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Another great admin panel :)


Enter any text in username and passwords fields then press enter

It is cool!!

I need kno how implement a mysql database and models with the zend framework :(

Thank you!

Hi djnet00,

There are plenty of resources for zend on the net, but you could always start here – http://framework.zend.com/manual/en/. Lookup Zend_Db. Good luck on your app!


Thank you!

very nice panel

how are we going to use this if we buy and with which script :S worpdress or what? need help

There are two versions included in the package, a pure html version and a zend framework version. This is used as a base or a starter template to develop a backend or software service.

Can this admin panel work with Caspio database?

You can integrate it with anything so long as you know how to :)

Hope you’re enjoying Easter :)

I purchased a licence for your theme: nice! Was using Streamlined previously but this feels a bit more ‘weighty’ more like Web 2.0 style sites. And the approach is not too dissimilar from Streamlined so not huge rework ;)

Okay so trying to work this problem through …

Am using tables to display items. The final TD in the row are buttons for “edit” and “delete”. With code that looks like this:

<a href="/projects/1/todos/28/edit" title="Edit" class="button" data-icon-primary="ui-icon-pencil" data-icon-only="true">&nbsp;</a>

All is well … if I am displaying all items without pagination. As soon as pagination comes into play, the buttons disappear in the subsequent pages, leaving only the hyperlink text.

e.g. For 10-item pagination, if you have 12 items, then items 1-10 look fine with buttons for “edit” and “delete”. When you flick to page 2 with the remaining 2 items, there are no buttons, just the:


(which is the hyperlink text.

Any ideas? :)

Hmm, am wondering whether my problem is due to having multiple tables, i.e.

<table class="display" id="todos"> ... then on another page ... <table class="display" id="milestones"> ... etc ... </table></table>

Your initialisation code in global.js is:

if ($('.display').dataTable) { $('.display').dataTable({ "bJQueryUI" : true, "sPaginationType" : "full_numbers" }); }

Things now seem to work okay if I comment out your initialisation code in global.js. Then prior to each specific table, insert specific initialisation code for that table’s id:

$(document).ready(function() { $('#todos').dataTable({ "bJQueryUI" : true, "sPaginationType" : "full_numbers" }); } );

This seems clunky. Would welcome more elegant solutions ;)

Try to have the table initialisation right after the buttons are rendered in global.js line 78. Cheers!

I really like your work. I’d like to see this template in a fluid layout form. I really hate wasting so much space on my wide screen :)

Hello, I really like your admin panel and I have a tech question about the template. The HTML source is based on PHP ? I will able to work with Python like frameworks as Django or Web2py?

Cheers, Samir

HTML layout version is available in the package under the html folder, so it’s still possible to use it in any other language / framework you choose.

I’ve got a little problem with this designs, and the portlets and rest of the design.

In Google Chrome (Aplies to this browser only), the portlet header, as well as top header etc. doesn’t have a proper background design.

Why is this?

Correction: When I just upload the theme normally, then it works. But as soon as I upload my PHP scripts, the design is becoming messy.

If you did any modifications make sure the paths to your css/js files are correct

Need Some Help!

on the file manager

how do you change the max upload size! i need it bigger than 8mb.

PLEASE help me!

Hi ambicx,

There are different methods to set the max upload size. In php.ini look for the variable max_upload_size and change it accordingly. You can set it on the DashboardController.php > filesAction method too, just add ini_set(“max_upload_size”, “320M”); on the first line. Change 320M to your desired size.

Okay i dont even have a file called php.ini or dashboardcontroller.php. it still uploads but it wont upload past a files of 8mb. any suggestions??

Oh i see, I thought you have purchased vpanel that is why. Please use the themeforest forums or php forums and see if they can help you.

No i did buy it i have the files except im not using the dashboard controller.php in my website im only using the html folder in the vpanel folder. idk im might be confusing but im only using the html folder and it is uploading files with out the php folder. idk i need help.

I see, just edit connectors/php/connector.php and add ini_set(“max_upload_size”, “320M”) on the first line.

Please contact us through the account you have used to purchase vPanel if you still have other concerns. Thank you!

one more question! M means megabytes correct??

so i added it and the file manager wouldnt load :(

Please send a message through our profile page to verify your purchase information so we can help you better.

For the tabs / button elements, did you use styles in the PSD ? If so, I’ll buy it (just want those elements)

Hi there is no layered PNG with this download although it says this in the notes. This is one of the main reasons I went with this kit…

Hi katywalk7,

Sorry for the confusion, but I did not specify that there is a layered png for the whole template in the features. But everything you need should be in the .PSDs. Thanks for buying!

In IE8 version 8.0.7601.17514 clicking on the ”>” to expand the sidepanel and then clicking on the ”<” to contract it seems to take a long time. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Hello vivantdesigns,

You guys have done a nice job rolling out the admin panel.

I have sent you a question on customizing tables via my envato account contact method, still awaiting your reply on same. please update me on that.

for you ease i am adding it here as well:

kindly have a look at: http://cl.ly/3X2M1Z072F3G0g1s3N0f

this is a basic need in any admin panel, please let me know how can i go about it, if i add check boxes now everything breaks, i think due to header sorting and or pagination scripts.

please please help. i am mid of a project and stuck with this problem.

Regards Avadh

You may want to check datatables.net for it first, or post in their forum, maybe this can also help you – http://datatables.net/forums/comments.php?DiscussionID=4840