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Love this admin!

Does the file manager actually function and upload files? I might buy this admin if it does.

Let me know, Luke for His Handiwork

Yes the file manager is fully functional.

Where are you located? Are you available for freelance work?

Hi Vivant Designs,

First of all, great work on this admin panel. I purchased it and it came with MUCH more than I initially expected, including a fully working calendar and file manager… right out of the box. Thanks for the attention to detail.

One question I have that I bet others have run into as well: I am using AJAX with JQuery to dynamically load in a form on one of the pages, but all of the buttons and form elements load without styling, even though I use the same classes as you use in your forms. I searched around in your code and noted an initialization you put in with “global.js” for your buttons, tables and forms. Is there a function that you included to get the page to initialize dynamically loaded content in the panel?



Hi Vivant Designs… no response yet to my question and it’s been 6 days. Can you help?

Hi VivantDesigns,

FYI —can’t get past the login screen using internet explorer 9 (version 9.0.8112.16421)

Hi m1erickson,

Have you entered any username/password at all? You will need to enter something to get pass the login

Hi, Yes, I entered Administrator and Password. No joy yet.

Hi, I was wondering is it possible to make text fields in forms smaller in length as the html size option doesn’t work.

What css do i need to edit to ensure all the stylings stay correct.

Many Thanks


Very nice. I liked a few of the pieces, so I figured I’d pay for the package. Overall I am 100% satisfied with those pieces.

That being said, if someone were using the complete admin I think you’ll want to look at some optimizations…the index page alone loads about 30 javascripts, css files and fonts…for a total load and render time of around 1.6-1.7 seconds for FF5 , Safari and Chrome running of a local Apache server, over the net the times get ever longer. Maybe a unified + optimized js and css file for deployment…

That should not detract, however, from the value in this package. I am impressed overall.



any chance of getting an upgrade for fluid layout?

I happy to pay a upgrade fee?

or should I get cleanslate?

Nice Theme,

Just a question, what plugin did you use for that “Loading..” ? (when swiching to other page)


Very nice work, I love it. You worked up every detail. Thank you very much.

I noticed that I can also use links in ”.buttonset leading”. Is there any way I can make one of the links “checked” ?

Thank you, Andi Stancu

Also, can you please tell me if it’s possible to make the buttons work when loaded with .load() ?

Thanks, Andi


This theme looks great! I’ve one question.. Can you elaborate on the “Zend Framework Application Template Version with Authentication Plugin”, what does this actually include? What views are set up? Is it just a basic Zend project with e.g. 3 views (1 for a log in form, 1 for logout and 1 for logged in displaying a username)? Thanks in advance.

This template is awesome :] I think fluid layout will rocks ! Any chance ?


I´m trying to load some data into tabs using jQuery with $.ajax(); and this is giving me an error, could you help me??

Thanks for this awesome work!!


Excellent work. I want to use your template to build a site that will be used within virtual machines (http://localhost/website" rel="nofollow") and be used by folks within a company. Do you know if the REGULAR license will work? The website/webapp will not be sold. It closest to an “intranet” project but the location where the website/webapp resides is in virtual hosts.


Nothing for codeigniter :(???


I have a presale Question!

A small issue and a solution. When the validation fail the first invalid field is not focused, the user don’t know what’s happens (especially when the page is long), the page remain steady and is not submitted nor saved.

Solution. in global.js add the following option to the validator setup:

$(".has-validation").validator({ // ... onFail: function(e, errors) { if (e.originalEvent.type == 'submit') { errors[0].input.focus(); return true; } } }).attr('novalidate', 'novalidate');

Hi guys,

How can I remove the transition when clicking on a menu item? I would like it so that when I hover on a menu title, it shows the menu right away.