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Hi. I’m integrating this with backbone so I had to disable the jquery hashchange functionality. For testing purposes we’re embedding text/templates in the html vs. using the views and letting backbone render the templates when necessary. We we do this, the “main-content” container is not resizing for the new content. Can you tell me if there’s a specific jquery method this is being called to resize or if there is some special css class that we must use to make sure the container resizes? Thanks

for example

<script type="text/template" id="Channel-Table-Template2">
<!- some content ->


I have a 6-steps wizard within this theme and works perfectly. In some case I need to `jump` to specific step. How would I do that?

Could you please post me information where this jquery.wizard takes any option?


Can i know how to use two header in index file. so the first header content depends on second one content in the index file.I used first grid_4 and other one grid_6 but phasing issue while view in mobile device it not appearing properly. How to make two header and i need two parts assume something like 2 dashboard view one in gird_4 and other grid_6.First content depends on Second.

hi i got a problem with the drillDownMenu, i have 4 primary links and 20 sub links, but the menu does not resize a simple solution in to make the menu 100% height how can i do this ?

Hi, I have One problem with integration. I have one page with dataTable. ..

when it loads first time works well, i have one form in the page, when i submit with ajax and on complete i have action again load same page with, window.location=”#add_category.php”

this second time page is loaded, but the jquery.dataTables.js is not loaded. ..i can’t understand it. .?

Hi, anyone having compatibility issues with IE8 ? Seems the template isn’t working well on IE8 , although it states it is compatible.

I found, in the login.html page, a call to ”/js/respond.min.js” but this file is not included in the zip download… what it is (or isn’t) used for ?

Please remove respond.min.js, it was added by mistake.

Hi, I’m not using respond.min.js. Even though I have compatibility issues with IE. Drill Down Menu got messed up when I click any of the menu items. Either the menu item name not visible or the complete menu item disappears and sometimes Dashboard view disappears. Thank you in advance.


The template crashes on Andriod based browsers – is this intentional? Is this a known issue or there is a work around this issue?


Hi, Using iPad, when clicking on any hyperlinks (menus), or in form fields like input boxes, a quick Yellow background appears for few milliseconds. Is there a way to remove this issue?

(iPad 2nd Generation, iOS 6)


Regarding tables:

I found that if you load a page, then use the AJAX onload function to load the data from the server and replace the html code with the new table data, the table controls will not work properly. Instead I query the server as part of the display code (not using AJAX) but the display will not slide into place until the query finishes executing as one would expect, but this is not preferable from a usability point of view because the user is presented with a blank view container as the old view slides off the screen (until the new one is done loading then slides into place.) Is there any way to display a loading icon (or at least display some message to the user) while the new page is waiting for the query to finish?

So the workflow may be something like this: -user clicks navigation button -loading indication displays over current page -current page slides out of place and loading icon disappears when new page is finished querying the server -new page slides into place as old page slides out of place


I found a solution to the previous question.

Instead of placing the dataTable Pagination script in the Ready function, place it at the end of your load function, so after the html code is inserted, the dataTable function is called.

Like this:
   function(response, status, xhr) {
     if (status == "error") { Display some error } 
     else {
       $('#table').dataTable( {"sPaginationType": "full_numbers"} );}

Hope this helps for anyone else,

I noticed that when using the AJAX .load function…. if you click the nav bar to load a different page while waiting for the ajax load function to complete, you are forwarded to a page that has the loading indicator on it. It appears to forward you to this page when the first load function completes

Here’s the order of events
  • click nav tab to load a page using AJAX .load
  • click another tab to load a page using AJAX .load
  • first .load completes, page with spinning loading indicator displayed
  • you stay on the page indefinitely
  • So it appears the double .load call confuses the browser. is there a way to disable the menu bar while waiting for the load function to finish?


It seems that the “page sliding” effect is creating multiple instances of elements when using id’s instead of classes. So javascript referencing the id’s will not work once the page is visited a second time. To fix this I replaced the slide in effect with a fade in/out in the global.js but then the wizard will not resize correctly upon initial loading. So I resorted just doing a page replace of main-content. Not as smooth as I wanted but it works.

Has anyone else experienced these same issues or have a better solution. I can post my code if it would help.


Hello and congrats on your HTML admin theme!

I would like to request a support note from the developer for the dataTable pagination problem of loading the script twice if you navigate between two tables.

Sorted it out! I was using the same table id and there was a conflict.

So i have changed that in both the Initialization code and in the table html code.

Hi friend, please tell me: Can I use this template to admin online a HTML5 (Kallyas template, from themeforest) website, just to change texts and images???

I need it for a customer, who need an admin panel to just edit text and images.

Many thanks in advance

Can you provide a diff file for the 1.3 version (“Fixed javascript bug when drilling down and elements are skinned twice”)? Which files/lines are affected?

Hi all;

I bought my template to develop the project. Aspx file when I click a button on and off alone to any other page, type the url in the post id is different.

How can I fix this. I think the problem stems from.

How can I fix this.

$(window).bind("hashchange", function(e)  {
    h = location.hash;
    if (h && h != '#menu') {
        link = "views/" + h.replace(/^\#/, ""),
        id = link.replace(/[\/\.]/,"-");
        $('#'+id).length && $('#'+id).remove();
        $.ajax(link, {
            dataType: "html",
            cache: false,
            success: function(data, textStatus, jqXHR) {
                return pageDownloaded(data, id);
            complete: function(jqXHR, textStatus) {

Not rendering too well on the iPhone…