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Hello Mushin Design I ve a little problem on my website : www.wowmarket.fr “tous nos createurs” use your portofolio with filters all the pictures from the portofolio doesn’t appaer when i click “tous nos createurs”. Last time when i uploaded the website, on beginning of last december, that worked but since this January this page doesnt work maybe you have the solution Many Thanks Matt

Hi there,

It sounds as though you need to update to the latest version of the theme which addressed a jQuery bug.

If you’d prefer, feel free to send me some login details from the form on my profile page and I can complete the fix for you myself.

Kind regards, Martin

Hi, The content on my site is suddenly not rendering. It is technically there but not visible on the home page. My portfolio is no longer visible either. I haven’t touched it or even logged in for a couple months. So I logged in to try and fix the problem. I installed the latest version of WP, which did not help. I then contacted my hosting company who said it was a problem with the theme.

I am viewing it from FF and Safari on iOS.

Everything was working smoothing and looked great. I don’t know what went wrong. Is there an updated release of VIVO?

Here is my url for reference. http://collettemarie.me/

Thank you for you help.

Hi there,

There is an update to the theme which addressed a jQuery bug which is causing this.

You can either download the new theme from your downloads area and install it yourself or if you would prefer, I can do the update for you manually.

If you would like me to do this, just send me an email from the form on my profile page with some login details and I’ll sort that for you.

Kind regards, Martin

Preview down. :-(

Hmm very strange – would you mind letting me know which browser you’re using and what the error is that’s coming up please?

(Chrome) Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to mushindesign.co.uk

(Opera) Could not connect to remote server

(FireFox) The server at mushindesign.co.uk is taking too long to respond.

Hmm very strange, all is working on my end I can’t recreate the error :/ thanks anyway

Hi Mushin Design, I get TypeError and all slides don’t work.
Problem at:
Isotope: Portfolio
-> $(window).load(function() { //Adding window load fixes filter/masonry bug

I have installed your latest version.

Hi there, that’s a strange one let’s see if we can get to the bottom of it!

Have you modified any of the JavaScript at all or are there any plugins running which may be conflicting?


We do not modified JS. I ‘ve installed your latest theme version. Followed plugins are active: - AVH First Defense Against Spam - Meteor Slides - WordPress Database Backup - WPML

Would you mind emailing me from the form on my profile page with some login details so I can take a closer look please.

Kind regards, Martin

hello I would like all the images on the portfolio to be the same width and height. also would like to remove the sliding links and just make the whole image link to the post. is this a quick fix? appreciate any help. thanks.. great theme.

Hi there,

Is it the images on the portfolio page which show all of your portfolio items or the page which shows an individual project? Also which part do you mean by the sliding links?

If you reply to me via the form on my profile page I’ll be able to get back to you a little quicker :)

Kind regards, Martin

Yes I am referring to the images on the portfolio page that show all items. I’m also referring to the icons for previewing and reading the post. I would like the whole thumbnail to be a link to the post and removing the sliding icons. I already figured out how to move the sliding buttons but I can’t make the thumbnails clickable for some reason.. I’ve tried making an A href link around the div but that doesn’t seem to work. I’m thinking it’s because of the javascript. Thanks so much again! You can see my site at www.dawn-robertson.com… I also replied on the form.

Does this theme support anytype of galleries inside the portfolio?, I mean, can I show multiple images or slides in one portfolio item?


Hi there,

It does indeed, if you head into the demo and view a project page you will notice several images within a slider. Alternatively you can display one video in that slider location.

Kind regards, Martin

How easy is this to set up for a novice? I’m going to set it up, then let my mum do the rest but she’s very new to wordpress? Brand new site, like 2 posts only.

EDIT: I bought it but HOW do I get it to look exactly like the demo? Is there a file I can download?

Dude I think your theme is messed up.

Keep getting these errors: Not Found

The requested URL /contact-form/ was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Apache/2.2.22 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.22 OpenSSL/1.0.0-fips DAV/2 mod_auth_passthrough/2.1 mod_bwlimited/1.4 FrontPage/ PHP/5.3.16 Server at minkub.com Port 80

Hi there,

I’m going to need a little more info about how these issues occurred.

The first one sounds like a permalink issue or maybe the page was changed. The last one however looks like a server side problem rather than theme.

If you supply me some info I can take a closer look, the URL and login details would be handy.

Kind regards, Martin

I noticed that PrettyPhoto is included in the theme files. Is there any way we can customise the look of the lightboxes from the Theme Options?

Hi there,

You can’t do it directly from the Theme Options however you could override the styles using CSS and changing the supplied PrettyPhoto images.

Kind regards, Martin

hi, beautiful theme! i’m thinking of buying this soon. is there any way to make posts clickable for both Portfolio Detailed & Portfolio Clean?

Hi there, do you mean make the image clickable instead of the buttons that fly in on hover?

Kind regards, Martin

Hi, i wonder if it is possible to show more portfolio project on the homepage and then to have a navigation link at the bottom of the page.

The website is: http://dev.vincent-boudgourd.com/

Thank you


Hi there,

You can select how many items to show from the portfolio by going to the Theme Options in the admin area and going to the Work tab, if you select -1 from the Amount to show option, all projects will be shown, alternatively you can select a fixed amount.

The menu on the left is the only one in this theme however if you wanted to add a link to the bottom (I’m assuming you mean below the main navigation where your Instagram link is?) you could hardcode this in or depending on your expertise add a WordPress menu yourself.

Kind regards, Martin

Hi ~ this templet is awesome !! I very like it ! And i want use the vivo to build a simple movie share site .and a little trouble confused me. how can i hide the sub-menu unless hover the sf-menu. And here is my demo link

Thank You~

p.s. I am a china student ,maybe something statement not very clearly


Could you contact me from the account you purchased the theme with please.

Kind regards, Martin

First?sorry .I know what you mean.But in china students?No fixed income? can’t get a credit card to International Settlement,so I can’t pay you at this site.But I have paid at this site http://slove.sinaapp.com/wordpress%E7%BB%84%E5%90%88%E4%B8%BB%E9%A2%98%EF%BC%9Avivo.html about 12 dollars If you think this is Improper?I just say sorry?and I am so happy that I I can receive your reply,thx!!

Hi – presales question, Is this compatible with WP 3.8 ? / And will you be continuing to update it with WP future updates?

Hi – sorry I’m reposting my presales question, so I can ensure to get a reply (forgot to tick “send me an email” in previous posting!!)...

Is this compatible with WP 3.8 ? / And will you be continuing to update it with WP future updates?

Hi there, thanks for your interest.

If you take a look at the demo site or my personal site (http://martinburdon.co.uk) which runs the theme, you can see it running WordPress 3.9.

At the moment I will only be updating the theme with any bug fixes rather than new feature updates.

Kind regards, Martin

Hello, On the live preview of your theme, the content of “my pics”, “twitter” and social icons don’t appear on Chrome Version 38.0.2125.111 for OSX. It works on safari and firefox and on my iphone (chrome and safari).

Will you update this bug ? I hesitate to buy this theme because the last update dates from more than one year ! Thanks

Hmm that’s very odd, do you have any Chrome plugins active that might be interfering? Just trying to think what would cause it for you but not me.

That’s it ! The adblock plugin stopped social icons…

What about the update of this theme ? The last one dates from more than one year ! Which are the functionalities of the next one (slider on background, more header icons , bootstrap, etc.) ?

Thanks !

At the moment there are no planned feature updates however I do respond to requests for new features if enough people are requesting them. As you can see from the updates I do fix any reported bugs for the theme promptly.

Hope this helps, Martin

Hi, I would like it so one of my portfolio pieces plays its embedded video with the video poster image but the poster image doesn’t show even though it’s exactly 670×377. What am I doing wrong?

In addition, how come the description of my post shows when my masonry page is set to having no descriptions?

Reference: petrakosmedia.com

Hi there,

Could you get in touch via the contact form on my profile page for support requests please.

In addition could you send me some login info so I can investigate further.

Kind regards, Martin

Hi, an update of this theme was recently made. What changes?

Hi, I see an hidden .git folder in this theme. Do I need this ?

Good spot – that’s not needed I shall get it removed ASAP! Thanks