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Great template, impressive UI, perfect category! :)

This is the very first time I can’t resist to post: Wooooow! Especially the WP version of this theme at your website makes me very :)

Thanks a lot, we really appreciate seeing the theme is received with enthusiasm.

Just purchased the WP version on your site. Would the dropdown in the main menu with the world part maps be possible too?

Very nice template.

We appreciate it, thanks.

Now that’s something unique! Congratulations, I like it very much.

Thanks a lot.

stylish! congrats ;)


Hmm… Why not in WP? hopefully will be available in wp ;)

It is available, only we are not selling it here. Can’t share the link though … against the policy of ThemeForest.

WOWSERSSSS… Awesome theme.. any plans for wordpress version?

The wp version is available for sale but not here. Unfortunately I can’t share a link due to ThemeForest’s terms of use. It’s not hard to find though :)

i would like to ask about picture gal.wrap…i add a lot of pics…can load all the pics in my localhost but not all picture can be load at my website.i hope u can resolve my problem.thanks

As you know we don’t offer support here in the comments. Please drop us a line in the dedicated support forum for the theme. Thanks a bunch.

Voyage Dedicated Support Forum

my issue still can’t be resolve..please help.thanks

Hey guys, seriously looking at purchasing the template for our site… just curious .. what are the other color schemes? Also there are certain element that we would not need to make use of .. is it possible to”disable” or delete these aspects from the template upon purchase. Excuse the millions of questions, just ensuring we have all the facts, Thanks.

The theme comes as is, no color variations. Of course you can make them your self if you have the skills. The PSD files are included and any designer can help you replace certain images, colors, etc.

Being a HTML theme you can easily delete any parts of the code and thus disabling what you don’t need. Hope this helps.

Just purchased the WP version on your site. Would the dropdown in the main menu with the world part maps be possible in WP too?

Yes we plan to implement Mega Menu there, but it is still in the works. I’m sorry I can’t put the finger on a date when it will be ready but we plan to do it yes.

Hi Themefuse,

I cannot find the WP version. Could you please send the link?

Sorry can’t do that, it will be against the rules here. It’s pretty easy to find if you really want it :)

Hello, does you theme come with .po files for localization to my language please? Thank you, I like your work!

I’m sorry, I didn’t notice it’s not a WP theme. But I see you sell one on your website, so my question is still relevant :-)

yes it comes with .po files ;)

Hi i’m confused, it’s a html template or wp template? Inside the pakage there is a booking page? Tnk

It is a HTML theme. No booking page inside.

ok tnk, it’s include php page like search o filter system? I wont by ot but i need a php file tnk

yes it includes a PHP for the contact form. It comes with a working contact form.

I have a question…why such a drastic price difference between the HTML version at $14 and the WP version at $99?

Hello CuriousG, the WordPress version took a lot more work to code and create because it has very complex functionalities that come with our WP theme. The HTML version is just the design, is not really a functional website out-of-the-box…

Are “Sign In”, “Register” pages included in the package?

no, they are not functional as this is just the HTML version and not the fully-functional WordPress theme. That one is available exclusively on our own website.

Great template, I wish that the WP theme was more cheeper than 99 :(

We wish that as well, but I can’t be done Im afraid. The filter and search solution is custom made by us and is worth that much alone.

hi, i need the wordpress version. need more info. thank you.

is available, but unfortunately I can’t share the link here, is against the policy. not hard to find though :)

Dear, please you have this theme in wordpress ? Thank you Jane

the WordPress version of this design is not available here on Themeforest, because we sell it exclusively on our website. (unfortunately i can’t post link here)

Hi, I am really interested in this theme, just have 2 questions:

1. The item details says the theme includes 20+ HTML5 valid files for each color variation and 9 Photoshop files used to create the HTML theme, the demo shows only 2 or 3 sample pages, could you give me a brief of what is included in the other 17+ HTML files?

2. I need the Destinations menu to have south american countries images istead of continents, could you provide those images too? (extra charge for this wouldnt be a problem)


Hello Sapeish, thanks for the interest in our work.

1. The Demo ( ) has all the pages – home / product details page / Listing for Offers / Blog / Article Details / Contact / and many more.

2. Not sure what you mean by South American countries images – do you mean the shapes for the countries?