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Now this is nice!! Well done Vivant! Really like the thought that went into this.

Thanks sparkingmatt!

Very nice… Any chance of making this HTML5 /CSS3?

Best wishes

Hi gluegl,

Actually this is html5 / CSS3 :)


Excellent work !

Thanks QuadCodes!

This really is one of the best admin themes going

Full stars for the following:

  1. Clear layout
  2. Good documentation throughout
  3. great attention to detail (e.g. checking confirmation and password fields match out-of-the-box)

Excellent work and well worth the money


Thanks for purchasing!


it says it’s compatible with IE9 but I can’t get it to log in… I see a flash of loading.. and get back to the login screen. Does this have something to do with the demo or the template?

Hi woony,

Did you enter a username and password? It works for me on ie9, just put in any username and password.


Yeah I checked that in IE9 too, seems to be some thing went wrong. Also you have mention that Zend Framework, does this made in Zend Framework, it’s necessary that we should know the Zend Framework before we purchase it.


Hi, There It seems that some problem in Forms for Combo Box not working in IE8 .

Hi, There It seems that some problem in Forms for Combo Box not working in IE8 .

Is it on the real ie8 or just on ie9 compatibility mode? It works on the real ie8 browser, but if you are just checking using ie9 compatibility mode then the compatibility mode doesn’t work the same as the real ie8, and there’s no point using compatibility mode since it works on ie9 standard mode. Thanks for letting me know!


It would be amazing if this was an admin template for Wordpress. Is that something you think you can do? I will hire you.

Don’t do contract development right now. Thanks for the suggestion!


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Bought your streamlined, and now this one … great work !

Very, very, very nice.

Good luck with sales, still loving your Streamlined theme (I use it everyday for a project I am working on – so easy to work with :) )

nice work – what have you used to do the “loading” pre page loader?

Thank you nice work ! Been waiting for a few months for something like this that is not to heavy on graphics but lighter with a sense of class, lol if that makes sense. :D

Thanks w3coza!

Really great work!

I was looking for a good design for my almost finished Zend Application, and this is really looking awesome! Also it saved me from ALOT of work!

I had actually been postponing adding a design to my application, just because its such a boring and slow process transforming templates into Layouts and Views etc. Luckily you did it all for me :-)

All Zend developers should really take a look at this!

Thanks alot!

Thanks danielsk! Will be using your testimonial if you don’t mind :)

What parts don’t work on IE7 ?

Hi maxdemarzi,

The box-sizing css property is not available on IE7 , the input elements uses them for better layout. Though you can easily fix this using IE8 .js from although the script appears to distort some of the layout. Opted not to use it since IE7 usage has dropped and people using such a great application you would make would know they’re better off with modern browsers :). Cheers!

This is beautiful.. and I don’t use that word…. ever..

However, do you have a liquid layout that is not constrained to what appears to be 200px wide on my 1920×1200 screen :)

I need more screen real estate!

Thanks, and very very nice work.

very impressive work ;)

This is a sweet looking theme. Tested out the demo. Made me signed up for themeforest and purchased it. First theme I ever purchased.

I was just thinking about a layout with icons on the left side and found this theme without even having to look for it since it was on top of all the admin themes because it is a recent release.

Exactly what I was looking for, but better than I had imagined it.

Well organized and good documentation. Even structured in Zend Framework MVC . This packaged is loaded with working PHP scripts.

Freaking awesome. Good job!

If you want to test out the PHP functionality, you need to turn on Short Tags in the php.ini file.

I didn’t have that turned on, so I got a bunch of broken tags.

cool. PHP hosting servers should have it turned on by default so it shouldn’t be a problem if you’re on shared hosting.

Also, I am trying to figure out how to get textareas to line up in the forms, can you supply the code for that? I don’t see it in the demo.


Try to remove the margin-bottom on line 297 of forms.css, also change line-height: 26px to line-height: 1 on the same file.

Oh, don’t set the line-height to 1 in the class. Just tried it. Add style=”line-height: 1” to the form-input div of the textarea to cut the extra space.

what is the ID & Password for preview admin?

Enter letter to login.

“Enter any letter and press Login”

BUT can not login.

You need to enter any username and password in the “Username” and “Password” fields respectively. After that, click login and it will take you to the dashboard.