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nice work!

Glad you like :)

Hey thanks

Hi Charlie, great work, bought your template and love it, but it seems to not work with MailChimp. When I upload the HTML it does not show the clouds and all other nice addons. Can you help?



Could you email me your email address so we can discuss further. I think I know what the issue is.


My email is: gjimeno@gmail.com, thanks Charlie.

I have no idea how to mess with HTML so I changed just the PSD . If you can help let me know by email that i’ve sent to you.

Thanks for the support! Really nice guy and fast response in the email :)


just bought it.

could you tell me which lines to copy and paste if i want a 3rd case study?


I must be dense. I thought I could just open the file, pick the template I wanted and copy and paste it into my email marketing software. I finally unzipped the folder but can’t access/open the file. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Hey ajreiter,

If only life was that simple :) lol

It depends which software you are trying to use. The vivid template is essentially just an html file – and each email marketing package has different requirements in terms of the extra tags it needs so that you can edit content or import into that system.

What software are you trying to use?


thanks! First off, I can’t open any of the files. So, that seems to be an issue. Miind you, I am a barely functional moron. I actually use an ESP , Active Campaign. So, I see the files just can’t open them.

Hey, what’s your email address?

Love it, using this for a weekly newsletter, incredibly easy to edit and looks great too! – http://tpet.co.uk/newsletters/issue7.html


Hey flashjunkie, Thanks for the feedback, excellent stuff! Glad you like it :)

Looks great as an html, but doesn’t display correctly in gmail hotmail or yahoo email.

there are tables inside tables than inside another tables. Email programs are very strict with css tags margin and padding, and only clean code works, unfortunately this is just a waste of money.

Hi Jarekm,

Sorry to hear that you are having problems with the template.

With regards to your comments, nesting tables is by far the best way to get consistent results across different mail apps. The Vivid template definitely works in the email apps you listed, I’ve tested them myself.

If you are experiencing problems, why not email me the template you are working on so that I can take a look.

Hello Bought template and trying to use campaign monitor. Do you have instructions on uploading files. Please advise

Hey, I just saw your message – could you email the support address in the documentation and I’ll help you out.


I would, but when clicking on documentation link it redirects to more themes to buy… Please Help!

Just send you a DM on twitter

Thanks for the instructions. Looks Amazing and works great with campaign monitor. Nice Work!!

Hi, Can you tell me please how to utilse ‘Add to my calendar’ please? ie what do I need to add to the code, so my clients can click it and it will add the data to their calendar as required. Thanks! Mac

Hi McM00d,

This is pretty straight forward. The first thing to do is create and save a meeting attachment (for example, an iCalendar .ics ) somewhere on your website. It needs to be on the website so that it’s available from anywhere.

Then simply link to that attachment from the calendar image.

When your recipients click on the link it will open the attachment and their mail client should do the rest.

There is more detailed info here: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook-help/create-an-add-to-calendar-link-in-an-email-message-HA102114161.aspx



Just one thing, can you check the link: http://www.abasa.com/~abumariyum/FamilyBreak/FB_announcement.html

It comes out fine on my Apple Mail, but in Yahoo, Gmail & Hotmail – the grey background does not fill the screen.

Apple (works) http://www.abasa.com/~abumariyum/FamilyBreak/apple.png Yahoo (doesnt work) http://www.abasa.com/~abumariyum/FamilyBreak/yahoo.png Gmail (doesnt work) http://www.abasa.com/~abumariyum/FamilyBreak/gmail.png Hotmail (doesnt work) http://www.abasa.com/~abumariyum/FamilyBreak/hotmail.png

Hi, I’ve come across this before and I think it’s to do with the background image support for different mail clients. Not much can be done about it unfortunately.

There is a good resource here that you can use to see if the issue is known: http://www.campaignmonitor.com/css/