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i have to trigger resize every time i add content to my wizard with ajax $('.wizard').resize(); i would be happy to see a solution in a future release.

(btw, welcome to the sixth page of comments :-)

Hi, do you at all do custom work for pay? We really like your work and we where wondering if your open. We have a start-up company need your type of style in our interface.

This is our email: and or Skype: slickgfx

Thanks, Alex


I have purchased CleanSlate and I have develop a system on it. How can update it with this them which is optimized at apple devices?

thanks in advance.

When accessing the theme with Android Browser, it closes automatically. Can you please address this bug?

Please ignore the above bug report. I have gone through the demo from Themeforest website. It really works great with android browser.

Great work!

Best theme I found here so far (99% of themes are black many many icons and confusing! not sure why!)

Is it possible to change the theme color? how?

How can I update CleanSlate to this theme?

Hi, this bug which will happen when you have more than one page having tables. Example, if you have a top menu item called “items” which contains a table and another top menu item called “properties” which also contains a table. First, we click on “items” which shows the DataTables very well, next, we click on “properties” which will show a borked up DataTable with the information inside.

I love this theme.

It is lightning fast when ran locally from my PC, but when I upload to the web, it really takes many seconds to transition after I click on the dashboard, for example. It’s a PHP app, but I have tested on forms where I’m not loading any data, and it still takes anywhere from 4 to 10 seconds before the transition.

Any suggestions or is this normal? Otherwise I guess my code must be the problem. Thanks.

My question is how can i apply required property on <select> tags?


I like this theme very much. Dost is it have RTL support(Right to left) ?


Hello? I sent you a message through your profile.. not seeing any response from here either. Been a few weeks.

Can I get some help pls?


i like your template, because it’s a good model view controle in Ajax.

/* For information :*/ In Php laguage, if you not created a “favicon.ico” on the root directory, the variables type string value will bizarrely “favicon.ico”.

Some bugs with the sidebar menu on IE 7 . To fix that (in a CSS for IE 7 ) :

#wrapper > section > aside {
    overflow-x: hidden;
#wrapper > section > aside > nav > ul li > a {
    border: 1px solid #d0cec6;
    border-top-color: #FFF;
    border-top-color: #d0cec6;
    border-right-width: 0;
    display: block;
#wrapper > section > aside > nav > ul li > a:hover {
    zoom: 0;

Hi how to disable loading page in ajax ?

I have a problem with Rails. How can i change the haschange function to be rails friendly. For example
$(window).bind("hashchange", function(e)  {
    h = location.hash;
    if (h && h != '#menu') {
        link = "views/" + h.replace(/^\#/, ""),
        id = link.replace(/[\/\.]/,"-");
        $('#'+id).length && $('#'+id).remove();
        $.ajax(link, {
            dataType: "html",
            cache: false,
            success: function(data, textStatus, jqXHR) {
                return pageDownloaded(data, id);
            complete: function(jqXHR, textStatus) {
i cant get the drilldown menu to point to a #controller/action and have the ajax effect.

I need a single file HTML document. How can I use <section class=”tabs side grid_12 leading”> instead of a

    drop down menu so that the content can be in index.html instead of multiple files I only need a one level deep menu.

Well that didn’t show up right. :( let’s try again: I need a single file HTML document. How can I use a “side tabs” class element or something similar as the menu instead of the tlm class drill down menu for the homepage, so that I can have all the content in one file instead of loading each menu item as a new file from a server (I need to be able to email this .html to people)?

Great theme, but does somebody has a solution to the double items bug when you have a datatable and switch to another page? It’s pretty obvious to notice when you see it.


I ve got a problem with your template using Google Chrome (not the one expected for once). Indeed for a date field (type=date), when I preset some text with the value attribute (value=”example”), the field stay empty whereas all other browser put the value in the field. I think that come from the javascript but I don’t know what file(s) to change. Any idea why ?