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I made a font change in Volts Theme: Stylesheet (style.css). Now the Live Editor modules on each page have their edit menus down all the time limiting my live view. What could I have done to make this happen and how can I fix that?


Can you please send over WP admin info ( url, username, pass ) via the contact form on our profile page, I’ll check out what’s happening and sort it out.

Include this in the message, for reference:


Hello, I bought the VOLT theme because it works with LC. I was expecting to get the custom header/footer feature as we can see in some theme using LC. How can I get it with VOLT ?

thanks !


You can turn off the default header/footer ( which is not LC powered ) and build a header/footer with LC.

The option is located in WP admin > Appearance > Customize > Other.

Thanks Dany, Will do that, can I build a sticky header as well with LC ( I have no code knowledge).

There’s a “position” setting for headers in Live Composer with one of the options being “Fixed” which is like sticky header, it remains at the top as you scroll.

Good day. I’m sorry if this is foolish question but when I go to customize the website with Volts and Live Composer installed, the toolbars/drag-and-drop platform that appears in the interactive demo, are not showing up. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong? Thank you.

I have solved the problem. There was a second instance of Live Installer (a different version) packaged into the site and they were conflicting. Thank you anyway and take care. :)

I noticed that there were two versions of LC installed (different versions), so I changed the active one to the other. Now I’m getting the standard LC menus instead of the ones in your theme, though the theme elements are appearing on the page. Any suggestions?


Sorry for the wait, weekend got in the way.

Can you send over WP admin info via the contact form on our profile page and I’ll take a look at what’s happening there.

Include this in the message, for reference:


Dear Sir First of all I want to thank you for the great job that you have done on this theme. I have disabled the default header because I wanted to create a custom one but I encountered a difficulty. I really like the search button on its default header. is there any way that I could add it to my custom header via live composer ?

thanks in advance


Thank you, happy to hear that.

Try adding this in the HTML module:

<div id="header-extra" class="clearfix">
    <span class="header-extra-item header-extra-search">
        <span class="ds-icon ds-icon-search" />
        <form method="get" class="searchform" action="http://yourwebsite.com" role="search">
            <input type="text" name="s" value="" id="s" placeholder="TYPE KEYWORDS">

Change the http://yourwebsite.com with the URL of your website.

Hello, I’ve been using the theme for quite a while and it’s fantastic. I’m just wondering if there are any plans to make it compatible with WooCommerce 3.0x?


I’ll do testing this week and if I find any issues will update the theme.

Thank you Dany


I did not find any issues with the latest version of WooCommerce.

The demo is now running the latest version ( was 3.0.6, now I updated to 3.1.0 ), so you can give it a try there first.

Also, since it’s weekend, hold on with the update until Monday, just in case some issue does occur so you can get me to check it out sooner ( I won’t be available on Sunday ).


rosamor Purchased

Hi again

I’ve just instaled VOLTS, for my project, but I have some questions/matters I would need and cannot find in Volts:

1- Is there any way to get a blank page, or at least the option for disabling footer and/or header. I’ve already created a mantenance page, that is free design without any of them. I took off modules on widget footer and they disappear, but cannot make disappear header, even in customizing the theme..

this is my maintenance page, I have already done with LC building….


see what I did,(maybe there is an easy way to do but cannot find in customizing theme or page options)..Well I to put same colour as photo background, and upload an image as logo with same color.. but is not the way, I think.. Besides I put 0px in header heigth.. but it doesn´t looks fine..

2- Logo in header. Is it possible to have a header without logo at all.. ? I tried but only it´s posible to replace it in general option customizing theme, Sometimes logo is on a slider, so header could be without logo. Hou can I do that?

3- About templates. I cannot find any template for pages or posts as in your demo I supose it includes, For example ORAO theme that is free theme, includes some designed templates and pages , that is one thing should be important for me, and for buying your theme. To make easier the design of this web, and at the same time having the posibbility to change and insert in a free way with live composer in any page or template.

Tks for your help, these little matters to solve can be apreciated only once it´s bougth and installed

tks again, have a nice day!! Rosa


Do you mean the “Installer” that Orao has on activation which adds the pages and posts and the rest of the content?

Yeah, Volts does not have that option. It only has the automatic installer for post templates.

The reason being is that it’s a multipurpose themes, the customers will only be using a few of the features and pages that are available in the theme.

It’s faster to just set up the pages needed by loading the specific LC page template than to clean up and remove hundreds of pages and posts ( downloads, staff, blog… ).


rosamor Purchased


Yes you are rigth, that’s only a question of having some predesigned templates just to be changed or modified, in order to make easier and faster the work.. as I liked very much your demo design…. No problem I will design the templates and pages as allways witn LC blanktheme.

tks for your help!!!

Perhaps I misunderstood the issue. The “I will design the templates and pages as allways witn LC blanktheme” confuses me a bit. You can still design them with the Volts theme, it’s the same functionality there.

Hi Dany – quick question. Is there an optimum logo size for the volts theme? If I use a high quality logo file it is too large (doesn’t get cropped down to proper scale to align with navigation) but if I use a smaller size I can’t seem to guess exactly the dimensions and it’s slightly enlarged to fit the space, therefore pixelated. If you can just advise the ideal dimensions for the logo size, that would be so helpful. Thank you!


Yeah, it’s 41px in height, you can see it at ddthemesdemo.com/volts/wp-content/themes/volts/images/logo.png ( you’ll see the dimension displayed in the title of the browser tab ).

But not sure why it would get blown up, can you please send over the URL to the website, I’ll check in the “developer tools” to see why it gets blown up.

Hmm, to be honest, 41px is smaller than I want. I like the size it is on the site now (I made it slightly larger than 41px) but it still looks pixelated like it’s getting slightly enlarged.

The site is live, so I don’t want to upload the 41px logo as it’s too blurry and doesn’t look nice. But here is my site url, hopefully you can still see the issue without me having to upload the smaller logo. http://www.unfoldingauthenticity.com/en/home/



At the moment the logo image is 277×60 and that is dimension at which it is being displayed. It does not look “blown up”.

Can you make a screenshot of what you see and send it over, the support system at danyduchaine.ticksy.com allows image uploads.

Also let me know which browser are you using.

Hi I purchased 3x VOLTS theme

I need latest version of revslider.zip to update our addon

as described here:


please send to admin(ADT)queue.pl



It’s padding on the main container, add this CSS code:

body.page-id-1203 #main { padding: 0; }

That will eliminate the white space on the page with the ID of 1203.

To hide the page title you can use:

body.page-id-1203 .blog-post-title { display: none; }


You’re welcome.


rosamor Purchased

Hello Dany.

I´m very happy with your theme, but I have some adjustments to do, I don´t know about code, so if you tell me how I will do it!!

1 In header bar, social icons links open the same page, not in another one, and I cannot see how I can modify it just to open another page¿?¿?

2 Search page: I have changed some items following your support forum for search box text and text for “Search results for:” into spanish… but I would like to change and don´t know how:

- I would like not to show meta data on the results; just remove or hyde the user (admin) and date. (search for partners and some other ones don´t need to show that, ) - How can I change the button in english and the color (CONTINUE READING) See on: https://www.fabebarmans.com/?s=hola

-WHen you click on CONTINUE READING appears in english all the texts : categories and tags (is it posible to delete it and show only the categories or tags if it has??) And if there were comments (for the moment I don´t want this option, but in case..) txts are in english as well. “1 comments for” “or comments are closed” see example: https://www.fabebarmans.com/hola-mundo/

Sorry but I tried to create a new search page with LC, but no results are shown, so I´ts ok this page results theme, but I need to change or modified these items… Even the font and colour¿?¿?

tks for your help Rosa


For the hover color of the button use this:

.blog-post-read-more:hover {
    background: #hexcode;


To translate the text you’ll need to use some of the usual WordPress theme translation methods, it can not be done with CSS ( that’s only for style changes ).

You can try poEdit, in which case you won’t need a plugin. You use poEdit to create a translation file which you then upload to the theme folder called “languages”. Here’s a good tutorial on how to do it.

Or you could make changes directly to the code ( I do not advise that ), since you would need to redo those changes when a theme update is released and you install it. Since it will overwrite those files you changed.


The Live Composer widgets module has styling options but they are general styling options, some of the widgets have specific CSS which is not affected by those general options.

You can use this to change it:

.widget_tag_cloud a, .widget_tag_cloud a:hover {
    background: #hexcode;
    color: #hexcode;

That’s for background color and text color.


rosamor Purchased

Hello Dany again

Great, with poedit,, it´s so easy… I have translated all and load by ftp and it works.. fantastic..

ANd I changed settings in css adicional with your codes . TKS!! About the last point you explain, I understand but it´s a little confusing, as it seems you can change the tags with LC modules.. you can open and see all the settings, change colors, font.. so on.. but nothing changed…. that’s why I thougth something is not working..

In case I see something more to be changed that cannot, I revert.. For the moment all is ok.. (I have no much idea, but following your instructions it´s easy)

Tks for your great support and help


You’re welcome Rosa.


rosamor Purchased

Hy Dany again

I´ve have been some problems that I’ve been trying to solve with hosting, with rev slider support, but at the end I have to ask you because they told me maybe there is someting concerning settings or incompatibility in the theme

I explained what´s been happening :

- I purchase slider revolution and updated the latest version - when I tried to upload a FACEBOOK slider in module SR in LC, as allways , this message was shown, and no way to view the slider on page: FAILED TO LOAD STREAM -I tasted, following instructions of RS support to change the theme to TWENTY SEVENTEEN with slider shortcodes in and then it worked, ¿? but not in the SR module..appearing the above message and cannot be shown… -Suddenly (talking with SR support) trying to activate and desactivate the plugins to see if it can be solved ALL THE WEB BECAME in BLANK and 502 BAD GATEWAY message showed up. - Then I opened a ticket with my hosting, and all concerning php by their side and memory that maybe has the cause, they managed and did it.. and they told me that the WP SUPERCHACHE plugin caused this error, I desactivated and deleted it. Afterswards I have to deactivate all plugins, the theme, and one by one I was activating to find out the conflict or incompatibility…

It seems now the problem was solved.. But nobody can tell me what happned and why….Talking with RV support, they recommended to save the sliders, delete the conflicting facebook and delete as well the 6 tables in database.. and reinstall and import again sliders. So I clean completely SR ( in case some file or something still remains and was the cause of the problem I had)

Now the situation is :

- Sliders are working fine, SR module LC as well. But now in home page, the slider first shows a code, and afterwards load image, and it´s not a good view…. you can see:


- In server I found this messages concerning Volt theme:

ep-2017 15:58:48 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_header() in /home/fabemar/public_html/wp-content/themes/volts/404.php on line 1 [21-Sep-2017 15:58:49 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_header() in /home/fabemar/public_html/wp-content/themes/volts/404.php on line 1 [25-Sep-2017 14:25:36 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_header() in /home/fabemar/public_html/wp-content/themes/volts/404.php on line 1 [25-Sep-2017 14:25:36 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_header() in /home/fabemar/public_html/wp-content/themes/volts/404.php on line 1

-I’ never have problems with WPSUPERCACHE. I have to install it, but now I´m a little scared to do that, as at the beginning deactivating and deleting it the blank page and 500 error message disappeared. But I have to install again.

Sorry for so this large email, but I think it´s necessary for you in order to check if you could find out what´s the real origin of the problem and it will not happen again.. and if there is any problem in settings or something with WPSUPERCACHE.. concerning the errors or the theme (I read that sometimes some functions cannot have to be activated as can cause problems with plugins or themes. but no idea about this..)

I´m dizzy with all these matters.. hope you can help me… tks a lot again


The error log you mentioned shows that the function get_header() was called by the theme but the function does not exist. That is a WordPress function, so that was most likely some temporary issue with the server. As you can see it showed once on 25th September and once on 21st September, if it was a regular issue it would show all the time.


As for the issue you’re getting with the text/code showing in the slider area. That is caused by some plugin related to “dojo digital”. I don’t have access to your WP admin so I don’t know which plugins you are using but I did some research and found it, it’s https://wordpress.org/plugins/hide-title/

The reason the text shows is because when the_title() or get_the_title() is called it wraps it in an HTML span tag, which generally wouldn’t be a problem but Revolution Slider uses that as the title attribute of the img tag ( might be a bit confusing to understand ) and it breaks the HTML code.

So, it’s best to disable that plugin ( the “hide title” )


As for the caching, I’m using WP Super Cache as well, didn’t run into any issues. But keep it to the default settings, those are the optimal settings. Changing the settings can cause issues.


rosamor Purchased


Tks for your reply, be sure I’ll never find out the cause of this, so tks a lot for your help…. Now it’s working !! It´s not necesary to activate in pages I only want to disable title in posts..but I did on pages.. Now I know something else I don´t have to do..

About WP supercache. before installing I HAVE A LITTLE LAST DOUBT.., you recomend to let by default as there are some options in settings that “are recommended” to enable….Should I enable these recommended options, or you mean to let exactly as it is by default without enabling any option?? It´s just to make sure what is better to do.. as I´ve never have problems before, I cliked some of these options (following some tutorials without knowing exactly if it´s necesary or if they can produce problems….)

Tks a lot for Your help and support that I must say it´s fantastic.. tksssssss


Thank you for the review/rating.


If using a Live Composer template for the posts you can remove the title module itself. If using the regular ( not Live Composer powered ) template then you can hide the title with a bit of CSS ( can be placed in WP admin > Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS ):

body.single-post .blog-post-title { display: none; }

For pages the title is automatically removed when the page is Live Composer powered. If you want to remove it for pages that are not Live Composer powered here’s the CSS:

body.page .blog-post-title { display: none; }


As for WP Super Cache, if you want you can send over WP admin info and FTP info via the contact form on our profile page and I’ll activate and check out the settings.

Include this in the message:



You’re welcome and thank you.

Hi Dany

Are you able to help me with one of our websites please. http://www.yellowkitebooks.co.uk/books when you select page 2 or 3 etc it does not change the page, it remains on the same selection of books of page 1. I hope that makes sense!

many thanks for your help/time Nerinder


You should update the theme, you’re not using the latest version.

If the issue continues after you update, please send over WP admin information via the contact form on our profile page and we’ll take a look at that.


Important: When sending the message, make sure you’re logged in with the account you used to purchase the theme. The account ndevi does not have a purchase of the theme.

Hi Dany I have asked the site owners here and unfortunately the person who had the account Felice Howden has left the company and no one else has that information. Is there anyway of gaining access to the account please? many thanks Nerinder


Well it’s a Themeforest account, we don’t have access to it.

But it’s ok, send over the WP admin information via the contact form on our profile page and we’ll take a look at that.