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I am having a bit of trouble getting the auto-advance feature to work for the home page slider. Any help would be great.


Hello, I just purchased this template.

Like the post before mine, I have an issue not being able to auto slide the 1600px images on the index page.

Can you tell me where I should look to solve this.


Hi Openjam,

You must look into the slider.js file at the bottom, here you can change the settings of the slider


I have recently purchased this theme and I love it.

The only problem I am facing is, as other users have reported, submenus appear shifted to the side in IE8 .

Have you issued a fix for this already? What do I need to do to correct this issue?

Thanks in advance for your help…

Best regards

Can you give me the code to make the slides automatically proceed to the next slide? I tried looking here: and cannot figure it out. what line do I need to copy and paste?

In the slider.js file at the bottom you will find:

var changeEvery = 3;

var itvl = setInterval(function(){autoAdvance()},changeEvery*1000);

These are commented out, uncomment these lines :-)

Hello, i have a question.

concerning page: col8_light.html or col8.html

Could you tell me how to create/add text to appear directly under each item on pages. This will be multi-lined description of each image.


I learn by editing these templates but I can’t figure this out. Thank in advance for your assistance tq

Hi Greetings! When can you update to IE9 Compatible Browser. I am having some problems on IE9 . help me out please :)

Respectfully, Nash