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Hmm nice! + Vivee Dark Portfolio Wp Theme Nice Work Guy.. Thanks…


Ivor Envato Team

Very nice theme man good luck with the sales :) I love the black skin btw ;)

Hi, I am very interested.

Is possible popup menu ?

thanks you.


Do you mean drop down menu?

We don’t make a dropdown menu for this theme since it already use css liquid menu.


yes, drop down menu.

Yes, we don’t make dropdown menu for this theme.

Thats a shame! I would have bought this if it had a drop down menu. It is exactly what I need other than that.

since serveral people ask for dropdown menu, I will check if we can make it… I will let you know :)

No worries, The template worked out for me as is. I would love to see it with the drop down though. Very clean code by the way and extremely easy to modify! Good job!

Great! I will let you know if we can make the drop down menu…. thanks

Man, I thought this was a WordPress theme?

this is a html theme… but we will consider to make this theme a wordpress theme… maybe in Jan 2010… thanks

Yes, I too would be interested if a drop down (suckerfish) menu can be incorporated into the theme. Nice work :)

Will be buying this theme…I will be interested in the WP theme as well. Any progress on that? Have you decided if you will be offering a WP theme as well?

Not yet, but we will consider to build wp version of this theme… thanks


this is awesome!.. is this a full html website?. Also when you see where a blog sections has been added etc, what software would you use to add the actual blog functionality?



Yes, this template is only html template. If you need the wordpress version, you can purchase at http://themeforest.net/item/vivee-clean-business-wordpress-theme-7-color/93297

Hi Swalian.

I purchased the HTML version of this, Been a totaly joy to work with, and tweak but I was wondering, I could do with a custom form, is it easy to add extra custom fields to the contact.php..?

or would it be easier to create a different/new form.

I want to be able to accept customer submissions via a form, and then have it email me the information but not sure how the contact form is setup on this site.



Hi, it is easy to add extra fields in the contact.php , but you should have html/php knowledge… thanks

Is is possible to change the slide transition speed?


open index.html file then change code line 32 – 38

<script type="text/javascript">
$(function() {
    $('#slideshow img:first').fadeIn(700, function() {


<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {
        fx: 'fade', // choose your transition type, ex: fade, scrollUp, shuffle, etc...
        speed:1000, // speed of the transition
        timeout:6000 //milliseconds between slide transitions

then you can edit speed property…


Fantastic! :D

Have you added a dropdown menu?

Yes, you can choose to use dropdown menu or liquid menu…

i like the really nice contrast between the whole site and the photos :)

Hello templatesqare, I purchased Vivee web template, and I have a problem configurating .php contact file. With nothing changed in it, it does not work, chrome presents me the PHP code. I tried to change the email at that line :

//If there is no error, send the email if(!isset($hasError)) { /* $sendCopy = trim($_POST[‘sendCopy’]); */ $body = “Name: $name \n\nEmail: $email \n\nMessage: $comments”; $headers = ‘From: ’.$name.’ <’.$email.’>’ . ”\r\n” . ‘Reply-To: ’ . $email;

$emailTo = 'testmail@templatesquare.com';
$subject = 'Vivee Contact Form';

for my email, osata@osata.ca but it didn’t changed a thing.

Thanks for helping ! Its a good template !

Mathieu Gauthier

Please send a message to me via my profile page http://themeforest.net/user/templatesquare including this questions/problems, your site url and theme name.