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I have found an ugly IE bug – when using a form – input type=”text” and a placeholder value I cannot preset the “value” attribute. In otherwords I am retrieving data from my db but inside IE it doesn’t show if the “placeholder” attribute is being used as well as the “value” attribute. Only the placeholder text is showing inside the input.

Any ideas?

Hi mystus,

Have you checked this on other browsers as well? What version of IE did you find the bug on?

This was on IE 9 . I haven’t tested it on any version lower than 9 at this stage. I built a simple workaround which does a check for IE and if true it excludes the placeholder attribute on the input fields. Not grand but it did allow me to still keep the placeholder on the browsers that really matter to me.

Hi mystus,

To fix the issue with the placeholder, please change line 15 on global.js to the following:

!$this.val() && $this.val(placeholder).data(‘color’, $this.css(‘color’)).css(‘color’, ’#aaa’);


hi, great template!

please take a look at this image and tell me how i can get rid of this bug:

basically when the secondary menu comes in, the first level is stil visible to the left of the second level. obviously on larger screens this could be an issue.


Hi radus,

This should be easy. Please add overflow-x: hidden to #wrapper > section > aside under general.css to fix the issue. Thanks for letting me know!

Thanks, but that doesn’t do the trick. Let me know if you figure it out. (tested on Mac – Chrome, Opera, Safari).

ooops. my mistake, i was doing something wrong.. it did work. Thanks!

Hi, How can I use this templates with master page and aspx pages. I tried but the navigation not work? Thanks

Hi, your theme looks good. 2 Issues before i make this purchase..

1) on ipad the wide view css is not automatically applied when rotate to landscape, you need to reload the page, it simply zooms and chops off content on the right side.. any way around this ?

2) ipad performance is very slow on animation – easing etc.. any way to improve it?

thanks a lot !


thanks for your quick respones mate.

i would suggest you change the simple checkbox in the forms to toggle iphone style:

small change huge impact as i see it. please let me know if you gonna fix this ?

thanks & br Efi.

Hi, I need to confirm if this is a bug or any tip to fix this issue. Basically if I rename table.html to table.php and I add dynamic information, when I click from the left menu I can not see the pagination or sort filter (see this example) :

But if I click in any other link (like contacts.html) and return to my table.php, I can see all the element like in this other example:

Can you please confirm if this is a bug? If I REFRESH the page, this also bring me the missing elements (pagination, sort, etc)

Thanks in advance.

Hi Viviant, any solution, recommendation or workaround to avoid this problem?

Hi Viviant, any solution, recommendation or workaround to avoid this problem? I still have this issue over my project

Anyone can tell me how to fix this issue? thanks.

As with jbiscione, I have discovered the exact same issue.

I’ve narrowed it down to the following – if you have a call to $(document).ready{} which does something specific and substantial, unless you actually change pages to something with a different hash address, i.e. from #table.php to #contact.html and then back to #table.php the $(document).ready{} function will not fire again.

I created a page called addsession.php which was called. Inside this page I needed to change some information which would then reload the page but now with a querystring, i.e. addsession.php?uid=1, however when doing the second load it doesn’t hit the $(document).ready{} event.

I built a workaround to this which sends the user right out of the vpad template to a php page I created called reload which effectively just is a bounce back to whichever page I needed to force a reload on.

Certainly not ideal. I would really prefer a solution around this but until such time this will have to work.

can I integrate this template with Zend Framework 1.11 ? is this will work with Zend?

This will work with any framework as long as you have knowledge of ajax and the mvc pattern.

This is my 2nd question around the same subject area, but I simply cannot get the forms to do what I want.

Would you have an example of a working form that actually does a post to a php file? Something that would work with your existing framework would be great (/index.html#forms1.html). Once I see a working example I should be able to nut out the rest.

Thank you again for a great app framework.

Hi viviandesigns,

I got a problem with the Wizard, sometime when moving from this tab to other tab, there is a bug appear when small part of another tab showing in the current tab. It happens randomly.

Do you have patch for this ?


hi, i have a problem with the site i am using the theme, but am loading the content using ajax, the problem is that when i resize the browser for mobile view when i click on a sub menu item the content loads but the screen does not move to the right to display the content even thou the content is load (if i resize the browser i can see the content is being loading when am press the sub menu (drill down menu ) link. Also how can i add a Accordion to the sidebar so that i can display certain menus in the drill down menu and others in Accordion. one last thing i can i add iscroll and itoggle to the site. thanks keep up the good work

Check if you have any javascript errors on the console. I wouldn’t recommend changing the structure of the menu since it may create problems with the drilldown menu javascript. You may add other plugins but at your own risk.


Getting a parse error in the search for xml:

SimpleXMLElement::__construct()[simplexmlelement.—construct]:Entity: line2: parser error : AttValue: ” or ’ expected in ../admin/php/googlesuggestions/res on line 29

Looked it up but could only find this

Any ideas on how to fix it?

Also after the error, it searches the web and not the system?


I want these theme for wordpress. Is there available ? If no then is that possible to convert it in WP ? will it work ?

Hi, here’s the issue i am having: i have /#subpage.php which contains a form. when i submit the form, i have a header(location …) function which redirects to a different page – let’s say #success.php after successful submit. subpage.php is not in my top menu level, but in a secondary level. i want the secondary level still to remain selected after redirect. but that doesn’t happen. the menu jumps back to the top level. however, if i do a page reload (from the browser, then the template somehow reads the subpage from the url and selects the correct secondary level menu item.

how can i get the secondary level menu item to be selected without the need for a full page reload. the beauty of this template is the apparent no reloading of the page (makes it look like a real app), so i would like to not have to reload the page.


Popover issue:

cannot add textarea to the popover that displayed on the top notification area.. please your help on that one ?

Another Popover issue:

On button that is inside the popover, onclick i try to call js function on the page that the popover is declared on…but it don’t recognize this function..

ASAP Help please ?

Cache issue.

I’m seeing static resources not using the browser’s cache and being requested with a timestamp appended. For example,


This causes the web server to respond with a status 200 instead of status 304, resending the file when it hasn’t changed. This seems to apply to everything fetched via AJAX . Having the browser use its cache should greatly increase peformance.

I see an explanation here, , but it’s not enough for me to create a solution.

hi i was wondering how can i show and hide the side bar i know on mobile.css it has this feature but i want the same feature on the tablet.css. i want to make the side bar only show 30% of screen size and the content 70%, when i change the values on the tablet css the content does not get displayed and also the main content shows off screen.

Another thing am trying to fix is that when i resize the browser to use the mobile.css i can not make the sidebar disappear when i have selected a option. i am not linking to a html file due to am loading the content via ajax am just using hash tag (href=”#”). when i am selecting an option the content is being loading and when i resize the browser i can see the content. can you tell me how i can fix this. thanks

Is there any way to take the index.html and split it into header.html and footer.html files? I see that the views files are displaying in the main-content <section>. However, I would like to…

<?php include_once(‘header.php’); ?> /* insert view.html code here */ <?php include_once(‘footer.php’); ?>

I know that this likely isn’t the best way to do it, but I would like a little more control over the navigation of pages. Could you provide some advice?


hello, great theme. I am having an issue with clearing the drop downs with a reset button, can you please advise.

thanks in advance. -george