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Awesome work! Good luck with sales mate!

Peter Zickler..

csspress!, Thank you very much.

Very Nice Theme.

Unique sidebars?


Yes, Thanks :)

Great job, partner! :-)

Thanks Beka :)

If you show me how to create the logo that says: “VivoCreativo” you did in photoshop – I will buy it :) What do you think? Thanks!


I did attach psd in download package. So you will have full Psd to modify if you want

Then you can upload your custom logo via theme options Thanks

Nice work, good luck with sales!

Thank you!

Great theme but I’m lost as to how to setup the small portfolio image slider under the main slider. How do I get this on the home page?? Thanks Vicki

Hi vic98

Thanks for purchasing the theme

After you add portfolio contents

Then you add new page and select template is homepage

And post this short code to body

<h2>Latest Projects</h2> [portfolio number="4" col="4" format="fullwidth"] [button link="/portfolio" color="pink"]Our Portfolio[/button]

Best regards

SWEET – you rock :) Thanks for the quick response.

Thank you again, if you have any question , contact me by email( my email address in the documentation) and do I can reply you faster

Can you post the shortcodes used in the example homepage? They are not in the documentation.

Hi phasepilot

Thanks for purchasing the theme After you add portfolio contents Then you add new page and select template is homepage And post this short code to body

<h2>Latest Projects</h2> [portfolio number="4" col="4" format="fullwidth"] [button link="/portfolio" color="pink"]Our Portfolio[/button]

Best regards

Hi again, Just need a bit of help to setup the google map location. Is there a tool I should use to find the correct shortcode? Also I’d love to know how you styled the address in the footer of the home page, did you use shortcode?

Thanks again :)

Hi Vic98

For map on contact page it is coded copied from google map , But on post page you can use shortcode see in the documentation , now I’m on mobile so I can not give you the code,

For footer text it is copyright text you can change it via theme options

I hope this helps ,

Thank you for purchasing the theme ,

Best regards

Hey TabVN,

Great work on the theme. So stoked!

I recently setup the theme and am trying to make a portfolio page that only has one category on it (, but by default the theme has the portfolio open as “all” and compresses the images in a weird way. I was hoping to remove the “All” option and have the page load automatically in the single category. Any thoughts?

Thanks man!


:) you website look great. congrats.

you can link from menu to this url it is list all content from repairs category

if you want to remove “ALl”

look at template-portfolio.php

then find and remove this code

<a class="white <?php echo (!isset($_GET['view'])) ? 'current' : ''; ?>" data-filter="*" href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>" title="View all items"><?php _e('All', 'vivo'); ?></a>

PS – Like i said, so stoked on the theme!

Thank you for purchasing the theme. :)

One more question – I’ve tried to change the portfolio page so that when I click on a portfolio image I don’t have the lightbox window pop-up, instead I just want the permalink page to appear. This should be an easy fix, but there appears to be something strange happening. I start with what already exists: and I change to , now the permalink page shows up in a lightbox window, when I take out class=”fancy” and re-load the page I can’t actually click on the image and make it do anything… Which is strange since the ‘a’ reference appears to rely on the ‘fancy’ class to make this image a link. Do you have any advice on how to get around this? I just want to be able to do but at this point it appears to not be a possibility.

Plus – I noticed in your header.php file that the line that allows a user to add a custom logo is actually commented out, so no matter what your logo will remain at the top of the page. If you uncomment this it works great!

Thanks man!


Hi b_wright12

by default when click to image on portfolio page it open in fancybox

if you dont want look at template-porfolio.php

<a class="fancy" href="<?php echo $thumb; ?>"> <img src="<?php bloginfo('template_directory'); ?>/timthumb.php?src=<?php echo $thumb; ?>&h=<?php echo $img_h[$portfolio_cols]; ?>&w=<?php echo $img_w[$portfolio_cols]; ?>&zc=1&q=100" alt="" /> </a> you can remove this class="fancy" href="<?php echo $thumb; ?>"

by default user can custom logo by uploading via theme options, i made it flexiblity for users. so easy to change logo without coding.

thank you.

any question you can send me by email (email addresss in the documentation )


Enjoy .

Ah it looks like when I posted a code snippet before it got ingested by the comment box, haha!

I’m going to fire ya off an e-mail now. Thanks for your help!


Hi, im having some trouble installing this theme… here is what it says: Unpacking the package… Installing the theme… The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.

Any suggestion?

Hi OscarRamirez,

If upload theme is problem , I think you can unzip packe on your computer and Copy manually via ftp,

If you can not , drop me an email via themeforest contact form with your site information , I can look into problem ,

Thanks for purchasing the theme.

I’ve used the Theme Options to change the logo in the header, but it won’t replace out. I’ve tried a dozen times, and it never seems to work. Also, it doesn’t look like any of the settings I change in the Theme Options makes any difference on the actual site.

I love the theme. Quick question. On the iPhone, the slider/feature section does not function properly. The arrows appear but don’t slide to the next feature when pressed.

Is this an error in the demo that’s been updated, or is it a current issue? Also, are you able to place videos from youtube/vimeo in the feature section on the home page?

Great theme, but the home page slider is very slow to load. Can you advise how to increase the speed of loading time. You can view site at I have change my web host thinking this was the problem but no change. Also because the images a transparent pngs they are quiet large. Any chance you could put a slide in this theme that is not using transparent pngs but jpegs I’m happy to loose the effect of the image appearing to stand outside of the background for a faster load time. I am happy to pay for this feature. Look forward to your feedback. Cheers

Dear Customer,

that is flexslider,

see in /sites/all/themes/vivo/js/vivo.js

$(window).load(function() {

You can see more documentation and paramaters here

Best regards,


Please help me, will it be a good for a wordpress blog like this to use theme like yours