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Somes issues with this template:

The ”$(window).bind(“hashchange”, function(e) { }); in “global.js” cause problem. Indead, it’s impossible to follow a link if the link is not present in the HTML content of the page.

For exemple: if I have a link in my HTML content like “”, and if I click on it, it will be OK.

Imagine now, that when I click on a DIV I want to follow a specific link (for example: a jQuery click function and a location.href = ”#news”). But this link is not present in the page content.

Result? Impossible to follow the link.

The Javascript make the ajax call only if the anchor link exist on the page.

See : ”$(window).bind(“hashchange”, function(e)...” in js/global.js.


After I make a purchase on this template, simply open it with Chrome. nothing display on the main area.

But it works ok with Firefox and IE.

is it a bug?

Anyone have code suggestions for adding a form that will update the contact list? I’d rather not reinvent the wheel here…

Hi!! I can’t get the value form using a method=”post”.. when load the page, all values and session variables disappear :-S

What going on?? let me know..

can menu items be enable/disabled?

hi! i have a big problem… i need to load the post vars sended by a form. When i submit the form all vars are sended to index.php, but i need to recieve them in the script that has the form. i yet try using <form action=”sarasa.php”> and <form action=”#sarasa.php”>

Please i need to resolve this problem. thanks!

Thanks for your beautiful template. Like many others on this forum I have problems figuring out how to create a form that sends the data via post to a php-file and display some response afterwards (e.g. a “Thank you for your submission” page).

I would greatly appreciate it, if you could provide an example file for that. Just one simple php file that receives the POST data and displays some output (maybe one of your beautful messages) in the data area.

@defcuser, @krustynick, @VillainBaroque: the easiest way is to use AJAX and JSON .

For example, in your “view” file, where you have your form:

<form id="foo" action="your_script.php" ...>
    <input type="text" name="bar" />

The jQuery / Ajax part (to put also in the view file):

    var dataForm = $(this).serialize();
    var urlForm = $(this).attr('action');

        type: 'POST',
        url: urlForm,
        data: dataForm,
        dataType: 'json',
        success: function(msg) {
            if (msg.success)
                alert("Something's wrong!");

    return false; // for not reload the page

Finally, you just have to complete your PHP script by something like that:

// For example, get a POST var:
$bar = $_POST['bar'];

// Do everything else (eg. add data to BDD, send email, etc...)

// Display the answer
$message = array(
    'text'         => 'Ok! Everything is allright!',
    'success'      => TRUE

echo json_encode($message);

PS: Excuse me for my english… :)

thanks for the template, one thing i cannot figure out…. when i click wizard i see a cut off part of step 2 when on step 1 however if i click wizard again it displays as normal – this is really bugging me can you please help. Mark

please see for a screenshot

For those who have problems displaying this theme in CHROME (see jacwongblacs comment above): calling the pages from your file system won’t work. You’ll need to call them through your web server; I have no idea why this behavior shows in Chrome only, but thats what it is.

I would like to add buttons into the h1 tag but they do not line up correctly. Is there a good way to do this?

Dashboard <Button>Print</Button>


How to Install in codeigniter?

Is there a working implementation of this Framework are integrated with java or php?

view sample was application.

thank you

Hi Guys

I’m having a problem with the vPad template when I use tabs or accordion. I can’t get them to page, when I click on the tabs and the accordion can’t expand when clicked. Is there something I’m missing? Please have a look at this link. Here is the Html I’m using. I’m using a Microsoft VS2010 IDE for developing. I tried the page on Chrome, IE8 ,7 and firefox

  • Overview
  • Tab 2
  • Tab 3
<section> <section class=”clearfix”> <header class=”alpha omega”>

Tabbed Content


This is tab 1. Type here your tab content

</section> <section class=”clearfix”> <header class=”alpha omega”>

Tab 2 Header

</header> </section> <section class=”clearfix”> <header class=”alpha omega”>

Tab 3 Header

</header> </section> </section> <header>

This is an accordion

</header> <section class=”clearfix”> ... content here </section> <header>

Accordion title here

</header> <section class=”clearfix”> ... content here </section> ...

$ POST with a view: #form.php not work! Because the $ _POST does not work?

For .NET folks who have gradient issues on IE, here is the solution:

MVC3 solution: Web Forms solution:

Why take so long to load pages?

Not sure this framework is supported here any more, as the Author has not replied to a comment in months. I’ll try though….

Is there a setting or some parameter that will allow the pages to load faster? When any link is clicked, the site has a delay before the page is loaded. Is this the CSS , Ajax, JS, etc. causing this? I have a fairly powerful server yet the site (framework) seems sluggish.

Thanks, Ed

In Demo you can check this bug. Try opening Widgets -> Calendar and then click in the WYSIWYG Editor and very fast click again in Calendar. You Will see that the calendar does not open at all. This happens every time, any solutions for this?

neon_eddie, the delay I Believe it can be change at global.js and edit .animate paremeter from “slow” to “fast” or to a miliseconds duration you want.