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I installed the theme on Wordpress 4.2.2.

However, voxis menu is not showing up.

How to solve it?


Hi, try replacing your functions.php with this one

Hello, I saw that there is a new uodate again. What s new in this Update And which files was edited Thanks

Hello, in the previous update I forgot to include the theme options panel and I fixed it, the modified file is functions.php

Hi FinalDestiny – I’m very interested with this theme but i have two simple questions : 1 – Is it possible the red background color to any others one ? 2 – Is it also possible to remove the image where it shows the dates 13 Apr, 11 Apr, etc ?



1) If you’re familiar with CSS, it can be easily changed in style.css

2) Not sure exactly what you’re trying to remove

Hi, I try to install Voxis, but after the installation i see an empty page at “Voxis Options”.

Regards, Luca Mercatanti

Hello, the issue is caused by the “Sticky Social Icon” plugin, it causes a conflict with the theme options panel

Thanks a lot! Now it’s works! 5 stars for you :)

Thank you! :) Good luck with your website!

Hello. I have a problem with chrome and the menu on the slider. I use chrome 46.0.2490.80 m and the bottom slider menu disappears (the image is over it) in chrome. In Firefox it shows up OK. This also happens to your demo at in chrome so I am pretty sure it isn’t something I have misconfigured. Please advise. Thank you.

Hello, sorry for the late reply, can you please upload a screenshot to so I can see the problem?

I like this theme a lot, but it lacks sticky headers, which has become a standard in web design. Any upgrade of this feature soon? Thanks.

Hello, I don’t plan on adding a sticky header right now, sorry.

Can we use this template with WordPress 5.1? Is it possible?

Thanks for your reply. You are right :) Can I change the design for example I want to give a place to latest news 2 columns. How can I do it and the managment of it is possible?

Are you there @FinalDestiny?

Sorry for the late reply. Can you please elaborate on what you want to do? I don’t quite understand

Hy, I instaled Q2W3 Fixed Widget plugin. It works fine under Chrome, but the fixed widget jump when I scroll in Firefox and IE. In their support they say it’s because of something in the css, but I can’t figure what can it be. They say it is something related to positioning on scroll. Is something I can do to avoid this behaviour from Firefox and IE? What is strange is that the last widget is ok in FF, and only the last widget is wrong on IE:))

Hello, unfortunately I can’t provide support for 3rd party plugins, but I doubt it’s from the theme, as the theme doesn’t have any custom functionality on scroll.

Can i still purchase this, since is been over 12 months since your last update? and also how can i make it non responsive?

Hello. The theme will work fine even though it wasn’t updated. :) It’s built upon the bootstrap grid which is automatically responsive I’m afraid, significant customization is required in order to make it non responsive

I would really love it to be non responsive, what will it take?

Hi, sorry for the very late reply, I’ve been on vacation with no internet access. I think I can go into the css file and remove all the references for mobile devices or tablets but I can’t guarantee it will be fully non-responsive

Good morning. Working on the site (to try new templates) we lost the home page configuration. On template settings all is ok but home page is empty.(banner are ok, right column is ok, footer is ok, menu is ok. How can we do?

Hi, I see the issue has been fixed, please let me know if you need further assistance with anything else :)

Solved myself. But missed the bar under the banner!

Hi, great to hear that! :)

Hello. Is there a tranlate to PT-BR for Voxis?


Hi, sorry for the late reply, unfortunately not :(

Hi, is there a way to change the word ‘Navigation’ for another one into mobile menu? Thank you in advance.

Hi, sorry for the very late reply, you can change it in js/main.js

jQuery(".main-nav nav > ul").tinyNav({
            active: 'active',
            header: 'Navigation'

Thank you!!!

Do you plan to update? When is the update done?

Hi. No updates are planned right now, as the theme works perfectly fine with the latest WP releases

Is there a sticky-header choice in the admin?

Hi, unfortunately there’s no such option in the theme

I am using Slider Revolution on my site however none of the images are loading in the slider. The slider loads, thumbnails load, but not the main images, any thoughts?

Hi, what’s your URL? Please send me your problem along with a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile


I am using your template and good now. I have a small problem or issue.

When I set the featured image for post, it appears in category page (in small size) also in the post page (in actual size). What I expect is, some times, i don’t want to see the featured image in the post, but I want to see only in Category . Is it possible. Please let me know

Hi, you can add this to style.css

.single #main .blog-page article figure {
display: none;

Thank you very much. It works. Now one more query. Is it possible to limit to particular post.I Mean I want to see image in some posts (inside) and not to see on some posts (inside)

Hi, not really automatically. If it’s just a single post that you want to hide the image in, I can provide the code for that, but if you want to choose whether to show or hide it for each individual post as an option, it’s not possible by default I’m afraid

Hi. I am using this Template. But I am facing problem when I create Post. The biggest problem is formatting. I used to copy the text from word/notepad and try to format it in the theme. But I am facing problem with I don’t get the look of original theme. Can you please have a look at my website and suggest me what is the wrong with me. my website is

Hi and sorry for the very late reply. You shouldn’t copy from word or microsoft word because it will copy all the formatting and everything and not use the theme styling