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how can i remove/replace the site logo?

You had 2 registered sidebars in the Live Composer settings, but the names of those sidebars were “Click to edit..”. A dot ”.” is not a valid character for a sidebar.

I now renamed them to “Sidebar One” and “Sidebar Two”. Keep those names regular a-z characters.

You’re welcome.

it this theme support multi language? or any such plugin you suggest?

Yes, within May.

Good … awaiting for your update .. i love you 3~~

Hehe, happy to hear that.

Hey DanyDuchaine, it’s a really amazing work you do! :) I tried to purchase your theme, Volts, but unfortunately Skrill/Paypal platforms are not available in my country. Is there any other way I can pay for it? maybe through gumroad, or do you sell on creativemarket.com? I would really appreciate your feedback. Thanks


Thank you, happy to hear that you like it.

Unfortunately authors aren’t allowed to sell the items outside of Themeforest because of the “exclusive author” agreement.

But I believe you can pay with a credit card ( via PayPal but without making an account on PayPal ).

Thanks Danny for reaching back. Unfortunately Paypal also doesn’t accept payments from my country too—which sucks. I’ll contact support at Envato/Themeforest for other alternative payment options. Thanks for your help. [Will definitely add your theme to my wishlist till I can get it :)] - Ugo

Sorry to hear that, I ( Slobodan, the developer of LC ) know how it feels, PayPal didn’t support Serbia until about half a year ago, now we can pay but can’t get paid via PayPal.

I hope Envato helps out in regards to this issue, keep me posted.

Dany, it would be really great to have the multilanguage support as I need localized site and would like to have your cool theme on it. When are you planning to have it supported?

There shouldn’t be any issues with WPML. Live Composer has been up for 3 months now and has 800+ users, we never had anyone reporting that WPML was not working. But I will be taking a closer look these days just to make sure it’s all working fine.

Is this theme Child theme compatible?

Yes, it is. But there are options for almost everything, so you might not need a child theme.

This is amazing theme that backed with state-of-the-art page builder that let you change literally anything without any coding.

I created several websites using Visual Composer before and can say that Live Composer used in this theme is much more flexible and powerful from the end-user and theme developer perspective.

Thank you very much, I’m happy to hear that.

How can use “Slider Revolution” to add the video style like iTunes Interface?

In your demo page, how can we download the Freebies example? or just for your display only?



Like iTunes interface? Is it on one of the demo pages? Please go to http://ddthemesdemo.com/volts/ and go to the page with that example and then copy/paste the link here.

About the Freebies, you can download the export/import files here. They’re separated by post type, so you can import only the ones you need.

http://ddthemesdemo.com/volts/freebies/ I got the empty txt file when i click “Download” under “iTunes Interface” ... http://ddthemesdemo.com/volts/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2014/04/example.zip


Those are not real freebies, that’s a demonstration of the freebies/downloads feature of the theme.

I’m having issues with the Live Composer. First off, I am only given the option to edit on the front-end on my blog posts, not on my home page (there’s no “edit template” button or anything similar) – I’ve tried switching the access controls between authors, administrators and editors and nothing has worked. Second, when I do try and edit the blog post template I get a 404 – Page Not Found error. Is there something I am doing wrong? Or are there instructions that I failed to read somewhere?

Thank you for the help! Beautiful template by the way. I can’t wait to use it.


The default homepage ( with any theme ) is not a real page. Add a new page in the WP Admin > Pages and then go to WP Admin > Settings > Reading and set that page to be the “Front Page”.

You’ll now have access to LC on the homepage.

About the 404, go to WP Admin > Settings > Permalinks, just visit the page, that will make WordPress refresh them. If you still have the 404 after that please send over your FTP and WP admin info via the contact form on our profile page and I’ll look into it. Mention the issue in there as well, for reference.

Thank you so much Dany! Those things worked perfectly. Have a nice day.

Happy to hear that. If you’re happy with the theme and the support please consider rating the theme, it would help us out a lot. Thanks.


I cannot seem to find the shortcode lists such as for the buttons know where i could find it ?


Let me know which button you want to add ( there are multiple button examples on the demo ) and will help you out with that.

Its ok i used Shortcodes ultimate instead, another question for the Navigation bar on cellphones for the menu is there a way to style it up ? could i send you a pm ?


Sure you can send over an email via the contact form on our profile page.

Can this theme be used as a Magazine Style theme?

Volts doesn’t come with a Magazine layout but Live Composer can be used to build one. You can give it a try on the Sandbox page.

Went to the link, but can you tell me how to test it there? I just see a blank page with “SANDBOX” title page.

In bottom right you will see “Activate Editor”, click it and the page will reopen in LC mode.

P.S. In case you haven’t used LC before, give the interactive tutorial a go.

What about a page with a LEFT or RIGHT SIDEBAR? I don’t see that listed as an option in the description or dropdowns. If so, how can I do this using the module? Making decision soon, please respond. Thanks!

The theme itself does not alter anything in regards to the permalinks system.

The .htaccess is located in the very first directory ( where the wp-content, wp-includes and wp-admin directories are ).

If you still can’t see it then create one yourself, because WP might not have been able to create a file on your server.

Thanks! That was the solution. Brilliant design BTW

You’re welcome and thank you.

Please … how can I hide the Search function in the theme? (Right-Top search icon) Thanks


You can use this CSS:

#header-extra .header-extra-search {
    display: none;
#header-extra {
    margin-left: 35px;

No need to alter any files, you can use this plugin to add CSS code.

But the plugin “My Custom CSS” is compatible up to: 3.5.2 which is out-dated


That’s just “informational”, not coming from real testing. I use that plugin all the time, never had any issues.

Hi, A pre sales question. I have lots of charts that are 1920×1080. These are large charts with lots of detail.

Perhaps due to lack of my knowledge, it seems to me that pages with the large charts should not be responsive.

Of course I would want all other pages that do not have charts to be responsive.

Can responsiveness set by individual page?

Do you have a different suggestion that will work with your theme?

Is there some kind of lightbox or zoom option that may work?


Quite big charts indeed.

Unfortunately the responsiveness can’t be disabled on per-page basis, and lightbox would not work out since the chart will already be at it’s biggest versions so the lightbox won’t make a difference and zooming is disabled on responsive websites.

The best solution I can think of is linking those charts to the actual image, so when the chart is clicked the browser will open up only the image and allow zooming.


Is it possible to turn of the cart in the shop into “catalog mode” ,Without add to cart

gr. William


Yes, the “add to cart” can be removed from the Live Composer generated shop page.


Thank you for your reply. I am leaning towards linking these charts to actual image on a new page that may be outside the theme, perhaps on a sub domain. However it is important to put the same header and footer as on rest of the site on these pages, can this be done? Perhaps your theme running on a subdomain can be set to be nonresponsive. The disadvantage of this approach is to have to maintain two sites.

You are very intelligent, I will appreciate your feedback.

You’re welcome.

I am thinking of putting all such pages in a folder and make everything in the folder non responsive.

Also do I assume correctly there is flexibility regarding the header—I do not want to show cart, move search to the top menu not the main menu etc.


WordPress pages can’t go in folders, but an option to turn responsive on/off per page can be added, so you can easily manipulate it.

About the header, there’s a lot of styling options, but moving things around in the header is unfortunately not possible.


How can I create a horizontal Menu? I’ve created it in Menus Option, but when put it on LC with Widget Box, it shows one link over another. I would like to show them inline.

Thank you.


The menu in the header is not an LC module, it’s using the regular WordPress Menus feature.

But in case you’re not referring to that menu, but instead want a horizontal menu as part of the content ( LC powered ), LC does not have a menu/navigation module.

But, you can try this plugin, it comes with a horizontal menu widget.

Hi Danny!

When I saw the demo video, I had like this neardgasm! This has been exactly what I’ve been looking for for a while now!

I immediately went to the tutorial and was enjoying it but got stuck on http://ddthemesdemo.com/volts/tutorial-3/?dslc=active

The button to continue shows up, the link of the button shows http://ddthemesdemo.com/volts/tutorial-3/?dslc=active# but clicking on it does nothing.

I have tried this in Chrome and FireFox on a Linux Mint 16 system.

I reeeeealy want to go through this tutorial because the company I do website work for will love this and will make deploying websites (I’ve done 12 already, with one needed immediately and a few others in the wing) significantly quicker!

Let me know if there is any specific info you need from me to help with this.

Chrome Version 34.0.1847.137 FireFox Version 29.0

Also, in Tutorial 4, it wants you to move a sidebar to the ‘right side of the blog’ but the item it’s linking to is already on the ‘right’ side. http://i.imgur.com/C6EpumA.png (screenshot). The module won’t move any further right and as soon as I left go of the moust button, this windows shows up http://i.imgur.com/G5m9zBc.png . It’s like I’m onto the next part of the tutorial without any notification.

Just so we are clear, I’m still keen on the template itself, I know that settingup tutorials can have their own share of glitches and nightmares and do not refelct on the product it’s trying to teach :)


Give the 3rd one a try now.

About the 4th, it should say “move to the left of the blog”, fixed it now.

The tutorial system is custom made so some issues might occur, it’s quite complex.

Hello, Thank you for being so helpful. Pre sales questions. 1. Can the very top menu appear on mobile as it appears on the desktop minus social icons? The main menu on mobile is fine? 2. Can cart in the menu be deleted? 3. There is too much white space between sections, can it be easily reduced? 4Can all the mods be made with a child theme or a custom css box in theme options?> 5. Can a new horizontal menu be inserted anywhesr in a page in addition to two top menus? 6. Can a page have several revolution sliders?

Hello Dany,

I am looking forward to your reply. You have done amazing job with live composer.


1) It didn’t fit in there so we made it hidden on mobile, but since it’s just hidden it’s easy to make it show with simple CSS.

2) Yes, simple CSS as well.

3) You have a lot of control in the terms of styling, you can give it a check yourself on the demo, go to a page and click the “Activate Editor” on the bottom right. For the specific thing you mentioned, just go to edit a module and lower down the “Vertical Padding”.

4) Live Composer gives you a lot of flexibility so don’t think there will be a need for a child theme.

5) There’s no horizontal menu module but you can always use a plugin for that ( which has a shortcode that you then add in the “Text” module ).

6) Yes.

Licensing: Because such legal wordings always confuse me (hey, asked me about bytes, nibbles and binary and we;ll chat all day) but it wasn’t clear. Is purchasing Volts a PER site license? Meaning if I want to use Volts on two sites, I would need to pay $120? As much as I love this software, this answer is rather critical to our financial department :)

I understand the troubles of figuring out the licensing, in some cases even authors aren’t sure what’s correct and have to ask the people behind the marketplaces. :)

But yeah, regular license is PER site license, it’s same for all themes on Themeforest.

Is this theme compatible with Chinese Characters?


Here’s an example of a page with Chinese Characters