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Excellent work my friend!!!! ;)

This looks awesome! Good work and good luck guys!

Thank you MDNW!

Really nice!GLWS :)

Thank you!


Great looking theme! I’m just wondering if you have an example of a post/page that has multiple images in it? I see that your single images are likely set up as featured images, but what about the rest of the images in your content? Are they full width of the column as well like the header image appears on the blog list page, or are they padded a little bit? I’d be curious to see how this layout looks, and look forward to you creating a sample page for us to look at.

Also, will thumbnail or even regular size images be clickable and pop up in a lightbox style like I currently have on my site at ?

If it looks good, I’ll be purchasing and will have this live today for my photography site :)


Great! Welcome to “the team” ;)

Do let us know if there’s anything you find you want added or if you find that something needs fixing, you can sign up on our support forums.

Also, we’d love a good rating! :D

Yep will do once I get it all primed up! :)

Great, look forward to it! :)


Your theme is really great, so I decided to give it a try and bought it :) Is there any way to include a Vimeo video on post like a Youtube one?

Thank you!

Great! Thank you :)

I just changed your custom-functions.php with and everything’s working well now (even with the thumbnail feature turned on). Once again, thank you!

You’re a freaking genius, well done! :D

Clean and very nice theme. Good luck with your sales :)

Thanks a lot Vicky!

Great looking theme! Nice job!

Thank you so much! :)

I didn’t see this in the comments or on the theme page, so forgive me if this was mention:

Does this support multiple authors?

Yes, of course it does ;)

You can even set different background cover images for each author on their profile.

Hi! Does the font support cyrillic characters?

There are over 500+ fonts available from the google fonts repository. There are fonts there that support cyrillic characters, you can find them here and then use them in the theme :)

Hi, love this theme! Interested in buying but had a question before purchasing – when scaled down to mobile view – all side bar content is overlapping main content when you scroll down to view page, can this be fixed? Thanks!

This only happens when you scale it down like that, we decided not to waste javascript code on listeners because nobody is going to scale the window down to a phone size and read it like that. If you reload the page however then it loads the correct format, just like it would in that size to begin with.

You can see this happen in our theme preview if you press the mobile buttons at the top :)

Hi, is it possible to add the Facebook social plugin and Twitter plugin on the sidebar, the same as your other theme Keilir.

You are looking for the Bluth Likebox I assume :)


No problem! :)

For the navigation, is it possible to have it in categories, like the things i want to talk about? For example, one is about arts and crafts and the other is about photography?

You should just need to get the API key from mailchimp, put it in the widget, save the widget and you should see the mailing lists, choose a mailing list and save it again.

Does that not work?

Unfortunately I don’t see it, it appears but it won’t let me use the newsletter. :S

So you can’t select the list from the dropdown?


I added the newsletter-widget on my page, but unfortunately, it does not work.

Nothing happens when I click the “Subcribe-button”.

The widget has been added, API has been entered and list has been chosen.

What am I doing wrong?

Hmm.. it should notify you that it has been saved. Does it appear in your mailchimp lists?

Hi, Great theme. I have purchased the theme and am customizing it, but had a question. For one of my pages it is a “About” page. I have the post for the info and everything. I am wondering if there is a way to take away the post info underneath. Like the “date, comments, and share on social media buttons”. Just to make it appear less like a blog post for the About me section.


Great, no problem! :)

Hi, Another question: Is there a way to make the Site Tag Line appear underneath the Site Title? Trying to make it more of a subhead of the main title for the blog. Thanks

I can’t make it so it fits perfectly with your design, but this will make it float left, although it didn’t look very good on our demo page, it’s not designed for this particular layout.

.brand small {
    left: 90px;
    position: absolute;
    top: 20px;


I would like to add a header image when viewing the category pags, for example /category/blog/

Could you please tell me which PHP file control the category page.


So when I click on Appearance => Customize =>Static Front Page then Your Latest posts. How is this front page generated? Is it using the index.php file?

Yeah exactly, it also uses it for categories and the other pages (wordpress automatically alters the query)

Great I’m working on this now. Can the theme be made centralised so the sidebar is under the header like this website

Hello, is there a way to have an article (post) always at the beginning of the others in the front page? like a featured or sticky post?

If not, is there possible to do this with a page?

Thank you!

Yeah, go to the post editor in the wordpress admin and select the “Visibility” option to the right, you’ll see everything drop down, just select the “Stick this post to the front page” option and it’ll be a sticky :)

Thank you very much! awesome theme btw!

No problem, and thank you! :)

I’m a very close to buying this template. However, I have a question. I have a current WordPress blog (somewhat similar). Template is about 3 years old. I want to buy a this template and install. If I do so, will I lose my old blog posts? I dont want to have to go back and re-post. I understand there is going to be some maintenance with the change over.



No you will not loose your posts.

If you are using a theme that uses some custom fields to hold data, special shortcodes and stuff like that, it will not make it into the new theme.

Is your theme a simple blog theme or does it have extensive custom functionality like it’s own review features or something like that?

love the theme! one problem I did have, was when I add vimeo clips, and even post a featured image.. I get this as the featured image on the homepage.. do you know any solutions? Otherwise.. love it. well done.

You can disable the thumbnail functionality in Appearance->Customize->Posts & Pages->Display video thumbnail set that to false and it should display the video instead :)

Also thank you for the kind words!

great job

Thank you so much! :)

How did you add the “Continue Reading” Button on the post?

You mean the excerpt? In the post editor press the “text” button to the top right, and then click the “more” button, the post will cut off where you put the tag.