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First thank you for he Theme, I really like it! However I my contact form isn’t working. At the end of the page I have this message: [contact-form-7 404 “Not Found”]

Any help?

Many thanks

Thank you Lesya but what I mean is that when I create a gallery in a page how can I do if I want the images to appear as a slide… For example in this page: http://www.sawart.org/marwa-adel/


Vortex by default does not support the gallery. Sorry, I was wrong. We will try to make an update for this by the end of next week

Thank you so much!

Hi Lesya i purchad your theme Vortex and uploaded it to my wordpress 4.0. However after following the documentations i seem to be missing some features in the theme like the advance section that would in able me to set the service page and the class for the icons. As well when i try to change anything for the different sections in the themes option it doesn’t seem to change at all. I did manage to tweak the header page or section but the other features is not working for. What to do? Any my boss would like to have this site up and running with in 3 weeks/. this is the link https://www.profitnessjunkies.com

Hi. I already answered your e-mails

Hello Lesya,

I’ve just got your theme and I can’t get it to work properly. It wants me to select something to appear on the front page instead of having all the sections like your demo. When I do select something, like ‘about page’, it’s just that rather than the whole list of options in your demo. The website I’m practising on is http://myfirstholiday.co.uk/. Be grateful if you could help. Thanks, Vicky.

Hello Vicky

In the archive, that you downloaded from Theme Forest there is documentation to help you set up the theme

Would the header support an animated GIF as opposed to a video or static image?

Hi. Theme does not support GIF

Hi, i need put a auto play video in backgroud of first page. Who i can to this?

Write from my profile then I’ll tell you, or use Dropbox for images.

Already ordered the email by the profile for some time. I bought this theme for a micro-site and need it urgently ready … I can not insert the video, the option does not show, as the pictures on the Ipad. Furthermore I can not even get the support page for my purchase code is not valid.

I reply to a message. Unfortunately due to the time difference, I can not always respond quickly.

Hi, I have downloaded the Wordpress version. I upload it to my Godaddy wordpress hosting. When I activate the site or even preview the live demo, it is pretty much a blank site. It looks nothing like yours.


Any pointers you can give me?


Please read the documentation. It details the process for setting the theme. Documentation located in the archive you downloaded from Theme Forest

Can I use a video background?


is a function of the video background for header

Is it possible to add more than just 4 services in that section?

I’ve also noticed a problem in the menu. if you have a drop down in the smaller version of the menu after you have scrolled down the page, the choices don’t show in the list until you move your mouse on top of them.

Hello. No, the design does not provide services for more than four. Could you please send a screenshot of what you have in mind?