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VSDocs - Knowledgebase Documentation WordPress

VSDocs - Knowledgebase Documentation WordPress

Take customer service to the next level with a great online documentation template and knowledge base wordpress theme.

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The perfect documentation template for software projects

VSDocs is one of the few Wordpress themes available for purchase that focuses on the creation of an awesome documentation template for software projects, online applications, plugins, software or any web-based item which might need a technical documentation. This theme will not only allow you to present and market your app, but it will also be the perfect venue to create a thorough knowledge base and create the foundation for an excellently supported app.

The multitude of shortcodes that come with VSDocs offer an incredible versatility in your theme’s creation. Simply use any of our shortcodes to make your product’s landing page pop, and drive more sales than ever before. We’re using the amazing Visual Composer at the backbone of this theme, so building our your website will easier than you’ve ever imagined.

A lovely knowledge base wordpress theme

Okay so you’ve built a really great tool, but you’re not extremely sure where to start when it comes to offering support for it, right? You’ve invested so much time in creating the plugin that you don’t have a great amount of time left to actually create a site from scratch, and would much rather focus on things that are much more important to your clients. This is where VSDocs comes in. With its amazing features, you’ll be able to create an amazing presentation site in a matter of hours. Setting up an online documentation template has never been easier, and maintaining it will be a breeze compared to the amount of work an HTML5 template or a bootstrap documentation template would require.

Using the WordPress interface and our amazing Drag&Drop builder you’ll be able to regularly check on your knowledge base posts and make sure that they pertain to the latest version of your product, limiting the number of support tickets you receive from your clients and increasing your brand’s value.

Easily create a complete online documentation template

We’ve included tens of different shortcodes and page templates which will help you present your clean code, explain it, take your clients through a step-by-step changelog, include client testimonials or feature some of your most important clients.

The cool thing about VSDocs is that you don’t have to be a technology geek to set up your website. Our drag&drop builder is intuitive and easy to use, and you’ll be able to set-up and go in a few simple steps.

The best Documentation & Knowledgebase Wordpress Theme

The VSDocs features and modules have been created by a team of specialists that are extremely aware of the challenges that come with offering top notch support for a product. We know that clients expect nothing but the best once they’ve paid for a service, and this documentation theme will be exactly what you needed to create that great experience for your clients.

Looking for a more complex theme that you can also look as a complete WordPress ticket system? Worry not, we have you covered with that as well. TicketLab offers a the complete online documentation template solution, and a great way to take your client satisfaction levels to new heights.

Market your web-based app for amazing results

In the 21st century there’s no better way of marketing a product than a rocking website. It’s true that there are countless options to market your product online, from social media to guest blogging or podcasting. However it all boils down to where your clients will have the chance to see your product in action. It’s highly unlikely that clients will trust you enough to buy your product if your website is not good enough or well documented enough.

For the best SEO results we recommend that you use a secondary blog as well, in order to boost the value of your website. To do this you’ll need a great WordPress blog theme. Make sure to create highly valuable content and point it back towards the mother website. That way you’ll be able to send some of that SEO juice back where you need it the most. It wouldn’t hurt to use VSDocs’ blog option to create an “in-house” blog as well, although creating an external one on a separate domain would probably be a bit more productive for you.

If you’re looking for an even better SEO optimization you might think about creating a company website for your agency or organization, and then point loads of content from that site towards the site you’re using our online documentation template VSDocs on. To do this, you can use a super easy to set-up corporate wordpress theme like Showoff.

Promote your item using Email Marketing

Creating a website and a thorough documentation template for your service is great, but if you’re looking to take things a step further and create a great client base for your product, you’ll need a solid email marketing strategy behind this. You can take advantage of our amazing drag & drop email template builder to build an awesome newsletter design and really put some marketing muscle behind your product’s promotion.

Update History

V.2.1.4 – Jan 15th, 2017
WP 4.9.x Compatibility Check
Plugins repo update
V.2.1.3 – Oct 5th, 2017
Minor CSS fixes
Plugins repo update
Framework Update
V.2.1.2 – Apr 13th, 2017
Fixed fatal error issue
V.2.1.1 – Apr 7th, 2017
Plugins repo update
Framework Update
V.2.1.0 – Jan 25th, 2017
Plugins repo update
A couple major bug fixes. All warnings removed.
Added VC Icons
Added menu Shortcode
Improved 1 Click Demo Importer
Fixed issues where the navigation was not appearing
Added a couple of shortcodes.
V.2.0.3 – Jan 9th, 2017
Undefined Index Warning fixed
Plugins repo update
Minor bug fixes
V.2.0.2 – Dec 30th, 2016
Minor Bug fixes
V.2.0.1 – Dec 28th, 2016
Minor Css Changes
New Install Feature
Visual Composer Fixes
Plugin Repository Update
New Register feature
 WP 4.7.X compatibility check
V.2.0.0 – Oct 17th, 2016
Minor Css Changes
!!! NEW FEATURE!!! - Full Visual Composer integration
WP 4.6.X
V.1.0.2 – August 29th, 2016
Minor Css fixes
Documentation Improvement
V.1.0.1 – June 23rd, 2016
Minor Css fixes
Minor shortcode additions
4 new Homepage variations
!!!New Feature!!! - 1 Click demo importer
V.1.0.0 – June 16th, 2016
Official Release