Discussion on Voxis - Responsive Magazine / News HTML template

Discussion on Voxis - Responsive Magazine / News HTML template

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Hello, we bought the voxis theme some while ago and we have a problem with the pointelle slider at the frontpage. it destroys the template. do you know whats wrong? thank you adrian this is the url: https://artisttv.de

I’m using WordPress, but I already purchased this template which is HTML one. Can you provide me with an alternative WordPress template?

I’m using WordPress, but I already purchased this template which is HTML one. Can you provide me alternative WordPress template ?


I have bought the following template from https://envato.com/. https://themeforest.net/item/voxis-responsive-magazine-news-html-template/4215121

This template is using Bootstrap V 2.x, For this I have some challenges while integrating the same with other stuff.

Can you please send me the updated version bootstrap 3.3 or above.

Please note my purchase details

Item ID: 4215121

Item Purchase Code: 2542a303-a0df-429b-96b6-31d3ac34f831

Purchase Date: 2017-06-24 07:39:39 UTC

Looking forward a quick response from your side.


Naesh Patel +91-9818203583

Hi, the template doesn’t support bootstrap 3.3 or above.

Voxis – Responsive Magazine / News HTML template how can i install to wordpress

Hi, This is a HTML template, not a WordPress theme. The WordPress theme is sold separately

Hi, if i buy theme along with extended support, will you provide changes in design when ever needed….

Hello. Extended support doesn’t mean customization, the theme comes as seen on the demo and customization isn’t included. Same for changes / updates. I can provide custom css code for small tweaks, but nothing major

Can I buy this theme using Payoneer Master Card. In my country PayPal is not available. So please give me a solution.

Hello, I’d suggest contacting Envato directly via https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us , they’re the ones processing the payments, not me directly

Problems with top right advert showing. Shows fine on local server but not when uploaded to a public site. The code I have in index.html is different from what shows in Firebug: Any ideas?

Note: Not sure how to post code here?

Hello, what’s your URL?

Problem solved.

Glad you fixed the issue!


Any chance to make first menu sticky and responsive (menu with Search)?


Hello, unfortunately not by default

Thank You for fast response.

Any chance to customize?

Sorry for insistence.

Hello, I don’t do customization work right now, sorry

Hi, I purchased this theme, but maybe too quickly. Is it compatible with blogspot sites?

Hello, unfortunately not, this is a HTML static template, it’s not compatible with platforms such as Blogspot

Hi, when I change the IFRAME CODING for the FACEBOOK LIKE BOX. The current box of the homepage desapear and my new one does not appear. I also saw that the comment system of the page does not work. Please give the php code or whatever for this.

Hello, please post your question using the account you used to purchase the theme


Me again. In head section of pages is referred ie8.css and I can’t find it in package. Is another source for this file?

Thank you

Hi, that file was included at the beginning of the theme but it was never used so you can remove the reference to that file.


question… in this page http://www.news.greyhoundhelp.org/levrieri-cat.html at ”..leggi tutto” (first article) open #page in new window, no lightbox. why? in remote working… online no.

Hello, the template was modified, it shouldn’t open them in lightbox by default, the lightbox was added in the code directly

Hi, very nice template. But there is no single-post html in the download. Why? Thanks, Ines

Hi, it should be called post.html, don’t you have it?

Thanks… solved…


I have a problem with responsivity on tablet portrait.

I made some customisations on this template for on of my clients. Is about to publish some articles in page.

Now are published two row and the problem is on first row.

If the two articles from first row have different length of titles (one on one row and other on two rows) the third go down in page.

Yes, I know I can truncate the title (not too elegant), but before that I want to know if there is another solution (in css or html).

Here is the link: http://www.zodiac-signs.co/aries.php

Focus on top and on bottom of the page.

Thank you and have a very good sale.

Try this code

#main .article-showcase:nth-child(2n) {
    clear: both;

in style.css

Thank you for replay. And thank you for good solution. Worked.

You’re welcome!

Hi, just bought your template and i’m liking it very much.

Three things i need to sort, with your help: I cannot change the duration of the slides in the flexslider. it stays at around 6 seconds no matter what i change in the animationspeed or slideshowspeed. Am i missing something? Also, i would like to incorporate iframes into some of the boxes in columns and i read someone elses comment where you said you would provide them with extra code for it….do i need this? Lastly, i have a forum running on a sub directory. How do i pull posts into the template as per the homepage?




1) Please post your URL 2) Unfortunately this is a customization request and I can’t provide support for customization. 3) This is a HTML template, I can’t provide support for integrating it with another CMS/framework/etc, that’s the back-end part.

Huh? Not sure I understand.

The site isn’t live yet so i can’t give you a URL to demo the slider.

As for the iframes thing, why is this customization? Iframes are pretty standard. Can I not just paste these into the boxes then? Surely as long as they have a containing div they will work? I’ll try first.

Ok not to worry about the forum thing. I’ll ask someone on one of the coding forums.

Well, not sure exactly what you want to do with the iframes, but if you have the exact code, if you’d just paste it in the html files, it should work just fine

Hi I purchased this for integration with my forum CMS and it’s great. I just have a minor question, is it possible for me to easily adjust some code to move the advertisement over to the left to fit a 728 pixel advert rather than a 468 pixel advert? I’m not too familiar with the bootstrap coding and don’t want to break anything doing any overrides. Any help would be appreciated, you can see my site here if that’d help clarify what I’m asking: http://emergencybricks.com

You can go to header.php and find:

<div class="span3 logo" if="" echo="">>
                <a href="<?php echo home_url();?>">
                        if(isset($voxis_options['logo']) && $voxis_options['logo'] != '')
                            $logo = $voxis_options['logo'];
                            $logo = get_template_directory_uri() . '/img/logo.png';
                        <img src="<?php echo $logo;?>" alt="<?php bloginfo('name');?>" />
            <?php if(isset($voxis_options['top_728x90']) && $voxis_options['top_728x90'] != '') { ?>
                <div class="span8 offset1 top-advertising hidden-phone">
                    <?php echo $voxis_options['top_728x90'];?>
            <?php } ?>

just edit the span3, span8 classes, the grid consists of 12 columns so you can use for example span2+span9 or span1+span10…. you also have an offset1 class which adds an extra column, you can remove it if you want

I’m using the HTML/CSS version, that looks like the Wordpress version. But I assume the procedure is the same, so thank you for your time I’ll give it a shot here in a little bit. :)

the html structure is the same, the layout is based on the grid system

< Hi, FinalDestiny.. Nice template..

You will make the WordPress version don’t you? Hmm.. I think adding built in SEO feature in Voxis’ WordPress version will add much more value to magazine theme like this..


Yes, FinalDestiny, you are right.. :grin:

Ability to manually set custom title, meta tag, description and keywords for static pages and posts.. Also prevent (or allow) some pages being indexed by search engines.. A sitemap page.. Make proper use of headings.. I guess that’s what matter for websites which focus on content.

There are many SEO Wp plugins out there, but built-in feature will be a plus for a magazine theme like yours.

Ok, thanks for the suggestions :)


Question before purchase:

If I want to put iframe video embeds in the left and middle column on home page as well as single post page will the videos resize properly. I had problems with this in another responsive theme I purchased and do not want to run into the same problems again.

Thanks Geo

Not by default, but I can provide code for that, thank you for noticing.


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