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Hi there! Great landing page! I do not seem to be able to find the text of the confirmation message after sending a mail: “Your form has been submitted successfully. We’ll respond to your message within 24 hours. Please call 123.456.789 for any urgent queries. Thank You!

I want to change the phone number and a few things. Can you help?

Ah cool! thanks a lot for the prompt answer. I have a slight issue where the logo does not display at all at the moment… that’s all.

Please give me link to check :)

Also, how do I change the background of the sections? I removed a few sections, like the newsletter one, etc… and I want to add some grey or white background but cannot. Thanks.

Each section has unique ID, so you can add background through css. As to make colors easily editable, I used jQuery so you may have to add ’!important’ to your updated css while writing background-color. Can you give me link as well as let me know which section bg you want to change? Please email me through my profile page :)

I just purchased your Theme Voyage Tourism Responsive Landing Page, any chance you have this as a full blown Wordpress Theme? Whats the link?

Thank you for the purchase :) yes I am working on WP but I am not sure when it will be ready for sale.

I purchased it as a WP theme. it’s of no use to me. Can you please suggest a way out.


Hey tryambak, there is a big heading before description starts “Voyage is a HTML Template not WordPress Theme”. If you haven’t downloaded the template yet then you may ask for refund to Envato support here

WP Theme ASAP! Thanks

Work in progress :)

Hi! Can you tell me how to remove the animation from all sections of the page except the sliders?


Thank you heathermcinnc for the purchase :)
Open index.html and remove/comment this script at bottom: <script type=”text/javascript” src=”js/cbpScroller.js”></script>

Very clean theme, saptarang. Well done.

Heads up: you’ve got a copy/paste error on line 30 of contact.php

It should read:

} else {$comment = ‘No comment entered’;}

instead of:

} else {$phone = ‘No phone entered’;}


Thank you admo for the purchase and letting me know :)

Hello and thanks for great themplate! I made a wordpress theme from it just for myself. I have only one problem: on IPads “Tour Inclusions” sections (flip-flaps) do not work: they open and immedately close again. Seems like toucheffects.js does not work in this case. Here is my site for testing: Many thanks for your help!

Hi katyatina1
I checked on iPad, it works but it open, close and open again. I am not sure but try this:

or may be try disabling toucheffect.js

By buying deliver the html code to climb as an entry or page in wordpress ???

I dint get what exactly you want to ask

By buying deliver the html code to climb as an entry or page in wordpress ???

Hey , I have a Question , I bought this theme but I cannot install it because it says that the theme don´t have the style sheet “Style.css” what can I do?

It is html template, not WordPress theme. You can directly edit in the html editor and upload it on server.

Hello, I am interested in you landing page. It’s really great! I just have a question. I will put this template in one of the pages of my website. I have many packages to offer in my website. Can I just put it in the WordPress page edit screen. The page edit screen with visual/text editor? I don’t know what is the process of putting this kind of files in wordpress sites.

You cant use this landing page as it is with your current WP theme, you have to develop theme accordingly.