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whats the difference for buying the $17 and the $69 version and how do i change themes

the 17$ is an HTML template while the 69$ is a WordPress theme! they are like different platforms

Hola, como puedo modificar el Mapa por defecto, necesito agregarle el Street View, pero no los cambios que realizo no se visualizan en el Mapa. que archivo debe de modificar (Js – Css)


how do i ad the particle ground my email is

First you need to buy the template!

Hi guys,

I’ve noticed that my site is starting to have issues loading. I’m thinking that you need to do an update for the latest version of Wordpress.

Are you still supporting the Volar theme?

Hi, this is the HTML version, you should type this in the Wordpress version comments. Here is the link:

Beautiful!!! Really like the minimalist!))

Thanks, if you like it please rate it buddy :)

Hi there, love the theme! So modern and many options. I’m having trouble changing the data-filter and it’s not linking to the portfolio options. Can you assist me with this? Thank you!

Hi! thank you for buying this template! You need to specify a data-filter name with a dot at it beginning and assign them as classes to your desired item!

Hi, “SEE OUR WORKS button” at HOME in template index16.html(Youtube background) is little bit strange. Smooth scroll is no working and after I click that button, address become “index.html#about-section”. How can I solve it?

Hi, You should give the href attribute of the button which is a link actually the address (hashtag you may say) of the portfolio section.

Umm, this error is happening in your demo too. Please click “SEE OUR WORKS” and check it!

Hi, I purchgased your Volar Template but I can’t seem to make the slider carousel to autoplay. Is there a way for me to make it autoplay?

Hi! Thanks for the purchase and sorry for the late respond! Please tell me which slider are you using?

I cannot find any of the images in the package I downloaded. There only pics are placeholder pics that list the pixels. I would like to have access to the images used in the templates. Am I missing something, or is there a way I can access them? Thanks!

Hi, Thanks for the purchase and sorry for the late response! The images are not included in the template, you’re not missing anything. Use this website for high quality free images!

Hello i have trouble, when i change text in header like minimalist etc in index01 its not centering into middle and i have it on left side. Can you help me how i can center it? It looks like this

ux/ui designer minimalizmus spoľahlivosť flexibilita

UI/UX, Print, bannery, letáky, webstránky

Could you send me your website address: text-align: center; for inner parts should work though!

First off, we love the Volar Template!

Im trying to use the template for a site that needs a black background. I’ve managed to change everything except a 60px padded area at the top and bottom of the main page content, and a 30 px section beneath the copyright area.

I’ve checked with IE and chrome in dev mode, and these padded areas seem to be added with inline css. I ant figure out anyway to remove the padding, or change these sections to have a black background. Any tips on where to look?

Nevermind, I found the paddings I had put in the VolarSub template and removed them. Still it would be nice to know how to set the background for those to be black.

Hi, I tried to use “Bootstrap Original Tabs”, but

  • is no working. I think anything is interfering. How can I solve it?
  • Error in the browser(Safari Offline).Simply I tried to use “bootstrap original tabs” like below. And <li class=”active”> is no working. All of tabs are passive.

    <ul class=”nav nav-tabs”>
    <li class=”active”><a href=”#”>Home</a></li>
    <li><a href=”#”>Menu 1</a></li>
    <li><a href=”#”>Menu 2</a></li>
    <li><a href=”#”>Menu 3</a></li>

    Not passive, but inactive.

    Are you working on this?

    Hi, I have just downloaded my Volar download, unpacked it and am looking forward to it’s implementation. One thing I have noticed is that the DATA attributes have an error against them saying they are Not Allowed in HTML5. Is this expected?

    Thanks for buying it, it’s okay don’t worry about it.

    Ok thanks, I won’t but what’s the reason it’s telling me DATA attributes are not accepted in HTML5