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The Slider Revolution does not work…


Regards Benny


Please send over your WP admin info via the contact form on our profile page and I’ll look into that.

Resolved :-)

What was the solution? Don’t think I received any emails from you.

The search function does not work for me, returns nothing. I assume that it does not scan any of the contents created with the Live Composer as these are stored not in the WordPress contents field? That is a big issue for me, could you please review this?

Nice work otherwise, I am a new fan :)



The LC content is not part of the regular content so WP doesn’t see it in the search. Will see what can be done about that but in the meantime you can copy/paste the LC content you want searchable from the page into the page’s actual content ( WYSIWYG editor ), it won’t show anywhere but WP will be able to find it.

Thanks :)


Can I get registered for the Live Composer user forum at http://livecomposerplugin.com/forum? By buying the theme I also did buy the plugin indirectly and as a user I think my feedback is also valuable. However with the purchase code of this theme I cannot complete your registration form (No valid purchase codes where found.).




You can post on the Volts support forum. The purchase code is for Volts, so it won’t work on the LC forum.

All feedback is valuable of course.

Great theme. I had trouble getting an iframe to show full page on a page. I used the regular editor as well as tried Lice Composer. It results in a 404 error and only displays the iframe at 1/4 of the page. I specified the height and width so I am not sure what else to do?

Testing location: www.annadowe.com/canadaworx

Solved it: I pasted the code and the ” quotation marks ” were not normal ones. So it works perfectly now. To reiterate, great theme!!!

Happy to hear it’s sorted out. If you’re happy with the theme please consider rating it, it would really help us out a lot.

Done and done!

Thank you so much.

Hi Slobodan! Your new theme looks great. Not sure how I missed it 10 days ago. :)

1.) Can I use Live Composer to rearrange the single product page layout? If so, can I add additional content to it such as a masonry grid from one of the other modules or an HTML block above the product?

2.) On that bar across the top where you have the phone and the drop down menu, is that a widget bar? Can I use it as a secondary navigation menu? I am working on a site that has too many menu items and it would be great if I could break it up into two sections.

3.) Is there any option for doing a vertical menu?

Thanks and good luck with sales.


Thank you :)

1) LC still does not have the possibility to alter WooCommerce generate pages.

2) It’s a regular WordPress menu.

3) No, sorry. We’ll be releasing a new theme next week, that one has vertical navigation.

Hello, i wanna put widgets in the main page but the the theme only support footer widgets so how could i do for having widgets in the main page (the body). I wanna change the color of the copyright in the footer but i have no settings for that.


Use the “Widgets” Live Composer module.

You can register widget areas in WP Admin > Live Composer > Widgets Module. Those areas will then be available in the Widgets management ( in the admin ) and will be available in the module.


Can you please provide a change log between the different version you have released? I currently have version 1.0 installed and would like to know if it will benefit me upgrading.

Also, any way of changing the loading symbol that spins in-between pages?



Sure, here’s the changelog.

Not at the moment, but I’m adding that to the update list now.

hi, do i use the import tool to load the demo xml file? thanks

am getting errors. cant get the revolutionary slider templates to come up. please help?


Send over your WP admin info via the contact form on our profile page and I’ll take a look at that. Mention the issues in that message as well, for reference.

After having good experience and great support of LC, I just purchased Volt theme… I am very happy for this purchase!! Thank you! Jasmin

Thank you Jasmin, much appreciated. If it’s no trouble, please consider rating the theme, would be of great help.

Just done. Hope it will evolve!! :))) If I can suggest something, bottom module bar, my finger gets tired after moving left and right all the way. ;)) It would be nice if there is an option to have 2 lines instead of 1 line. Thanks! Cheers!

Hi Jasmin. Thank you. :)

That’s a great idea, I’m adding it to the LC update list. Thanks.

Hello Danny (or slobodan?)

Is there doc. to know what size of image I should use for such project, partner etc? That would be nice to know. Thank you! Jasmin

Depends on the portfolio type you’ll use. 420px wide would be the minimum ( so it’s big enough for mobile landscape version ).

Hello (please let me know if there is forum for Volt cuz I couldn’t find that info here)

I am making sidebar but doing design, I m having difficulties as sidebar widget is part of ‘module row’ so I wonder is it possible to use sidebar as standalone module or program the portion of sidebar so the rest could be easier to make design? I hope i am making myself clear. :) Thank you.



Yeah, the support forum is on http://danyduchaine.com/forum.

In version 1.0.5 of LC comes a feature that allows columns inside of columns, which will make more complex layouts possible.

that can be nice! Thank you :)

You’re welcome :)

Hi Dany,

It’s really a great job that you made. And i have a question.

I have like 15 post and i want to add “Revolution Sliders” for each post deferent than other …. How?



Would be easily possible if WordPress supported shortcodes inside of shortcodes ( [revslider [the_variable_id]] ) but it doesn’t.

So the only way is to make a new option in LC Slider module which would accept a shortcode and then using custom fields posts can have different sliders.

It’s not a huge change, send over an email via the contact form on our profile page and we’ll sort it out.

hi! and congrat. for template it’s very very good i’m sorry, where i can see the command to put a sidebar… i read the comment but in “EDITOR MODE” i don’t see the tab “SIDEBAR” where i can find?

please help me thanks :-)


Use the “Widgets” module ( at the end of the modules list ).

You can register widget areas ( sidebars ) in WP admin > Live Composer > Widgets Module, which will then be available for use by the Widgets module.

Hi Dany.

Is there some docs to change some elements from DSLC?

I would like to put 8 elements in a row (in Partners option), but I opened the template PHP and can’t figured out how to do it.

Thank you.

Live Composer runs on 12 columns grid, so it doesn’t have 8 columns option. If you have webdev experience you can modify it, but it’s not quite simple.

But, there’s a way without modifying the code. Use 2 module areas of 1/2 width. In each of them add a partner module and set it to 4 columns. In the second one set the “Offset” option to the amount of partners you have in the first one ( so it doesn’t include the same ones twice ).

Thanks! It worked!

I’m trying to register at Live Composer Forum, but the register says that my Volts Purchase Code is not allowed, so, here is my question.

I’m trying to edit some code at inc\tgm-activation\plugins\ds-live-composer\modules\blog like remove ‘the author link’ from blog module (removing the code: php the_author_posts_link();)

But it’s not working, it’s still there. How could I change these default modules? Should I create a new one??

Thank you!


The purchase code only works for Volts support forum.

“inc/tgm-activations/plugins” is just a place where the plugins for the automatic installation are stored, the actual LC plugin files that affect WordPress are in “wp-content/plugins/ds-live-composer” ( outside of the theme ).


i am trying to figure out how to ‘well’ use photo gallery. The thing is, we’d like to avoid uploading photos too much in library as we have lots of activities so each time we have lots of photos to upload to show to public.

My question is, is there way to show photos via API (flicker or FB etc) with your gallery?

Thank you for your help in advance.


You can use a plugin to achieve that, almost all those plugins come with a shortcode so you can use that shortcode in the Text module. Here’s a few:

OmniGallery, AwesomeFlickrGallery, Embed facebool, SrizonFacebookAlbum


i am trying to figure out how to ‘well’ use photo gallery. The thing is, we’d like to avoid uploading photos too much in library as we have lots of activities so each time we have lots of photos to upload to show to public.

My question is, is there way to show photos via API (flicker or FB etc) with your gallery?

Thank you for your help in advance.


oops… I can’t erase it. Mistake posting 2 times. Sorry about that.

No problem. Answered on the first one.

Hi, Where I can found the xml files to revolution slider?. I want to import your examples in my site.


Here’s the zip package containing all the rev exports.

Unpack it, inside you’ll find the exports.

You’re welcome :)

I was interested in purchasing Live Composer – Front-End WordPress Page Builder separately , if I buy this theme will I be able to use the Live Composer separately on one of my other theme?


Technically the license doesn’t allow usage of a plugin bundled with a theme on a different theme, but since both the theme and the plugin are our products you have our permission to do so.


presale questions:

Is it possible on this theme to hide headers, menue and footer, widget area to have a more or less blank page to use as a landing page? Or does it have a “blank page” within by it self or can I create one? Is a full-wide page template with in (no sidebar page).

Or can you recommend a complete blank page theme works with Live Composer?



An update is coming this week for Volts with an option to disable header and footer.

Hi, great theme! I’m not able to create a Template for project. When I careta one, then I see only “Edit teplate” and not “Activate editor”. Where I’m wrong?



Sorry for the wait, weekend got in the way.

The “Edit template” and “Create template” are correct.

“Activate Editor” is for pages, you activate the editor and create the page with LC.

Unlike pages, posts tend to share the same layout, so we made a feature, “Post Templates”, that way if you decide you want to change something you just change the template instead of changing it manually for each post you have.

When you see “Edit Template” it means that the post’s content is based on a template, if you want to edit it you click “Edit Template” and then using LC you can change that template and all the posts that use it will update.

If you do not want to use templates send over an email via the contact form on our profile page and we’ll disable them for you, so the posts can be created the same way as pages can.

Hi, thank you.

I have not explained properly. I wish there was a generic template for projects and that from time to time I may change the content text and photos of each project (but the template remains the same). Is it possible?


That’s what the templates feature is for.

A template for projects is included in the theme ( or you can create one yourself ).

That template will then be used when viewing projects.

You change the content of a project regularly, in the admin and it will be shown in the project ( in the place where “The Content” module is used in the template ).

So, you don’t edit the project content from the front-end, you change it regularly, in the admin.