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Hi Zerge, First of all, I really like your theme. Great work!

I need your help. I have more questions: I am using a plugin to manage my ads (OIO publisher) Is it possible to make responsive the ads shown by this plugin? I know this is a third party plugin, but maybe you could help me.

My other question is, where can I customize the mobile version of the theme? I would like to change the order of the widgets.

Last question is: I would like to add one more radio button with icon to the posts admin.

Thanks for your time! Best regards :grin: J


Thanks :)

1. Don’t know. Show me this on your site.

2. No.

3. What the “radio button” do you mean?

Hi Zerge, I have a few presale questions:

1) In the categories area, is there a way to have a submenu come up if you hover over, for example, “animals” like is in the demo, and have a submenu list appear?

2) In the demo, the blog page specifically, it shows blog posts side by side in two columns. Is there a way to make it so that the posts show up in one column, vertically? (Like most blogs look when new posts have been added)



1. It’s standard WordPress feature.

2. This can be changed via style.css

Hi I’m sorry can you tell me what code to use to change the CSS? I’m trying to find it in the style.css file and I’m not sure what to change so I can make it so that the blog posts show up in one column. (Which was my second question).

PS, I bought the template and I love it! It’s absolutely fabulous.

Woops! Nevermind I figured it out!

Hi there does this theme support woocommerce?


It’s not a “woocommerce ready” theme.

Hi Zerge!

I love your theme! I have a question. In the header I want the logo to have full width. I don’t use the banner-section. I can’t find it in the style.css where to change it. Can you help me out?

Grtz from Amsterdam!!



Make the following changes in the file header.php – http://d.pr/i/KSkN

it worked! Thnx for the quick answer!

Hey Zerge!

I have another question. Is the theme fully compatible with Internet Explorer 7?

Grtz, Jos

Hi idtvamsterdam,


Do you know what problems we will have viewing it on IE7?

Yes. But we do not suppport IE7. This browser is too old.

Hi Zerge,

Thnx for the quick answers. I have another one! Is it possible to show the excerpt in the slider widget. Now it is only showing the title of the blogpost.

Let me know how!



For this you need to modify the file /functions/ct-slider-widget.php

We plan to add this feature in a future update.

Hello i am facing a problem,category pages there are no sidebars ,but in firefox fine,not in safari,chrome please help.thanks


May be you show me your site? )

Just tested with all major browsers and don’t see any problem.

Hi Zerge, Will you be adding more post formats (Quote, Link) and “post likes” to Volcano (similar to what you have in Newstrick and Lynx)? Love Volcano design but also need some of the features in the newer themes!

Hi mari8n,

Not planned yet. But we will consider this possibility.

It is possible to make my own layout for a sigle page /not post/?


What do you mean by “my own layout”, please clarify.

Hello. I really Like your theme. But I have some questions for you. 1. How can I set up demo-content like in Live preview? 2. How can I localize the clock in the right top corner to russian or how can I switch it off?


1. You can use our demo xml file (inside zip package) to import demo content. Also, recommend to read the documentation, section “How to”.

2. This can be changed in the file functions.php, function ct_getnow_time()

Why hasn’t this theme been updated in forever. With WP 3.8 out, there are so many improvements that can be made to ensure compatibility. I have a number of other themes from other authors who update so frequently it’s hard to keep up.. (which is a good problem to have) Let us know if your not intending on supporting this theme any longer. 6 months is too long.

It seems your server issue.

Also, try to play with options for header News ticker, for example, choose different categories, etc.

We always update our themes if necessary (bug fixes, improvements, adding new features, compatibility with new versions of WordPress, etc.)

Unbelievable.. I changed the ticker to a random category and the pages load fast again..

Might be a good idea to detail that configuring the ticker to All Categories with sites that a high amount of posts takes a serious performance hit or place a limit on all categories the ticker looks for, IE 20 most recent posts or similar.

Also, I updated to 1.5 and the home page slider is no longer working.. FYI, I only updated the files in the change log.. not replaced the whole theme. Any idea’s how to correct this.

Don’t see any problem. It seems not all of your posts have Featured images. Just increase the count of posts to display.

Volcano 1.05 Available for Download [2013-12-15]

- Fixed: Minor bugs.
- Added: Option for Slider widget to display post excerpt
- Improved: Twitter widget
- Improved: Localization
- Improved: Contact Form
- Improved: RTL styles


Hi nice magazine theme – clear.. Are there available siferent color scheme?

Hi Elichka,

Yes. You can change most of colors via Theme Options panel.

hello, i want to share my post in facebook .but i need feature image shown when its shared ,but its showing a default image

Hi Shifat,

Support for all our themes is conducted through the ColorTheme Support Forums, if you’d like to start a new thread over there either myself or another member of the support team can take a look at your issue

Support Forums | Create an Account | Find your “Item Purchase Code”

Dear Zerge,

I purchased your theme yesterday and after having installed the Volcano Theme as per the video “How to Setup a Home page like in the demo” I lost my menu navigation bar. Can you please help on that issue?

Best regards,



Try to move this code in the file content-single.php – http://snippi.com/s/nf25c0a

Above this code – http://snippi.com/s/6ene01n

And change “Single Meta Layout” to “Standard” via “Volcano Options”->”Single Page Options”

Thanks It’s work!

Hi there,

where can I can change the size/width of the sidbar?

Thank you.


What the sidebar do you mean? Show me this on your site.

Its the sidebar right hand side on page, category and post. its to width for me and i need thinner. I send you my details per message as side is in maintenace mode.

Check you inbox.

Hello Zerge,

I have a big issue I lost the view of my Menu management in Appareance/Menus, the menu is still visible in the website, but I cannot control it anymore since I lost the view. Other questions, is it easy to set up the site with further languages? if yes can you tell me how to do it? Thank you for your help.

Best regards,


I actually lost all control of my menu section, nothing is responding inside

Hello Zerge I think I found the source of my issue, which is related to a plug in that I’ve updgraded (Advanced Access manager). I was looking at the same time for a plugin for multi language, any that you can advise?


Recommend WPML – http://wpml.org/

Hello Zerge. I want to change as follows: the display of the date and time.

before change ??? 04th 2? 2014,03:11:40 pm

after 2014/02/04/tue

Can you help me out?


Just change the format in the header.php for:

date_i18n('l dS F Y, ');

Hello Zerge,

I am facing a new issue in the Admin Menu section, it seems that I reached the limit of the item menu that I can drag on my Menu Structure, can you tell how can I increase it? Other question, How can I put the Review rate after the content instead of before? Thank you for your support,

Best regards,


Probably you doing something wrong. I need access to WP admin panel, to see what the problem is. Send me a message through my profile.

Ok I will send it the right for access to your profile.