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PRESALE QUESTION: Is it possible to create a standard childtheme from this template? Both the style.css but specifically also adding a custom functions.php?


Hello :-)

Creating a child theme standard, is no different

This should be my last question (fingers crossed). Thank you for all your previous timely help.

In the “recent work” page is there a way to add a description and/or title to the featured image and/or in my case the video page I’m redirected to when the picture is clicked (http://alignpictures.com/#recent-work)?

Thanks again!


Sorry, these changes require the addition of extra features that are not included in the support

Hello, Pre-sale questions. I would like to ask about:

1. possibility to put gallery of videos at the Recent works section. – there are only pictures. Is it possible to change pictures for videos from vimeo?


First of all thanks for your interest. Now Vortex theme only supports images in “Recent works”.

Hi, we are using your theme for our new website. We get a lot of spam emails from the contact us form. Is there anything you could do for that?

Regards, Pratheep.

Hello. Please write from the profile from which bought theme.

We will consider this issue

Thanks, I will try to get hold of the profile. It was purchased using our boss’s profile. This is a critical issue and I am sure there are many suffering from this kind off spam. Please do take required action.

I will deal with this issue. However, I can tell you that on my mail spam not come

Hello Lesya, I have bought the Vortex Theme (which is very nice, congrats) and I have 3 questions/issues that I sent you yesterday by the private page, but I need an urgent solution:

1. The blog section is not working. It only shows White boxes, wothout the text/image into. 2. Please could you let me know how to add the complete main menu to a new page? 3. How can I add other features to the page editor? like other typography for example. thanks in advance Ariel

Hello, Ariel. I’m very glad that you like my work

1. Create posts, ask them thumbnails and combine all in one category. Then select a category to display in the theme options;

2. You need go to the Appearance -> Menu, choose location and save;

3. You can choose the font in theme options tab General Settings

Please read the documentation. It details the process for setting the theme

My installation does not look like the demo. The header shows fine but the rest after is wordpress scrap… domain is spikemedia.org

Please, read the documentation. There describe in details process of installation and configuration. You can find it in an archive, that you download from Theme Forest in folder ‘Documentation’

Thank you, I had missed a step in the docs. Works fine now…great work!

Thank you :-)

Can I use WPML to translate the pages? Is it WPML compatible? Thank you!

Hello. Theme has not been tested with WPML

Hi great theme! Presale question: Is there anyway to add text to the portfolio area?


By default, no such function

Hi there

How does this theme handle sub-pages?

From what I can see, a sub page appears in the drop down menu however it does not appear within the vertical flow of the main page. If you click to go to sub-page it becomes a standalone page.

Is there a way to add a horizontal page scroll for sub-pages? (like the About page on this static template: http://icetemplates.com/template-demo-21540.html

Thanks in advance. G


I’m sorry, support does not include adding new features or extending the features currently available

as I can put an image in the slider ipad?

I can change the order of the sections?

Creating posts for it necessarily specify the type of post to work properly. Inclusion of all posts in one category, and then select it in the settings ‘iPad Slider’.

You can do it manualy in file home-page.php

PreSale question. In the section “About Us”, is it possible to have several people (with pictures etc.), not just one? Thanks!

Hello. Possible to do so, as in this theme Mountain

How do I increase amount of words to include in the services section. The characters are truncated and can’t find a way to adjust them or include a read more…

Hello. You need open file services.php and change parameter on line 29

Great thanks, how do I change the image/video appearing in the service section?

Please read the documentation. It details the process for setting the theme

I purchased this theme, but the themeforest .ZIP file doesn’t upload to WP.

I zipped the ‘Vortex’ file and uploaded it, but I am just getting a gray box and “Hello World” message. Please help!

Hello. All right. Please read the documentation. It details the process for setting the theme

How do I add a widget area to the theme. I’d like to add a widget are on the header, somewhere I can add a newsletter signup link. Thanks

Sorry, adding new features not included in the support. You can read about this here http://codex.wordpress.org/Widgetizing_Themes


I need to use an older version of jquery in order to get a script on my site working. Specifically, I’d like to disable v1.11.0 and use a different version instead. Can you tell me how I’d do this in your theme?


jQuery installed not in the theme, but in the WordPress system. Also, I can not say that the rest of the scripts will work correctly with an older version

Hey, so theme keeps going to default, especially the theme options, is there a way to stop this?

Hello. Theme working correctly. Do not forget to save your changes

If I make changes to one of the tabs, some text fields in the other tabs restore to defaults. So one has to be on the lookout. Of course I save my changes. But now I have to check each option to see it hasn’t restored to default. That’s how painful the process is. Can I disable/cancel/delete defaults?

Please specify which ones fields

Hi, interested in Vortex but:

is support still provided and is the theme being updated?

Also, is it possible to view a Video slider version (I clicked on the link but it appears to be broken).

Many thanks


Thanks for your interest Support is provided. This is not a video slider, but the video heder. Everything works as it is necessary

Hi, Fantastic theme. Just one question about lnx.lostudiobotanico.it Can i put some custom descriptions in lightbox photo in portfolio section? Now i have a caption, under photo window, but it shows only number of photo. Can i change it? Thanks for your support Cheers

Hi. Thank you for your kind words :-) I really appreciate it

Open file portfolio.php and change line 34 to this
<a href="<?php echo $fullsize[0]; ?>" rel="lightbox[united]" title="<?php the_title(); ?>"></a>

Hi, I just have a couple of questions before we purchase this template.

I have an understanding of WordPress, but I am by no means at developer level. I was wondering how usable this template is for someone who has knowledge of WordPress, but not at a great level.

Also wondered what the support is like for any issues that you may have with changing aspects of the template. Is it an email support and how responsive is this?

Is the template only single use or can is be used on a couple of websites?

Thank you

Hello. Thanks for your interest.

Since I can not rate your level of expertise WordPress, it’s difficult to say easy change. Each section has its own settings, you can write me an email so I can send you the screenshots, so it will be easier to understand the theme suits you or not. Theme is fully responsive.

Support includes installation guidance, bugs fixing, and general problem solving with features explained on the theme’s official sales page.

Support does not include:
  • solving problems for plugins not packaged with our framework and themes;
  • plugins integration;
  • adding new features or extending the features currently available;
  • changing colors and/or images;
  • any type of modification or customization;
  • change the layout markup.

One license you can use for one project. For the second you need to buy a license again

Hi thank you for this information. Just had one quick question.

Are you able to add more pages to the template than are currently showing in the live preview above. Is there the ability to choose how that will display in the parallax functionality?


Pages like Home Page available only one… You can add simple page. Example you can see on the Shortcodes Page


Any ideas why the contact form doesn’t display over the map?

Also how do I remove the vortex from the header image?

And finally is there a way to remove the button showing in the header image?

Thank you


You can easy do it throuth theme options panel in settings Header->Background Image

Hi I have tried this, but the old one is still remaining there.

Make sure you save your changes. I have everything working. If you want, you can change this in file style.css on line 172