanting to have the area above the header have scrolling pictures across the top…like several pictures showing up at the same time and scrolling across the screen. Is this possible with this theme..or is there a plugin or something that would make this possible?

Hi there, it sounds like you need theme support. Just so you know the ThemeForest comments area is a dedicated place for people who have not yet purchased the theme and want to ask pre-purchase questions.

If you are looking for theme support, please sign up to our support site at or browse our articles at which contain many detailed answers to frequently asked questions. Once logged in, you can create a new support ticket at



Mario48 Purchased

Hi, presales question: can I do horisontal scrolling Woocommerce products slider in Vivacity? If yes, can it be self-scrolling? I mean like NEW ARRIVALS section here: or FEATURED PRODUCTS here:

Hi there,

You the theme provides sliders that can display WooCommerce products that can automatically scroll.

Does your theme support parallax? I couldnt see it on the demo url. even though its mentioned as parallax section.

Hi there,

Yes the theme supports parallax background, you can see it here: or for example.

i really would appreciate a reply to this without having to pay more money than i already have for support as i have not ever asked a question and have purchased multiple themes from you (which are awesome by the way i’m a huge fan) .... i’m getting tons of these errors …. how do i fix this ? aq_resize keeps thinking images are in the wrong directory its years off date wise and of course can’t find these new images the error UTC] Aq_Resize.process() error: Image file does not exist (or is not an image): wp-content/uploads/2012/07/20120712-174929.jpg ….how to fix?

Hi there,

What money have you already paid for support? When you initially bought the theme the price did not include the support fee.

Without looking into it sounds to me that you have references to these image URLs on your site and Aqua Resizer is try to resize. Use a search and replace plugin to find these images URLs and remove them.

If this isn’t the issue I will need to spend some time looking into it for you which will require you pay for support. I know you don’t want to, but that’s not fair on me, who lives off this money, and all the other customers who have paid for support.

Hi, does vivacity use the latest visual composer? Because I just downloaded this theme and the composer version is 4.9. It notified me through the Wordpress plugin list, but when I tried to update it, it directed me to code canyon and apparrently I have to purchase the latest version again. Please clarify thanks!

Hi there,

Vivacity does not currently include the latest version of Visual Composer, but when the theme is updated it will also included the updated version of the plugin.

If you want automatic plugin updates you need to purchase the plugin.

I hope to have an update shortly. :)

Hi, I have purchased this teme few days ago. Now i have updated WP and i get a critical js error eon Visual Composer. I cant update visual composer, not activation license. What can i do?

Hi there,

I will be releasing an update later today with the new version of Visual Composer.

I see from the last comment above that GhostPool will update Visual Composer so there is no conflict with the latest WP update. I just updated my WP tonight and suddenly Visual Composer doesn’t work. I opened Firefox browser console (Ctrl Shift J) on my dashboard page and 8 ghostery issues appeared. This is my first website and since I bought this theme back in 2014, support has expired. I’d like to know if I’m expected to purchase more support in order to resolve this issue or if the theme should be updated automatically (to resolve the issue). I assume that once a theme is purchased, future updates are included. My theme version is 1.8.1 and Visual Composer version is WordPress version is now 4.5.1.

Vivacity comes with the latest version of the Visual Composer plugin. You can download it for free without renewing your support. To update theme please see:

Thanks. Looks like it resolved my Visual Composer issue. You might want to add a line to update…. The advice says to unzip the downloaded theme ot see a folder called vivacity-theme (which isn’t true, it’s just called vivacity). The advice then says to upload, not The advice lacks a step to tell punters like me to actually zip the vivacity folder first (which is inside the vivacity-multipurpose-responsive-theme-wordpress-theme folder). The manual step to zip the file before we can upload it is an important step, albeit obvious to some (but they probably don’t need the Help page.) I like the theme, by the way, thanks. Pity we can’t change the background colour of the sidebar (and its contents) easily. Might be an idea for future updates….

Thanks for the info.

It looks like ThemeForest has changed this without letting authors no. I’ll update the help file info.


deplume Purchased

Hello, your latest theme update doesn’t include the newest version of Visual Composer. The latest wordpress update breaks visual composer so everyone operating with the new wordpress needs a visual composer update. Can you put up a new version containing the latest visual composer update? Just wondering :). Thanks.

Hi there,

Vivacity does come with the latest version of Visual Composer. I’ve had many users download the theme to get this update and this has resolved the issue. If you’re having issues installing the plugin update please see: