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Discussion on Voisen - WooCommerce Responsive Fashion Theme

Discussion on Voisen - WooCommerce Responsive Fashion Theme

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Hi. How can I remove the comment section from blog posts? I’ve done settings—> discussion but nothing changed.

Hi, That setting for new posts not for current posts (old posts). In each individual post edit page if you open feature ‘discussion’ you can see it allow for comment: http://prntscr.com/kvtu87 , I think you can use a other plugin to hide comment in wordpress, it is popular.

Last thing I look for is the basics… One another thing (making a press release site in the webshop): The title on blog posts is a bit small (h4 I think it is?). Any quick fix to make it to h3 or h2? And maybe bold? Also: On the blog posts next to the date it’s showing comment counts?

Hi, It is correct h3 tag. if you want to change the size of it you can use this custom css:

.post .post-wrapper .post-info .entry-header .entry-title{ font-size: 2rem; }

change 2rem to your size you wish

Just as my license expired, the client logos dissapeared from the site any idea on how this is possible?

Please create a support ticket and attached your site info we can see why the logo disappeared. It only in Theme options -> General -> Logo setting

Havent been updated since may, home page demo 4 still “comming soon”. Also theme could use more tempaltes, since wpbakery templates need wpbakery license :/

Overall it is fine theme, but continuity has been lacking.

Sorry new home is easy idea with wp bakery, we push more update in functional and fix bugs or compatible with woo and other plugins, that is better for customers than new home. We did not update in preview page. Wp bakery is regular license we can not buy it for individual client website license

So … in reality i am not saving money from wpbakery, i still need to buy license if i want to acess template library. Question: would this theme work with beaver builder or “make” if i would opt for it? Since wpbakery code is mess.


Since the last update, when a pages loads, it turns into white for a seconds and then the page loads correctly. It seems to come from the WebFontConfig in the head section. Is there a way to make a fix ? I saw a few other comments about it. Thanks for your prompt reply.

Hi, That is effect of redux framework plugin when loading google font. You can use this css to fix it:

html.wf-loading{ display: block !important; }

html.wf-loading body{opacity: 1 !important; visibility: visible !important;}

Thank you, works like a charm !

can you pls. inform about support specialists with german speech, here in germany or austria? how to find them?

Please follow this document to see how to translate theme, woocommerce store to your language: https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/woocommerce-localization/

Hi there, how come the theme not able to equal height & middle align?

thanks, it works now. One more thing, i realized the magnifying zoom function is very big. I was disable the yth zoom manifying plugin already, but it still appear. Is it the default theme already come with the manifying zoom function? If yes, where to edit the setting for the zoom (link to view: https://prnt.sc/me1bfq )? thx

Yes, that is default zoom function of woocommerce plugin. Seem it not have zoom level setting. If you want to remove zoom function you can add a custom code in child-theme/functions.php :

remove_theme_support( ‘wc-product-gallery-zoom’ );

THank you. I have one more question. The review under product there’s no any share function and also the the customer name. Can you advice for this?

Hello. Do you have instructions on updating the theme? I think I have Version 1.5.1. Thank you!

Thank you :)

Just to confirm, the latest version is 1.7.0, correct?

Yes, you can download one from your download list items chanel.

Hi there,

Please check to the screenshot, https://prnt.sc/ni721j. i would like the product item to be carousel scroll instead of show all in the single product. Kindly to advice. Thanks


Sorry current version we still make it display as default of woocommerce plugin. If you active and use YITH magnifier zoom plugin, it will active carousel slider for you.

Hi. I don’t like the scroll up animation (on mobile version) when I add a product to cart. Is there a theme option to disable it and show only a simple “add to cart” confirm pop-up or similar…? Thanks

Sorry, It is hard code js and no option for it. We will thinking about your idea and update option to turn of it. Thanks!

Hi just last question .is it possible to Set a theme option to have two columns layout on mobile Shop page

On home page VC Element we can but for shop page it is not in setting, you can use custom css to fix it for mobile version:

@media screen and (max-width: 767px) { .shop-products.products .product{ width: 50%; } .shop-products.products .product:nth-child(2n + 1){ clear: left; } }

Just last question.. But is there a option to disable scroll up animation (I don’t like it..) when in mobile page I add to cart a product. Thanks

Sorry, currently no option for it. We will add that option in new version.

HI There, Can the review user with a photo > http://prnt.sc/no7fsz ? Currently it dont have any image for the user. thanks


That is base of wordpress, it have no more feature to change user avatar. But you can try to install and use this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-user-avatar/

is that possible has an option or a way to set the layout and the info like this > https://prnt.sc/noai8s ?

Well, Look it has more functionality. From woocommerce default it is very simple like current version.

Not hard to have that layout but. Not easy to get and extend share, like, dislike, buyer verified functions.

Of course, nothing impossible :) . But to have that design we must spend time to customize it. Also you must pay a fee to have it.

I think the review in woocommerce not important as that plugin supported, someone wants to disable it. But You want to extend it.

You can send a support ticket, we will discuss for this extension and the cost of it.

Hi, can i check with you for the product review tab, is that possible to set after 5 reviews in total then it will go to next pagination instead of infinite scrolling?

Can the review message with indication of country and a tick icon? pls refer to attached. http://prnt.sc/ns7q2y Thanks

Hi there, i mean if using default review function, can it be have a similar things like verified icon and review country ?

Not fully function as that screenshot, Some data must customize in code to have it ex: Buyer verify, User country, like/dislike review, share, avatar

alright, understand thank you

I have a licensed version of this theme but the WPBakery Page Builder is still very out of date. The one included with your theme is version 5.7. This plugin is available in version 6.0.2. When will it be available in your theme updates?


You can try to use it if it not display our Element on home page as last time we have you need come back old version, we will try too and update for next theme version. It not effect to your page content.

Hello, does the theme support RTL language layout ?

Sorry, our theme does not support RTL. But you can customize it with a RTL plugin.

Hi, i realized my small cart at header got issue, when i click add to cart in the first time, it wont have any update to the total counter number. I need to click for a new tab then it will only show the correct total item in the cart. Can you advice and check? http://breworksstaging.com/myen

Hi, May be one of your extension plugin stopped refresh cart hook, please create a support ticket with your site access password. We will review & fix it for you.

alright, i settled already thanks

Hi, Can i check with you how come under product individual page, the carousel slider thumbnail under the featured image were cropped and become big size? Pls refer to the attached and i would like it to be uncropped and in a proper sizing. https://prnt.sc/o45r11 Thanks

hi, how about the slider arrow? can hide it while it only has 2 thumbnail at the bottom? thanks


That is pure plugin, no dynamic option for that case. I think we will report to support on this supplier:


hi, alright noted with thanks.

Hello, I have applied https:// certificate, but it seems that we still have unsecured website. Would you please assist us how to follow? https://mentorovanie.sk Thanks


Please install Really Simple SSL plugin here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/really-simple-ssl/

After active it and process setup ssl for your site, it will update htaccess file and make it work full https.

Hello,    have you received the access to our website – www.mentorovanie.sk

Hi, Yes we can access your site. Sorry for reply late, we offline at weekend. Please provide your FTP account on our email.

Hello. I have a problem with slider revolution. Is impossible activate. Im updating with the new version of this theme. what happen? thanks.

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: [] operator not supported for strings in /home/stardeportes/public_html/wp-content/plugins/revslider/includes/framework/base-admin.class.php:71 Stack trace: #0 /home/stardeportes/public_html/wp-content/plugins/revslider/admin/revslider-admin.class.php(572): RevSliderBaseAdmin::addMetaBox(‘Revolution Slid…’, ’’, Array, NULL) #1 /home/stardeportes/public_html/wp-content/plugins/revslider/admin/revslider-admin.class.php(73): RevSliderAdmin->addSliderMetaBox() #2 /home/stardeportes/public_html/wp-content/plugins/revslider/admin/revslider-admin.class.php(44): RevSliderAdmin->init() #3 /home/stardeportes/public_html/wp-content/plugins/revslider/revslider.php(164): RevSliderAdmin->__construct(’/home/stardepor…’) #4 /home/stardeportes/public_html/wp-admin/includes/plugin.php(2255): include(’/home/stardepor…’) #5 /home/stardeportes/public_html/wp-admin/plugins.php(177): plugin_sandbox_scrape(‘revslider/revsl…’) #6 {main} thrown in /home/stardeportes/public_html/wp-content/plugins/revslider/includes/framework/base-admin.class.php on line 71


Please do not active it manual if you not buy it. That is regular license not extended. So you if you update latest theme version, you can remove it and install again, that plugin will be updated with newest version. It is the same for WPBakery Page Builder and Lionthemes Helper plugin.

I noticing some bugs in woocommerce for the theme. The input boxes for Product Data section do not show up. Can you please advise how this may be fixed. Thanks

Get the following errors: [DOM] Found 2 elements with non-unique id #woocommerce_meta_nonce: (More info: https://goo.gl/9p2vKq) <input type=​”hidden” id=​”woocommerce_meta_nonce” name=​”woocommerce_meta_nonce” value=​”1b6a30110f”>​


Can you create a support ticket with your site url and admin info, also explain more about the error you reached in there.

We will check on you site to see the reason.


rhce143 Purchased

Please provide assistance on add compare and wishlist icons near to cart icon in the header.

Hi it is not easy and not it our free support scopes. We replied in your support ticket too for more info.