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Thanks! See my homepage ytzhang.com , on the top of your browser, there is a “W” logo, which is the wordpress logo.

Thanks for the link but I can’t see a W on that page it just has your logo at the top of the page. Could you send me a screenshot maybe please?

Thanks! See my homepage ytzhang.com , on the top of your browser, there is a “W” logo, which is the wordpress logo.

For some reason I can’t see any code for the style sheet. I want to edit some elements through editor. Is there a way I can make it show up?

Hi and thanks for purchasing.

To edit the stylesheet you will need to use a text editor and navigate to “styles/default.css” relative to the theme folder.

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Can you supply me some more information such as what errors you are receiving in order for me to help you please.

Can you also make sure you are uploading the actual theme folder and not the whole download you get from ThemeForest.


Is there a way to only have one transition from slide to slide?

Hi and thanks for your interest.

There is currently no option built into the theme options however if you do purchase, contact me through my ThemeForest profile page and I’ll send you very easy instructions to alter as you like.

Kind Regards, Martin

Hello Martin,

I have a question regarding the resume feature. I would like to add more items such as quotes (praise) and skills, but in random places… example, quote 1 might go above my name and quote 2 might go below job experience #1. How do I do this? As separate pages?

also I had trouble with the portfolio, I uploaded both an image and embed a video, neither showed up on the home page OR when you click portfolio. Thank you!


My other question is how to change the orders of the main parent links, it defaults to alphabetical order. I would like the Home link first.

last question!! My portfolio items are videos. how do I show videos as portfolio items, thanks

Hi I have replied to your email

Hello, I am preparing to buy this item. But before buy I need a question answer pleas.e if I buy this template may I add new item like skill technical details , experienced. etc. Thanks

Hi there,

This is certainly something you could add by opening up one of the pages and adding them. If you’re unsure of how to do it, give me an email after you purchase and I’ll add them in for you :)


Not very customizable, limited options and bad customer service. I would find another :(

Hey there, I’m getting an error when I try and upload the .zip file. The error is that the theme is missing the style.css file. I’m using the most recent version of wordpress and using the zipped download from Theme Forrest. Any help is appreciated.

Hey there, I’ve just replied to your email but I’ll post here incase you check here first.

You need to extract that zip file first as that contains the documentation and theme folder within it. It’s the theme folder within which you need upload.

Regards, Martin

Hi there this them does not seem to display correctly in IE. I was interested in buying it until I opened the demo in Internet Explorer. The homepage welcome text does not display nor does the top text display in the cv page. Is this fixable ?

Hi there, which version of IE are you viewing in as it’s working OK at my end. It’s likely that an updated Cufon file just needs uploading.

Thanks, Martin

I am running IE 9 .0.8112.16421 (Taken from my help button on IE)...I am on a 64 bit version of windows but I checked with both 32 bit and 64 bit version of IE with the same result. I just checked on my wifes laptop and have had thew same result. It is certainly strange as you say that it is displaying fine at your end ? I am pretty certain that the above version is the latest version of internet explorer.


I’ve just double checked on my end and it’s the exact same version and working fine.

Obviously it’s difficult to diagnose the problem without being able to replicate the issue however I have downloaded the latest Cufon JS file and uploaded it to the demo site as this could be the fix, so if you don’t mind checking it out and letting me know if the issue has cleared up that would be great.

Cheers, Martin

Hi, I love your designs. I purchased the ‘Vue’ theme mistakenly : ( I wanted to get ‘Alight’. Is there anything you can do? Although it’s nice, I seriously have no use for ‘Vue’ and promise to delete it upon getting ‘Alight’. Feel free to email me your response.

Hi, glad you’re a fan of my designs :)

Unfortunately I can’t do anything, it would be against the Envato rules for me to send out free files, but if you contact customer support explaining the mistake maybe they will be able to help you out.

Kind regards, Martin

I have two problems that I can’t seem to solve. I want my installation to look just like the demo site (for now at least).

1) I can’t seem to get the home page set up. How do you display the slider and carousel? 2) How do you create the link to the blog in the nav menu?

I’m sure this is easy. I’m just not seeing it.

Hi there and thanks for purchasing,

All the information for this is within the supplied documentation. If you’ve already tried that and your still a little stuck, shoot me an email from my profile page and I’ll email you some more detailed instructions :)

Kind regards, Martin

Oh good lord, I’m supposed to read the manual?! LOL . Will do.

Haha no problem :)

I now have another question. I would like to get my Twitter feed on my About Me page, which uses the default template. I’m not sure how to add the widget to just that page. I’ve tried dropping in the code from Twitter and that didn’t seem to work either.

(And also, while my Twitter button is showing up in the footer, my stream is not. I think the documentation indicates that it should.)


Could you email me from the form on my profile page with some login details so I can take a closer look please.

Kind regards, Martin

Me again. I’ve added enough pages that my navigation menu is getting long and messing up the header. However, when I try to set the Primary Menu to a custom menu I’ve created, it doesn’t want to stick. While it appears to save the custom menu, when I return to the Appearance > Menus page the custom menu isn’t selected in the Primary Menu box.

Any ideas?

Hi and happy new year,

Could you supply me with a link and some login details through the form on my profile page so I can take a closer look please.

If you let me know what custom menu you are trying to assign so I can replicate the scenario that would be great too :)

Kind regards, Martin

Thought I’d let you know that I found a solution to this problem while working with another theme.

Themeforest saves their downloads with really long folder names. Shortening the folder name to something like themeforest-vue seems to solve the menu problem.

Simple solution. For future reference.

Excellent thanks for sharing the solution Julie!

I’m baaaack. Question about linking to Linkedin. It says to enter the full URL, so I entered everything, including the http:// part. But I get the weird mashup of: http://www.juliekuehl.com/www.linkedin.com/pub/julie-kuehl/69/b50/779/ which of course gives a 404 error. What am I doing wrong?

Hi Julie,

That’s strange, I’ve just tried adding the following to the demo site for the LinkedIn link…


...and it’s working fine, is this how you have it in the theme options on yours? I’ve left it in the demo theme for now if you want to take a look.

Kind regards, Martin

My fault for not getting back to you sooner. First chance I’ve had to follow up. And of course, it’s working fine now. Didn’t touch a thing (that I know of).

Still wish I knew what happened, but thanks for looking into it!

Glad it’s working again, sometimes computers just have a mind of their own and do their own thing :)


i dont’ know why suddenly there is nothing shown on my website. please help me to check it. the url is ytzhang.com thanks

Hi there,

I just took a look and it all seems fine on my end, are you still experiencing this problem?

Kind regards, Martin