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Nice resume theme! GLWS!:)

Thank you :)

Welcome and Congrats! :)

Thank you ThemeRox!

Looks great wish you the best with sales.

Thank you Bedros :)

Nice WordPress theme. Good luck with sales :)

Thank you 4riS :)

Nice theme! Gratz.

Has an issue thought in the latest WordPress (3.8.1) version that I am using. The issue is regarding the “Skills” type/view/option.

More specifically the Skills together with their category are not showing up. Furthermore in the “Voxr Theme Options > Resume Page Settings” the Skills are missing again.

Tested on two servers both using the latest WordPress and got the same result. I need a fix for that asap please.

Also it would be nice if you post under which version of WordPress this theme is/was fully tested, so others would not bump into such issues.

Thx and keep up the good work!

Thank you for reporting this problem!

I have already uploaded an update and its pending approval until its available!

- Stergos

Great work.. GLWS ;)

Thank you

Hello, I’m having an issue with the menu items. They’re not staying highlighted once clicked on like it is in your demo. Do you know what the problem could be?


Please send me an email with a url so i an check it.

- Stergos

Hi and thanks for the great theme.

Only two little things.

If I click the UPLOAD Button for a new image .. Nothing happens in no browser.

And … what is the secret to arrange the empolyments from last to past?

Thanks Marco


Please send me an email regarding the image upload issue so i can test it out myself as well.

You can use any plugin from the wordpress repository that is up to date to re-arrange your posts and any other custom post type(employments, education etc…)

Regards, Stergos

Is there any simple way to turn off the “zoom” feature when you mouseover some images?

Another question: in the portfolio page, the excerpt that’s in the left column for each item is very short—how can I make this longer?

Hello, please send me an email via my profile page for both issues you have so we can fix them.

- Stergos


Before buying your theme i got few questions about it :

- As i see, when we are in any page, navigation menu is hidden and we have to click on an icon to show the menu. is it possible to keep the navigation menu like in home page in your preview? - Is the footer is fully customizable ? (text, icon etc) - Is the Google map in contact form is customizable ? - Is it easy to setup a page with customized content and add it on nav menu ?

Thank you :)


Yes you can either keep the home header or the dropdown navigation when you are in other pages except home page.

You can set the footer content in the theme options.

Google map’s latitude and longitude can be set as well via the theme options.

When you add a page, you can then add it to your menu and it will automatically appear in the navigation bar.

Regards, Stergos

Hi Maxdp, Good theme!! I am facing issues with theme on contact us form, when I submit the form it’s showing me error- Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method. Also, how can I add icon for Blog in top menu?

Hello redmapple,

Thanks for the kind words.

The theme uses Contact Form 7 so it’s up to you, the settings of the contact form you have added and your server for it to work.

On your second question, if you mean how to add an icon in a menu item, please follow the documentation tutorials and you should be able to add icons.

For further help please send me an email via my profile page.

Regards, Stergos

Hello, the menu is possible as in the html version? reduced but with all the items?


Not at the moment but i will surely check it out soon.

- Stergos

Ok, perfect, thanks! great job!

Hello Is the theme WP 4.5.3 ready? Regards Kevin


Yes it runs on the latest WordPress Version.

Regards, Stergos

Ok, perfect. Thx for the quick reply!