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Thank you :-)

Awesome Theme :)

Nice to hear :-) Thank you

Very clean and beautiful, good luck dude!


privet, Dobav6 v nicescroll horizrailenabled:false, uberets6 procrutka contenta vpravo na telefonah i planshetah

Spasibo bol’shoe. Cennoe zanechanie

u menja k tebe vopros moget ne v temu konechno—kak ti otsuda dengi vivodish?

napishi mne na pochtu

privet! budet tema dlya wordpress?

Ya dumayu chto nedeli cherez 2-3, vozmozhno ran’she

Poskoree bi, ochen nravitsya tema

Scoro vse budet :-)

nice and cute design dude ;)

Thank you!

Awesome work! ;)

Thanks a lot!

Awesome work! Good luck, friend! ;)

Thank you so much!

Why when scrolling the pages the theme does not flow smoothly…there is quite a bit of glitchy jumping in the layout and artwork…is it going to behave like that if i purchase and install your theme?

It’s very strange. I have checked and everything is working well for me. What browser are you looking?

Hi Lesya,

any prevision date for a wordpress theme? i really like your work but I would prefer to stay on Wordpress.

Anyway among the other thems I saw, this one has something more; I could not better descrbe.

Thanks, S.

Thank you very much for your review.

The work is going and I think that at the end of this week or early next, Wordpress version will be available on Theme Forest

Hi, Thank your for awesome theme.

How can change the menu opacity which is scrolling down

Hello, thank you for your purchase and your recall. I am very glad that you like.

To change the menu opacity, open the file style.css and find line 202. Change property background-color:rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7); the last digit, where 1 is the opacity, and 0 is completely transparent

Love the theme! How can I change the color of the text in the “About” section? See my website for example: http://vertigopost.com/

Write to my email, please

Thank you for your prompt help!

Hi, where did you purchase the slider image?

All plugin that I used is free

Hello. I’m not able to set to transparent the background color of div services. I can change the color by not to transparent. I think I have found a bug, tried on different browser with the same resoult. If you opend a full page news, after you closed the page and go to the home page the small navigation bar still apper on the top. Which is not correct as the home page has not a bar. Thank u in advance. Alex

Thank you for your quick answer about but about the background color I did that before your answer and doesn’t work. I also saw something odd in the news div, the background color is set to white but in fact the background is transparent. This is ok for me anyway. I have been working on this matter since yesterday with any luck. I’not able to see where the solution is… hope we can found out!! best regards

I understand that you want to insert a background image? In this case you need to make it semi-transparent png

I apologise, was my fault. I messed up with the divs and their background images. working ok now. sorry again

Hi again,

When i visit to my website via mobile, the first background image doesnt displayed responsive.

Therefore, only left area is displaying in our website. How can i change the background as responsive view.


Is actually the image responsive, covers an area so as not to distort. If you want to move the image, you can add in styles in line 1406 property background-position and adjust parameters

The contact form is not working for me. I followed the instructions perfectly. After tinkering, I also found the action was not set as contact.php on the form and there was no POST method defined… either way, can you look at this code and tell me why it’s not working?

Contact.php: <?php define("WEBMASTER_EMAIL", 'info@*************.com'); // Enter yor e-mail error_reporting (E_ALL); if(!empty($_POST)){ $_POST = array_map('trim', $_POST); $name = htmlspecialchars($_POST['name']); $email = $_POST['email']; $subject = htmlspecialchars($_POST['subject']); $message = htmlspecialchars($_POST['message']); $error = array(); if(empty($name)){ $error[] = 'Please enter your name'; } if(empty($email)){ $error[] = 'Please enter your e-mail'; }elseif(!filter_var($email, FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL)){ $error[] = 'e-mail is incorrect'; } if(empty($message) || empty($message{15})){ $error[] = "Please enter message more than 15 characters"; } if(empty($error)){ $message = 'Name: ' . $name . ' Email: ' . $email . ' Subject: ' . $subject . ' Message: ' . $message; $mail = mail(WEBMASTER_EMAIL, 'Message from Cozy Outfitters Website', $message, "From: ".$name." \r\n" ."Reply-To: ".$email."\r\n" ."X-Mailer: PHP/" . phpversion()); if($mail){ echo 'OK'; } } else{ echo '<div class="notification_error">'.implode('<br />', $error).'</div>'; } } <div id="contact" class="responsive clearfix"> <div class="sizers clearfix"> <div class="section_head"> <h3 class="section_name">Contact Us</h3><!--NAME OF SECTION--> </div> </div> <div id="map-canvas" /> <!-- MAP --> <form id="ajax_contact_form" action="contact.php" method="POST"> <p class="contact_page name"><input type="text" name="name" class="required" placeholder="Name" /></p> <p class="contact_page email"><input type="text" name="email" class="last-item required" placeholder="Email" /></p> <p class="subject"><input id="subject" type="text" name="subject" class="last-item required" placeholder="Subject" /> </p> <p class="clearfix"><textarea class="input" id="contact_message" name="message" placeholder="Message"></textarea></p> <input type="reset" id="contact_reset" value="Reset" /> <input id="contact_submit" class="contact_submit submit" type="submit" value="Send"/> </form> </div>


I just checked. I have everything working. Message could not go, if you enter less than 15 characters

Hi, What a great theme! Any chance I could find out which font you used for the Vortex logo? It looks brilliant… Thank you, Konstantin

Hi. Thank you for your kind words :-) You can find it in Google fonts Cookie

Hi Lesya, Wonderful, thank you so very much! K

Hi Lesya, I like your design but there is an error for image uploading in recent work page.

My designer modified home page also.. it’s not working properly.. i have to refresh 2,3 times for website loading..

ok..thank you.. but i can’t see attachment option.. i wish to upload screenshots

You write, I’m answered you and you send me screenshot. Such a system :D


Is there sound on the video or do you have it turned off for the Video Header version?

Please write from the profile you bought the theme. Otherwise I can not help you

Hi, I downloaded the template and I could not install it, I get an error saying I do not have the CSS or style sheet. What I can do? Thank You.


You bought a html template. It requires no additional installation and is not suitable for Wordpress

Hi thanks for your answer, So what should I do? I do not know work in HTML code, just in CMS like Wordpress or Joomla. What do you recommend? I buy the template? Is this: http://themeforest.net/item/vortex-one-page-parallax-flat-wordpress-theme/5968745?WT.ac=category_thumb&WT.seg_1=category_thumb&WT.z_author=Lesya I will not have problems in installing the wordpress? Thanks :)


Yes, this is a reference to the version of Wordpress, problems with the installation will not :-)

You can request a refund at Envato for html version https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821460