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Great flexible theme. GLWS.

Thank you.

Great work buddy!!!! ;)

Wow!! Nice work, Are you planning to release the live composer as standalone plugin ?


It’s actually available as a standalone plugin.

Awesome work! How do you do to always create amazing things like that haha ?! I’m really impressed.


Thanks. Hehe, happy to hear that.

awesome Dany, congrats on the great work man

Very, very nice work, o7.

Thank you.

Hey Dany!

Is there a boxed option??


Hey! Dany here, will take a look at this styling today :) And yes there is a boxed version design, you simply have to look in the “General” section of the “Customizer” :)

Hey Dany, Thanks so much :) Would be rad to get some styling for the Contact form – at the moment it’s the only thing letting the site down! Thank your devs for jumping on the bugs I found straight away!

Working on that, will be available today.

dany its really awesome. u making really good stuffs. GLWS

Wow – amazing theme and plugin! Quick pre-sales q’s: Does the live composer work with other plugins that use shortcodes? Can an Editor WP user use the live composer or do you have to be an admin? When I tried to add a text box and use the WP built-in/kitchen sink styling for text, the changes didn’t work eg. H1 line followed by P block of text. Is this feature enabled in the actual theme?

Also – the demo site seems is getting a Page Speed Grade of C rating and YSlow Grade of D rating at gtmetrix: http://gtmetrix.com/reports/ddthemesdemo.com/JFM5vRFe

Is it possible for me to use this theme with their recommendations and get a better rating on speed?

Thanks for your help!



1) You can write the shortcode calls in the text module.

2) By default it’s Author, but you can change it to Administrator or Editor in the Live Composer Settings under Access Control.

3) Yeah, because of the posts thumbnails, the LC modules have options to resize the thumbnails, will adjust the demo today.

Thanks for the quick reply!! I also had one more question that I added: When I tried to add a text box and use the WP built-in/kitchen sink styling for text, the changes didn’t work eg. H1 line followed by P block of text. Is this feature enabled in the actual theme?


That’s a Live Composer feature and we haven’t received any complaints about it ( 800 customers ). Could you please be a bit more specific, which changes don’t affect it, and I’ll test it out.

Very clean theme :) Looking fantastic

Possible to have sidebar on woocommerce full product pages?

Not at the moment, added to the update list.

the live preview doesn’t work.. safari mac osX


Perhaps there was a temporary issue, works fine now. Or did something specific not work?


That editor is something the clients would LOVE. Nice Job.

Thank you, happy to hear that.

I was just reading about another front end composer from Thrive and thought, why has no one done this on Envato…and like magic, here you are. Being able to see realtime changes vs VC backend. Makes this NEXT LEVEL! Game changer, congrats DD.

Hehe, yeah, Live Composer is our pride and joy, we released it a few months back as a plugin on CodeCanyon and now built a theme powered by it.

hello i’ve bought this theme yestrerday but i have great problems for customizing it in wordpress when i make changes in the wordpress dashboard i dont see any change in my website even if i refresh the page so i’de like to get your help. But thats a very nice work.

You’re welcome.

it lefts just a little thing when i change the color in the second header-Sub navigation, i dont see any change so thats the same problem but just in that section

Give it a try now.

Hi, Congrats, very nice theme, looks stunning and with your own Live Composer even better.. have a question How many columns are possible since standard is 4 but I know the Guys from another Theme are working on a 12 column version.. ? thanks for you time to write me back

Thank you.

Yeah, the module areas ( columns ) can go up to 12 a row.

thanks.. that sounds great.. wish you the very Best with this theme and sales ;-)

Thank you.

Great theme indeed.
Good luck with the sales :)

Thank you.

hi .. I buy this theme afternoon … I fill the “Envato API Key” and “Purchase code” and then click “Activate” .. but said “Purchase Code is invalid” .. please check. thanks.


For the support forum? We’re setting up the forum for Volts, in the meantime you can ask us what you need here or you can send over an email via the contact form on our profile page.

how do i start to design my site and how to use/set your theme in wp? any manual?

The documentation is located in the package you downloaded from Themeforest.

It’s also available online.