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Nice template :) happy sales

Thanks bluz…

Great work – very elegant and well designed.

Definate bookmark.

I totaly agree with sticker. Very elegant and perfect for modern business websites or elegant portfolios. Good luck with sales.

Kind regards

Look good but you seriously have to make the typo more readable.

It’s too little, and not enough contrast.

Sorry I had to tell you :)

Thanks for your feedback DD,
I will considering it … :-)

Nice design and I bookmarked it for future reference, but I agree with DDStudios, the font size has to be increased.

While the font color can easily be changed I would want to see a live example with a larger font before purchasing so I could be sure doing so would not degrade the structure or appearance of the design.

Hi Indonez, Really nice template, and I want to purchase. However, I notice that footer nav cutting and splitting halfway down into lighter gray, therefore making type unreadable—IE8 and latest Firefox tested.

I agree with above remarks regarding font size and contrast as well. Otherwise this is a great style for corporate clients, and with issues resolved, I would probably purchase for future use.

so clean and minimalist great job on this one

Nice design! Wordpress theme coming soon, I hope?

Cool! Bookmarked :)

just bought your template but the font does not work in my language (Icelandic) , how can i change the font ?

or better yet can you send me a template that has Palatino Linotype fonts, something tells me that that would be easier than trying to explain it :P

my email is


Please contact me via “my contact profile form” or email to I will send intsruction how to default font via email

Hello, Great template Is it possible to have few color variations, especially so it’s more readable. thanks!


Yes, it’s possible to change color and make readable font, just change it on css

Hi Indonez,

I love all your templates and have mentioned in the past that the text colour and contrast is always a problem for me and it would appear others here too.

I know its easy to change the CSS but I think your sales would sky rocket if you were to show previews with slightly darker grey text and larger font size.

Keep up the fantastic work.


I agree with Broomm – the contrast level is too light here. It’s always worth listening to the buying audience.

I don’t think you should be directing buyers to the CSS to change the colour of the font when so many are asking for higher contrast and better legibility.

The contrast issue has been rasied a lot here by many members – its a fantastic theme, but you really should consider making amendments when requested by a lot of people.

After all, it’s them you built it for in the first place!

Hi again,

I’d just like to add that the contrast and text size issues exists across the majority of your themes. Are you able to review your designs on laptops and other monitors to see what your potential customers are getting at?

Again your themes are fantastic but I’m always put off from buying because of these issues.


@sticker and broom

Ok I will fix this issue, please be patient I will fix this on next update soon Thanks for your feedback, I realy appreciate


How long before a Wordpress version? Excellent design!


On the contact form, there’s a link to a script that doesn’t exist (fade.js)


+1 for a WordPress theme.

Hi Indonez, Nice work. Will there be a Wordpress version. If so, how long? Marcus

Yes ofcourse I will make Vulcan to Wordpress theme, I planning will be release next month

Hello, what can i do to put accents in words? to stay for example…”vídeos” and not “videos”... thanks

Hi flybikes,

Sorry I don’t understand what do you mean about “accents in words”, please explain me detail