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first of all congratulations for this cool template!!!

one question left – am i allowed to delete the copyright footer with link to envato?

thanks and greetings from germany! martin

Hi, Thank you for the purchase! Yes you’re welcome to do that :)

And please don’t forget to rate it 5 stars if you like it! Thank you!


I recently bought your template. I have an issue. When i open the downloaded html files i see glitches while i scrolling through the page (only in chrome version 63.0.3239.132, safari works fine). I don’t see these glitches when i try your demo page (, even when i use chrome.

Any suggestions?

update: on the widows version of chrome works everything fine. the issue exists only on the osx version of chrome. so the issue exists only when i use chrome on osx with the downloaded files.

Please contact me through this email:

This is quite a strange issue though!!

I’d like to make scroll faster.

Line 934 in scripts.js reduced “2000” to “1000” but no working, still slow. Not only that but also “easing” in same line is no working. I did test “easeOutCubic” to “easeOutElastic”.

Hi, Thanks for the purchase!

That part that you have changed reduces the scroll time when in-page links are clicked! to reduce the scroll time for mouse scrolling you need to modify smoothscroll.js

Thanks for your reply. I meant “when I click in-page links”, not mouse scrolling. Line 934 is no working. How can I solve this?

Please help! The portfolio image hover to tap doesn’t work on mobile with my theme files. I have published the original theme files on a test url and the hover effect doesn’t work on mobile on the tap but when I went to your demo on mobile the hover effect on tap works. Whats the deal? The portfolio is useless on mobile unless this function works. Thank you for your help!

Never mind. I figured it out.


I am having trouble setting up the Map section. Whenever I set an address that is not the default one, my browser returns an error – “REQUEST_DENIED”. Please could you let me know how this is solved.

Many thanks.


Have you by any chance got an api key for your map? if not please visit this link here:


Comleo2 Purchased


I’ve bought Volar template that is really great and well designed by the way! So I am wondering if you could help me to resolve an issue that I have. The issue is that all the buttons linked to an email address don’t show properly on PC browsers (when I click on the button, the color change in black and the text disappear) but everything works fine on MAC. Is there something I can do to correct the situation?

Thank you in advance.


Thank you for buying this template and sorry for the late response.

I was young that you have enough knowledge about HTML so I’m guessing you’ll understand what I’m about to explain: the button probably goes into focus mode when you click on it so you have to check it with Google Chrome DevTools and check the state of the button then you can change the styles as you wish.

If this can not help you please let me know.

Hello. How I change the loading text ”volar„ ? Thank you.

How I make the video in background to run in full hd or the best quality? I am talking about index16.html (youtube video) Thank you.

Hello. How I change the loading text ”volar„ ? Thank you.

How I make the video in background to run in full hd or the best quality? I am talking about index16.html (youtube video) Thank you.


To change the text simply go for the html file and change the letters,

For the video; if you want an HD quality you better not use Youtube demo, use simple html video demo like the black wolf demo,

And I’m sorry I know I couldn’t respond in time you probably have figured you issue somehow :)

Regards, Ershad

Hey, I bought the template and am trying to compile the less file. It’s coming up with some errors. I am a bit new with less. Can you help me out?

Hello and Thank you for the purchase and please accept my apology for the latency in response!

Well I’d be happy to help but you gotta be a little more detailed, besides you really don’t need to compile the less files to use this template.


I need help, my site has been down for a few days now and WP Engine seems to think it’s because of the theme. Can you please help me with this? I’m having a hard time getting ahold of support…I emailed them over the weekend and haven’t heard back.

thank you Rachel

Hello Rachel, Thank you for the purchase.

As you may now I haven’t developed the wordpress version so you need to contact them for support. because I really don’t know what they have done with it

Regards, Ershad

Hi! I am the buyer of the template (not a developer) and first of all I would like to say how happy I am with the performance and how it looks and works! My customers have been so excited!!! This is the final website url:

So, I would like to ask you if there is any option to redirect my main page ( to an another page I have create in my admin panel, specially for mobile use (

I contact my developers and they asked me 1.800€ to do this redirection at the new page.. Is it really so difficult or we can do something easier and cost affordable?

Thank you so much and I am looking forward for your reply, Stratos

Hi, Thank you for your work on the this theme. I love it. I had a question on the home image. Can the home image rotate as well as the text. It looks like there is css for .owl-hs-slide-02 { background-image: url(../img/backgrounds/home-background-02.jpg); } and imag-03 in the css file. How do i get this to work.

Hi there, I have used Volar to create my website However, when I use the dropdown menu under “Our Services” on my iphone and ipad it does not dropdown as it should.

Is there a way I can fix this?

Regards John


chainsaw Purchased


great template again and again!!! after a litte modification i have two questions:

-is it possible to link the upper left logo-icon with an anchor on the page?

- how can i open a new window within the button link (blog section -> “see all posts”). the “target” attribute dos not work.

thanks for your help! martin


Mr_Matt Purchased

Hi, I have removed the logo div from the navbar. How do I now make all of the nav items centred across the navbar instead of aligning to the right?