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Hello. You don’t need plugins, theme works independently

Thanks ! why when I load the theme don’ t appear all sections?

In the theme options, click Save settings button to download the configuration

Something is up with your demo.

I made some changes to the server side. Now it works

Love it. so nice. How are the counting with clients, hours and coffee done? is it a plugin?

Thanks for your kind words :-) Yes, it is a plugin. And it has a special setting in the options panel theme, where you can define your own values


is it possible to show google-Maps without the contact formular in front?

I would like to show more than 10 different Maps on my page, but I don`t need the contact formular :-)

I suppose, the iframe-code from googleMaps I need for the integration?


By default, the contact form is shown, you can remove it from code. As for the ten maps, Vortex has one map and theme settings in the options panel for one map

hi, another question :-)

you have got a wonderful design! I love it.

But the Portfolio is not usefull on the tablet. I have to open every picture separate. I can`t slide through the pictures! I need more usability. You think, you will change this?

Hello :-)

Of course, this can be done, it will require minor changes to the code

I’m struggling to load the same demo site that we see through Themeforest. Can anyone help?



Icon on the spot. Maybe you have it turned off?

When I go to “Social Network” in Theme Options there is no slider to switch FB on or off. I see sliders for Twitter, Google etc, but nothing for FB

Take a look – www.taunlimited.com

Yes, I see now. I fixed it and update will be available soon

Hello Lesya,

Quick questions before I buy. How easily does your theme support child-themes? Also, is it possible remove sections like the portfolio? Thaks.


Creating a child theme standard. Each section has a switch, you can easily control the display

Hi, How do i add new pages?

Hello. Create a page as usual and add them to the menu

Hello. thanks for the great theme,

Is it possible to have the images on the portfolio go direct to a lightbox popup and not leave the front page as apposed to opening a new page with the image or vide o Thank you!

Hello. I’m glad you like :-)

Do not quite understand your question. Do you want to by clicking on the image to move to the page?

mobile site is not loading. Saying site not found www.alignpictures.com I have had several people try on their phones and have had the same result. Also, header text and action box aren’t responding well on my wide screen desktop monitor but good on my laptop.


If you noticed, with a mobile device url changes on mobile.alignpictures.com. That can not happen because of the Vortex Theme, maybe you have installed some plugin.

Since you have a big logo, it shifts the text down. Open the file style.css, find the line 189, and change the #logo_wrapper{ padding-top: 10%; }

Thank you for your prompt reply. Still having the mobile site issues. The only plugin that is active is “Jetpack”. The only plugins installed are the ones that came with the wordpress install (Askimet, GoDaddy quick setup, Hello Dolly, Jetpack, Welcome to Wordpress, Wordpress importer). Could this issue be the use of the new Wordpress 3.8?

Thank you for your prompt reply. Still having the mobile site issues. The only plugin that is active is “Jetpack”. The only plugins installed are the ones that came with the wordpress install (Askimet, GoDaddy quick setup, Hello Dolly, Jetpack, Welcome to Wordpress, Wordpress importer). Could this issue be the use of the new Wordpress 3.8?

Sorry that I can not respond immediately, it is because of the time difference. Unfortunately I do not have experience with “Jetpack”. But I think that one of his composes may well change the url. WordPress and its plugins by default can not be the reason for this

Your response was very timely and I thank you. I figured out the issue was with my hosting that automatically created some sort of mobile site forwarding. I’m officially mobile!

Thanks again

One more question. In the header portion, I do not want the call to action box to appear. Although I left the “text of link” and “link address” blank in the theme options there still remains an empty box on the site in the header. How do I remove this?

Open the file head_bg.php and remove the line 14

Awesome! Thanks again

No menu even after activate save settings :(

You need go to the Appearance -> Menu, choose location and save

Firstly, thank you very much for this fantastic theme :)

My problem is that ‘header’ and ‘area and footer’ showing properly but the rest of the parts does not.

It just says ‘No Results Found’ I’ve tried ‘save settings’ and other things for a couple of hours and got run out of ideas…

help me~ plz

Hello. Thank you for your kind words :-)

I think it’s because you missed the step of creating the home page. Create a page. In the settings, select the template for the home page. After this in menu under Settings -> Reading have the default options set to “A Static Page” and select your home page. Add this page to menu

thank you for the quick replay With your guide, all problems are solved :)

In a footer four areas :-)

Hi ! Great work ! It works just fine ! A small question : is there any possibilities to internationalize the template files or do I need to translate the word by myself ? (for example : “I’m social” or the contact form ?)

Hello. Thank you for your kind words :-) Theme isn’t ready for translation. Since the Vortex has settings for all fields, you can enter your own values.


I’ve got two more questions :)

1. I’d like to turn off ‘mobile view’ so i can see pc version of the site when i access it through smart phone – I tried it by deleting <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width” /> and it wan’t really pc version…. I don’t know much about codes ;(

2. In the Blog section, I’d like to show titles and some contents along with photo. but somehow it shows photos only. – for horizontal view, I put #4 at the block width, and it worked! but vertically? ran out of idea

thank you for your time

Hello :-)

1. To remove the “mobile view” remove the code from a file style from line 1512 to to end

2. For vertical block I have parametrs Block Width #2, Block Height #4. As visible announce post

Thank you very much one again :)

I deleted 1. in the header file<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width” /> 2. in the style file from line 1502 to the end and i worked!


Enjoy your work ;-)

doesn’t work contact mail form. i am already setting my mail account on option and save. and test on wordpress smtp plug-in working well on wordpress mail plug in but this theme mail form doesn’t work.

how can i fix? thanks

thanks your reply. but about add page…. my meaning… how can i add page on onepage theme.

when i add a page and add to menu. just show upper menu. not main page.

i want add section like a about section.. how can i add section. like a page.

In the theme is not designed to add sections. You can enable and disable their display. Pages can be added as usual, you can see it on the example of shortcodes page shortcodes

Just thought that there is a possibility that the messages were spam folder. Verify



I have got a quick question, I want to change the “About” section into a 2 column text instead of the picture, skills and social icons. How would I be able to do that?

And another thing, how can I update the content text on the Services section other that the sections’ titles?



Since the support does not include a custom setting, I can only tell you the files that you need to make changes.

This is file about.php and style.css from line 883 to 960 – this style, which is responsible for the section ‘About’.

Displays information in the ‘Services’ controlled by pages. You need to create 4 pages to display here. And then select a page to display in the settings Service Section